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March 03, 2008

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Beauty Queens Skin Muskrats In Miss Outdoor Pageant

From The Washington Post:

Contestant No. 1 sashayed down the catwalk, her hair bouncing in blond curls, and smiled a radiant beauty-queen smile. She picked up a furry dead rodent about the size of a football.

Then she took out a very sharp four-inch blade and stuck the point in just above the animal's tail. . . .

"Oh, my God!" a boy in the audience yelled, at the sight of a woman in perfect makeup with her hand inside a muskrat.

Then, from another part of the crowd, an older woman's voice: "She's good."

Do not miss this wonderfully odd story, especially those of you who are looking for a good woman who doesn’t necessarily have to be able to sing or dance.


Blue Ox

I would marry this woman in a heartbeat.

Speachless- Amazing!


Makes me think of my wife, well except the make-up and glitter part! Seen her elbow deep in more that one belly up cervine critter!! (My wife that is!)


Walt Smith

Did she win??

Sherrill Philip Neese

Heck, I've lived here in Maryland for 18 years and this is the first I've heard of it!!!

Now, where were girls like this when I was in high school and running a trap line!?!?!!??! :-)

Mr. Sherrill Philip Neese

Jennifer Taylor

I want to know where and when this pageant is held. I'd love to enter!!

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