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March 26, 2008

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Bass Masters Meet The “Catcher-Man”-In-Chief

Alton Jones, winner of the 2008 Bassmaster Classic, and Judy Wong, the Women’s Bassmaster Tour champ, went to the White House this week to meet President Bush, who said (from the Baltimore Sun):

I thought it was important to welcome these champs here to the White House so that -- you know, to encourage people to fish . . . . There's nothing better than fishing.''

"This is a good, clean sport,’’ Bush said. “It's a sport that requires good conservation in order to make sure our fisheries are good, and I love to welcome the champs here. And so we're glad you're here. The people of Louisiana and Texas are proud of you. . . .’’

“I'm a good fisherman,’’ Bush said, [responding to an invite to fish with Wong] “Sometimes I'm a good catcher-man.’’



I know this is no news flash, but our president sure turns in to a babbling idiot when he doesn't have a script. Geez!


All that shows is that our President is a real person and not a polished fake like so many others these days.


All this shows is that our president can't speak English correctly and he doesn't know any other words to interchange with "good". I'd rather have someone who is more intelligent than me run the country rather than someone who is a "real person" i.e. flunked English class.

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