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February 29, 2008

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Operation Catchfish Stages Tournament in Iraq

From the Orlando Sentinel:
Ray Combs thought he'd witnessed the wildest fishing action that the world had to offer.

But that was before the Orlando videographer hopped a military cargo plane to Baghdad. . . .

"I have been on boats shooting video as an 18-foot hammerhead ate a 200-pound tarpon mere feet away from me," said Combs, 32. "But . . . it doesn't compare to the surreal feeling of watching soldiers fish while holding their rifle in one hand and a spinning reel in the other. . . .”

Operation Catchfish was staged on Lake Z . . . about 15 minutes from downtown Baghdad. The tourney drew 357 entrants, including servicemen and women from the U.S., South Korea, Tonga, Australia and Great Britain. . . .

In the end, Marine Corps Chief Warrant Officer Bobby Carter Jr., of Smith, Ala., caught the winning fish using a rattletrap tipped with pizza crust. His prize was a $600 watch.

Be sure to check out the full article, plus video and slide show.



Really Great!
I hope Saddam cansee his prized trophies being caught from his new home.

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