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February 20, 2008

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New Jersey Black Bear Update

We haven’t check in on this issue a while. So here’s the latest, from The Jersey Journal:
The number of black bear-related incidents rose in New Jersey a year after the state suspended a hunt to thin the bruin population, according to new figures from the Department of Environmental Protection. . . .

Hunting advocates have argued that without a hunt to control the bear population, bear-related incidents such as those released yesterday will continue to increase until someone gets hurt or killed. . . .

But DEP Commissioner Lisa Jackson, who canceled a planned December 2006 hunt, said the numbers aren't cause for concern, especially considering that the most dangerous incidents fell.

"I don't see anything that is particularly significant," about the overall increase, she said.



Black Rifle Addict

I guess Ms.Jackson is waiting for a bonafide bear attack to get concerned?


Basic Wildlife Management. Wild animals expand their populations to use all of the resources available in that niche. In order to do this the population has to expand beyond the capacity because of mortality. What doesn't Ms. Jackson understand?

Ken S

Sad to say but its gonna take the death of some small child at the hands of an aggressive bear before this state does anything about this issue. For shame.


Just like "Ken S." said, a civilian death will be necessary before anything is done. And unfortunately for the victim's family and luckily for Ms. Jackson, the laws PREVENT the victim or the victim's family from sueing her or the State for their inaction and wanton disregard for the victim's safety.

It's so easy to have a cavalier attitude when YOUR SAFETY OR LIFE isn't at risk, huh Ms. Jackson!

You notice that she isn't anywhere near where the bears may be active! She needs to be removed from that office, and have a hunter replace her.

Blue Ox

She won't 'see anything that is paticularly significant' untill one of these black bears walks up and bites her on the ass.
Wonder what she'll see then?


New Jersey is a funny place lived there awhile, the locals hate the bears, especially in the northwestern part of the state, everything has to be bear proofed or it will be torn or ate by the bears. It is not like the western states because the human population is so high, 8 million people in the area of a few western counties. the funny thing is that across the Delaware in Pa, (where there is a bear season) the problem is is not great, because the bears shy away from human contact since they are hunted, which saves run ins that hurt both. New Jersey is small, but large in political underhandedness. This is simply the politicians trying to get the most out of it, so the only relief is when their pockets are full and they have nothing left to squeeze.


This will make Stephen Colbert cry.

Jon Boutte

who cares about black bears in new jersey... fwp just said they will be opening wolves for montana

MPN or Matt

The people can prevent bear attacks and set up a regulated hunting season to keep the numbers from reaching an unhealthy level. For both the humans and the bears safety.


They, meaning the "powers that be", are already aware of the fact that a hunting season can regulate bear populations and reduce human/bear conflicts. That's not what they're fighting about! They are upset because "you" are "HUNTING"!!
These fruitcakes would, and I'll say this again, rather see a wildlife population starve itself into oblivion rather that have them hunted to maintain a perpetual population!
They don't care about the animals, they care about you NOT hunting!



Well they will see some angry people including myself if they stop the hunting. Hunters have more respect for the enivronment and the animals than any other person.



New to these blogs?

It wasn't that long ago they ran a thread on here about New Jersey trying to restructure the panel that set the seasons and bag limits and "appoint" people with no "wildlife biology" background and lots of "anti-hunting" background! Go ahead and get angry. They have already tried to ban "ALL" hunting in New Jersey!



I am new to these blogs bubba and was not aware of the New Jersey situation. But I must say some of your comments are pretty good.


Stupid, stupid, stupid politicians.


I feel that all the people hired to set up bag limits and hunting seasons should have tons of wildlife biology training. Then this will help ensure animal populations stay healthy and we can keep on hunt'n.


That used to be "Plan A", until political correctness and Affirmitive Action caught on. Used to be, all of your wildlife proffessionals either had years of experience, or a college degree in that field. Now, these agencies are trying to balance their departments with diverse people, whether or not they have proper credentials. Apparently, forestster and wildlife biologists can't see the forest from the trees.


Thanks MPN,

Just ask the rest of the guys on these blogs, I have been known to make sense on the rare occasion!



YooperJack & Bubba
At least we're all on the same page. It's nice to see people that care about hunt'n and respect the wildlife. People like you guys will keep hunt'n around for future generations. I'm glad to see it.



I am new here, and am from NJ. I actually live in the Netherlands now, but I've followed the bear situation. There's actually also a lot written about in the Politically Incorrect Guide to HUnting (which is an AMAZING book, and I highly recommend it).

Anyways, someone hit the nail on the head when they said NJ has a lot of people and a lot of political underhandedness. However, the NJDEP does do a pretty good job. Last time, it was actually the Governor who suspended the hunt in 2007. (Gov. Corzine, who got in a car accident and wasn't wearing a seatbelt. This was a law he re-signed and supported before his accident. HIppocrite?)

All the arguments are there for having the hunt. They've had a really succesful one in 2005/2006, and saw a decrease in Bear problems for the year after.
Its really just that its going to take a serious injury to make them do it again. Thats really just the sad truth.

r napolitano

this is nothing more than anti-hunting, anti gun politicans at their worst. Corzine is a well known anti and has appointed antis every chance he gets. Beware because they are coming to your state soon. The facts have nothing to do with the decision, just the politics, from the greek poly-many, tics, parasites.

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