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February 26, 2008

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Illinois DNR Chief Gets $10K For Commute

Fish and wildlife agencies around the country are financially strapped. Hmm . . . .
From the Herald & Review:
The acting director of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources is on pace to collect nearly $10,000 in travel reimbursements from taxpayers this year, simply for going to work. . . .

The travel money is on top of his $120,000 salary and the use of a 2000 Ford Crown Victoria from the state motor pool. . . .

[An IDNR spokesperson, however,] said the arrangement is saving the state money because Flood is serving both as an assistant director of the agency, as well as acting director.

Be sure to check out the full story.



Wow. This is really rediculous. That 10,000 could've gone a lot further elsewhere... (research, conservation, land management) i dunno, just a few things one would EXPECT the DNR to be spending their precious resources on.


it is probably in his union contract with the state of illinois to get so much per mile. the farther away from work, the more money per day


If people want to spend less on commuting, live closer. plain and simple

dont make it the taxpayers' problem


Nobody pays for my commute to work. Why should they?

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