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February 11, 2008

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Full Interview: We Talk Hunting with Miranda Lambert

Editor's Note: We ran part of this interview with Grammy-nominated country-western singer Miranda Lambert in our latest issue (March '08). Since we didn't have space in the magazine to include the whole conversation, we're posting the rest here.

Best known for: Album and song “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”

Why she hunts: “It gives me a chance to recharge my batteries and clear my head. And when I’m out there in the woods I don’t have to be Miranda Lambert—I can just be Miranda.”

First kill: An 8-point buck. “I killed my first deer about four years ago in San Angelo, Texas. I was with my dad in a ground blind and I shot it with a .243 bolt action.”

Hunts with: “My boyfriend, [country singer] Blake Shelton, is my hunting partner. He bought me my first bow last year.”

Home ground: Southeast Okla-homa. “Blake had land there and I just bought some, so we have a couple places that we can hunt on.”

New passion: Archery. “Don’t get me wrong, I love gun hunting, but I really have gotten into bowhunting. Last year was my first time trying it so I’m still brand-new at it, but I absolutely love it. It feels a lot more intimate.”

New pastime: Scaring urbanites. “I bring my bow on the road and practice a lot. I have a block and set it up out by the buses and shoot. Last year I set up in an alley in downtown Chicago. I got some strange looks.”

---- Online Extra ----

Hunting success: Five for five. “Since I started hunting I’ve shot three bullets and two arrows and I’ve killed five animals. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop because I know my time is almost over.”

Other hunting experience: Squirrels. “I’ve gone a couple times in East Texas and Oklahoma and I love it. I use a Remington 20-gauge shotgun, which happens to be one of my favorite guns to shoot. The waiting in deer hunting can be a little boring sometimes, so squirrel hunting can be more exciting.”

Trophies: Three bucks. “I have three mounts at my house. The first one is my first deer, the little 8-pointer. He was pretty wide but didn’t have a lot of mass. I have another 8-pointer I killed last year in Texas, a 145, mounted as well. I also have a pretty nice axis buck that I got hunting in South Texas.”

Hunting as a moral compass: “I love that we eat everything we kill. Last year I donated one of my deer to Hunters for the Hungry. I know everyone has their opinions, but to me, as hunters, we are helping to preserve the outdoors.”

Hunting in her music: “My current single ‘Famous in a Small Town’ from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend says, ‘I just got the first buck of the season’ so hunting has already made it into my songs.”

Family recipe: Venison jerky. “My dad makes it. It’s incredible. I haven’t learned how to make it yet but I really want to try. I remember having it way back when I was a little girl. It’s good stuff.”

Earliest hunting memories: “Deer Camp. That’s what my family calls our friend’s land in East Texas that we’ve been going to for…forever. When I was a little girl my dad used to take me out with him, but it was more about spending time together than about hunting. Hunting was actually something I really wanted to do, but my dad focused all the hunting attention on my brother, thinking he would be the big hunter. But I’m way more into it than he is.”

Next quarry: Razorbacks and gobblers. “Still trying to get me a hog and turkey. I’ve been hunting for both in Oklahoma and Texas, but I haven’t gotten either yet. Soon.” —Stephen Camelio



I saw her this year on "Realtree Roadtrips" and it's great to see a young woman so into hunting.

Great story and continued success to her both in music and hunting.


Blue Ox

I sure wouldn't mind catching her in my treestand!

NH Philosopher

Miranda makes a wonderful addition to our community and could very well be a lightpost for women sportsman to look to. She has the right attitude and outlook on "why we hunt" and, unwittingly, is doing a lot of good for the sport and community as a whole.

Hats off to Miranda and other women sportsman.


Ditto NH and NIIICE!

Matt Mallery

She is a lot better looking than my usual hunting partners, probably smells better too.

John R

Good for her and it's (her hunting tradition) good for the rest of us. :-)

Walt Smith

I absolutly love to see women starting and enjoying hunting, it's the best thing that can happen because they will encourage their children to do the same!!C'mon gals lets go hunting!!!!!


Saw Miranda on the Monster Bucks set. She made a marginal shot (archery) on a nice deer but they were finally able to locate it!
Speaking of women and hunting!
Of all things, I read "Dear Abby" for the entertainment value! The questions some folks ask will just blow you away!
Anyhow, a grandfather wrote in that he was concerned about his son-in-law taking his 4 year old son deer hunting! Imagine my surprise when "Dear Abby" replied that though she didn't really "agree" with "killing for sport", as long as the kid wasn't upset by the "blood-and-gutting" and didn't get in the way and get hurt, she felt that the bonding experience was "okay"!
Mind boggling, huh!?



Bubba, I wouldn't put much stock in Deat Abby's advice. That is unfortunate that it sounds like she tried to get on a non-existant moral high-horse. It's alsounfortunate that people think hunting is a killing sport when many of us use it as an almost zen-like experience that doesn't have to even include pulling the trigger. My advice to Abby- get outside and hunt. You can't give advice on hunting until you try it.


What is this doing on a news blog?
This isn't news; this is fluff. It's nice that Ms. Lambert hunts, but hardly newsworthy or worthy of any coverage for that matter from the last bastion of real outdoor journalism that is F&S. I'm disappointed.

Ralph the Rifleman

Nice Gal, and she seems like a very grounded, down to Earth, person.
Pretty darn good hunting record, too!


Hey Ronnie you're on the wrong page! You should go to the Petzal side. Lots of Babage and what it lacks in quality, he makes up for in quantity!

William and Bubba:
Sorry I missed that Dear Abby. Actually, my paper doesn't carry it. I think that we could give a helluva lot better advice.
Actually, this alludes to a great problem that we have. Non-hunters assume that we go out and kill stuff. Bubba talked about all the recipe's for wild pig. Every hunting website has vennison, pheasant and grouse recipes. I think back to deer seasonand I remember something funny at camp. I never think about actualy pulling the trigger and watching that animal die.

Sexy Man

Must Be The most Beautiful Hunter These Eyes have Ever Seen... I think she would Go perfect with the Sexiest man on the Planet...Hmmm Sexy man and Sexy woman



I agree that the "Dear Abby" bit was odd. I did note that she used the term "killing for sport", which really wasn't apropos, BUT, the last time I saw something along those lines, the reply was from the far left! No hunting, no killing, no guns, no nothing!
I would call the reply a "step in the right direction!", albeit small!


don mitchell

we need a lot more from gals like this. great job Miranda,keep it up and lots of luck. sure would like to have been in that alley in chicago.





I once had a girl like this many moons ago. We didn't get much hunting done....


Miranda Lambert is amazing when it comes to performing on stage with her music or in the field hunting, according to her hunting record. I think she's an amazing role model for women and girls. She's able to be a lady AND Hunt. I would love to go hunting with her. We seem to have a lot in common. :) Thanks for the great article.

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