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February 25, 2008

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Dog “Steals” Owner’s Truck

Left in the front seat of his owner’s pickup at the mini-mart, an 80-pound Boxer hound named Max apparently decided to go a ride rather than just sit there waiting. Who could blame him. The fun and games were over quickly, however, when his owner called the cops to report the truck stolen.




That's why my dog stays in the bed of my truck.

Lt. Headshot

You may keep your dog in the bed of your truck, but mine doesn't even know what the inside or outside of my truck looks like.
He's to lazy to leave the house anyway.
Lt.Headshot out.

Mystery Man

Wouldn't someone notice that the truck was moving with no one in it and tell the owner? How come the owner didn't notice?


Mystery Man
How could he notice his truck rolling away while he was in the store.

Walt Smith

Holy dumb bunny


I'm surprised it wasn't a black lab.

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