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February 04, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Should Schools Offer Hunter Training?

From West Virginia’s Herald-Dispatch:

A significant drop in the number of hunters in West Virginia has left multimillion dollar holes in the state's budget and one lawmaker thinks he has the solution: allow children to receive hunter training in school.

Children would be instructed in everything from survival skills to gun safety, but the guns would either have dummy ammunition or be disabled in some way. Sen. Billy Wayne Bailey, who introduced the bill, doesn't envision West Virginia's middle-schoolers firing real guns during class time.

"It's a way to take this kind of education in the classroom and make it more convenient for young people," the Wyoming County Democrat said.

Your reaction?



The idea is a good one! Taking the class out to a shooting range and letting them shoot if they wish along with close up demonstration of real gun safety and effects would be good.

Mike Diehl

I think it's an outstanding idea. Firearm safety training alongside it would be great too!


that would of been my favorite class


I agree with SilverArrow and Mike Diehl. Also, we teach, football, basketball, golf and skiing in our schools. Not teaching something about hunting and firearm safety is almost negligent.


I agree this should be taught, particularly firearm safety (which would probably prevent a few deaths from kids screwing around with guns), but I'm afraid it will be a cold day in you-know-where before school districts support this addition to the curriculum.


I think it would be great. Dont think it would go over big in cities but would be the most full class in rural areas. As long as the antis dont holler too loud!

Sexy Man

I live in a City and in our School District Believe it our not they have a program for kids to join where they teach them to hunt and fish.. obviously they have to be of age and pass the Hunters Saftey course But i believe tht it was the first such program for an Inner City school in the nation..The kids are really into it and just love the program, one girl who was 15 i believe shot an 8 pointer this year and when they interviewed her later she was still crying with happiness it was wonderful to see these children who otherwise would prolly not have ever seen outside the city limits.. it is a program that i think should be implemted every where...

Ohh yeah it was Funded intirely by the students and a local gun club the Students raised money for there own Licenses and the gun club donate rifles and and other supplies ..if the Students didnt raise enough money they could do it..

Mc. Squizzy

This would be great! It could be an elective. I think that it would be great for kids to learn firearms safety in the classroom. There's definitely going to be a lot of people against us on this one though. The city folk just don't get it. I showed one kid a picture of a 200 pound yellowfin tuna and he said that it was impossible for a fish to ever get that big, and that it was photo shoped for sure.


"Children would be instructed in everything from survival skills to gun safety, but the guns would either have dummy ammunition or be disabled in some way. Sen. Billy Wayne Bailey, who introduced the bill, doesn't envision West Virginia's middle-schoolers firing real guns during class time."

Excellent idea!! If one school district will allow it then it could be implemented nearly anywhere else. We had an Outdoor Adventure class at my high school with fishing and camping but no hunting, outdoor skills, shooting or safety classes. that would have been the favorite of my friends and I who didnt have much access to those kinds of things. Although we lived in a small mountain town most of our fathers didnt hunt. I went on some dove and quail hunts at 14 and 15 but no big game hunts till I was in my 20's. I would have loved to have someone offer that kind of education to me at a young age. Probably would have kept me out of the trouble I was in all the time too.

r napolitano

why not, because the forces of political correctness would go nuts, and what a lovely sight that would be. d it so it do it!!!!!!!!!!!

in my high school in montana they did something of the same nature with bb guns. it was a pretty slow but it was fun too

Kyle G

That would be a great idea! You could even have other electives that invovle jobs about hunting ang fishing.

John R

Our schools offer the hunter safety course in middle school. It is taught by Fish & Wildlife officers and involves some actual time shooting a 12 gauge shotgun.

Trae B.

But we all know good and well what will happen if hunting is introduced in to schools PETA will open a new department."PETAH" people enlisting teachers against hunting.
my knuckle itches real bad I dont reckon ive got poisen ivy.I know I used to be immune to it.
another good thing teach how to identify poisen ivy at school.I know what it looks like I just got it anyway.


Hey S.M., I just cant call a man sexy, sorry!LOL Trae, I had no Idea any schools did any of this. This is a wonderful thing especially in the city. I cant believe the antis arent sreamin their heads off? Hope it becomes a normal choice for many more schools.

Jerky Joe

There is no reason why they should ever teach kids Hunters ed in shool. Alol that would do would be to help kids know how to shoot a gun. aim it. the rate of school and out of school shootings would up majorly.

Matt Mallery

Great idea! Hope it goes nationwide.


Back in the day when I was in school the only way you could get gun safety classes was to join the JROTC. This is a way better idea if done correctly.


i definetly think gun safety ought to be taught as a part of health class. To many kids are dying from simply not knowing what to do with a gun when they find one.

I am not to crazy about teaching hunting and such. After school I would love to see more of that, but during classes I want my kids learning to read and write and do math. There is not enough time for that now and I don't want to take away more of it for what I consider to be play time.


You guys want some really good reading on this matter!?
Find and read Frank Miniter's book called, "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Hunting"!
I bought one yesterday!
Here are some jewels!
"School gun violence is more likely to occur in urban areas where very few kids are hunters."
"Statistically, hunting is safer for kids that football, bicycling and tennis."

Buy the book, be more prepared for the "Anti-Hunters" and "ARA" (Animal Rights Activists)!



Hey Bubba anything with Politically incorrect peaks my interest! I will never be PC!!! Get this my son was in a soccer league that didnt keep score?!!WTF My ex-wife did it not me. She even realized it was a mistake. All that Feelings crap. Life aint about feeling good its about makin your way in this world, leavin your mark and providing for your family! Sorry guys dont know where the hell that came from?? That word PC always gets me fired up. Its super Tuesday, Get out and vote. Im in AR and as soon as I get off here Im going. Still dont know who but it will be a Rep.

Blue Ox

Well it's about time! I'm glad to hear that a school is growing some balls and is actually gonna teach children something usefull.


I live in a small town in INDIANA. many students in the town have recieved hunter education through my school we also have an outdoor club. Where we get to go canoeing, spelunking, bird hunting, and trap shooting. its alot of fun i wish every one would get to expeirience this.

NH Philosopher

Politicians are masters of breeding ideas that are not realistic - to rally support from their base. Don't take the bait.

The best classroom is the woods proper - with an experienced woodsman at your side. (Father, Brother, Mother, Sister, Aunt, Friend, etc...) If not - a book will suffice with supervised trial and error. Bringing training into public schools is a recipe for disaster - particularly from those who vocally oppose our lifestyle choices.

Being a small, well organized and vocal community(when needed) will protect us and our sport from extinction. Preserve the integrity of sportsamn - public schools will just teach to the lowest common denominator and buckle at the first sign of public protest.

"Jerky Joe's" unfounded, asinine and illogical post is all we need to point to when we think through opposition messaging & strategy.

no one

This sounds like a good idea me being a 14 year old i would enjoy bing able to talk to my friends about hunting with out them not likeing it

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