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February 26, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Is This Arkansas Cougar Real?

Here’s the latest Internet cougar candy. These photos popped up in my inbox with an unaccredited message reading, This lion was hit between Prescott and Ashdown Arkansas, by a car. Fish and Game had to come and put him down. He charged at the Fish and Game guy in the process. Look at his PAWS!

What do you think? Are these photos real or doctored? Does anyone have more information about this claim?





Hey Bubba, what did you do? Did you miss?

Mc. Squizzy

I say they're real. I've doctored photos before, these are real. And I wouldn't dought a cougar could get that big.

Mc. Squizzy

I say they're real. I've doctored photos before, these are real. And I wouldn't dought a cougar could get that big.


Call AGFC offices and ask them... they're really good about answering questions and providing information. They also have one of the better hunting/fishing/wildlife websites of the 50 states, so keep an eye out there for any updates.


If that cougar was really that big then I'm gonna have to bring a bigger gun hunt'n next time. There could be more of them.


Looks real enough, but there's no sign of a wound.

charles kay

black cougars fairly common here..have pictures..several neighbors see and here screams..plenty of feed--deer,turkey,bever etc.saw horses chasing one across pasture last friday-local bison herd cat patros fence and screams at them.come see us and bet we can find one in a couple of days.first one in this country i know of 1978 ..picture last year ft. wayne t.v. station coal slick shiny black long tail about 130 lbs. only seen what we think might be the male once lot bigger and more charcoal color wabash river and tributarys lots of woods and cover


Unless Arkansas has a "cougar" proof fence, I'd say that it's entirely possible.

I'm sorry Yoop, missed what?



Seems like you know that part of the world pretty good. Suprised you hadn't seen that big guy already.

Anyway, I seem to remember you talking about hunting a lot with a 22 hornet. You might want to reconsider one of those 338's.


I think the photo is a fake, there is too much detail on the paw held up and on the man's face, you would think one or the other would be less in focus.also the lion looks"2-D" compared to the backround, like the man is holding a cardboard cut out.


Hey RJ, look good at those photos. The fingers on both hands are in the fur and not on a 2D object. Who is to say it was in Arkansas though. Guess we'll have to wait for AGFC as David suggests.
While visiting the Ozarks as a kid, my uncles always talked about hearing a "panther" occasionally. They are there, have been and will be. Probably in a lot more places that people aren't aware of. Sneaky cats they are.
Ma Nature is a great thing!


The photos are obviously from a taxidermy shop. Where is the question. Look at all the antlers in the back room of #1 and the guy has on a work apron.


Sorry Yoop,

Yep, I actually saw the pics before they showed up here. Not real familiar with Ark but have been through there a time or two.

I don't know what I was thinking trying to kill any type game with something like a .22 Hornet! Guess I'll just turn myself into the local warden for "hunting undergunned"!
So far, I have taken:
1. turkey
2. deer
3. squirrel
4. coyote (stalking turkey deke!)
5. bobcat
6. feral hog
7. prairie dog
8. raccoon
Isn't that awful!?
Been shooting my .270 much longer and it's list is much shorter!
Be very careful, Yoop. The recoil on a .22 Hornet is vicious!


jack lang

If this cat's real, it's been raiding Barry Bond's garbage can.


Hey Bubba, I thought you lived in Arkansas. Sorry, 58 years old and the mind is history!
I don't think I've ever seen a 22 Hornet. Must not be too popular up here.
That cat is really something! I know we've got them here also. I wonder what would happen if a guy sprained an ankle or something where animals like that could see he wasn't right. Would that cat see me like I see pork chops?

Blue Ox

Probably would, Yoop. That's if the wolves don't get to ya first.


That is a big Cat. Far as wounds go look in the first pic at the cat's back legs there is blood like it might have got got clipped in the back end. I think the pic is real. I know one thing I would love to have that big guy adorn my wall along with a couple of our Wyoming wolves.


Are there lions in Arkansas?


Prescott and Ash Fork are located in Arizona, home to a healthy mountain lion population.


some have said that this cat was killed in W. Virginia but i believe it was hit by a truck out west a month or so ago

WA Mtnhunter

And there I thought Hillary was an Arkansas "cougar"? LOL


To sum up what others have said that is true:
- cougar, photo are real
- it's an Arizona cat
- this is a taxidermy shop
- and damn it's a big cat!

and props to Hillary as Arkansas cougar joke, good one WA Mtnhunter!


CharlesKay...Yep yep...saw that news spot about the black kitty outside Decatur....My lady is from Peru area and says her grandma used to see em all the time. Plenty of cover and feed fer cougars here.

OH and yep..thats one DAMN BIG kitty cat...and yep, he be real.


There have been rumors of cougars here in allegany county NY. Don't know if there really are any. Said to have been released by the D.E.C to control the deer population. Personally I don't believe it but I'm not sure. If anyone has info please comment back.


Obviously a real cougar. Don't see why one couldn't be in Arkansas. However, I am surprised to see a wild animal that the Fish and Game had to put down in someone's garage. Normally the officials will take the animal.

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