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February 25, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Maine Black Bear Hunt Raffle

From the Sanford News opinion page:
A small group of naysayers is upset with fundraising activities on behalf of the Noble High School Music Department. The target of their criticism is a "Maine Black Bear Hunt Raffle," the proceeds of which will be used to send music students to New York City. . . .

"It's legal, and I understand that," said Melanie Ciccotelli, one of three who showed up [to a board meeting] to object. "But this has no place in a school environment ... it's sending a bad message."

Bad message?

Hunting is a part of Maine's culture and heritage. Responsible hunting has put food on the table for Mainers since before there was a Maine or Mainers, and it continues to do so to this day.

Want to buy a $10 raffle ticket? Click here.


John R

What bad message? Ooooohhhh, you mean not the politically correct type of message! Why can't those people realize its a raffle. Something of value is being raffled off. It's legal and that is that. Any reference to a message in purely speculation, so please climb back into your hole.

John R

Oops, lots of misspells, sorry! No edit feature.

NH Philosopher

Aye - Maine. My odd neighbor and home of the Kittery Trading post. I find it incredulous that there is protest re: this brilliant raffle concept. Not only is it "legal" but also "creative" and a way to tap into the psychographic make-up of the demographics of the state. I raise my cap to the brilliant mind who proposed this raffle. A person who is not only knowlegeable of his/her local culture - but proud of it to boot.


Whether or not these anti's agree with the hunting here, they really should be able to support the educational/cultural benefits of the raffle.
Sending kids off to NY to study music is certainly not something that they could argue with.

And the good thing is that in Maine, the hunting argument will be won by the right side any day.


This issue has an odor of "Political Correctness" associated with it. I can't understand why anyone could oppose this. The fundraiser is certainly for a good cause. The activity is legal. Why don't these people just get laughed out of the building?


It goes to show you how vocal and influencial the "anti's" are. I hunt, vacation and visit relatives in Maine every year and see how big hunting/fishing and the outdoors are. Yet a few years ago the "anti's" nearly got bear trapping and bear hunting with dogs and bait banned through a referendum. If I recall it was a pretty close vote to defeat it.


I think I'll buy a ticket, or two!

Yooper, NLkg the part of Maine where Noble HS is located has unfortunately been infiltrated! The Amtrak Nor'easter has had the consequence of giving southern York county an easy commute to Boston hence the relocation of what we call Mass'holes (they drive worse than Fat Ted on a bridge) and generally expect Massachusetts-esk policies. I live in New Hampshire but a stone's throw from that part of Maine and have to deal with emmigrants from the Bay State on a daily basis!

Rant aside, the raffle is for a great purpose and will probably be quite successful on account of the publicity this ding-bat has generated!


I'm not sure I like the message either, don't get me wrong, the hunt is great-but sending kids to New York? I don't know that I can agree with that.



What's wrong with NY? I live in NY and don't see a problem with it. Do you not like NY or the idea of sending the kids to NY and why?


Raffle Supporter

Thank you for the kind and sane words regardingthe raffle & cause. Unfortunatly this whole thig has turned very ugly with people even posting threats of harm against the school kids! Any support you can offer would be most appreciated. Tickets and/or donations can be made at:


Thank you all for your support!


i am a student from noble and I'm going on the trip... i'm really excited that this is a fund-raiser because not only does it give the buyer options (bear hunt/nature viewing trip OR 1,000) but it also gives people who enjoy the woods & outdoors to enjoy it a bit more... it is not advertising the killing of bears. if you win you don't need to bring a gun, you can bring a camera if you wish...its not specifically for hunters. Also, what is Maine known for? Buying fishing and game hunting equipment brings in a lot of profit each year. If we were raffling off a hunting trip for an endangered animal then i could see where the animal activists were coming from. But Black Bear are not endangered, as it stands we have about 23,000 black bear...thats more than any other eastern state (www.maine.gov) Noble is not promoting the killing of innocent animals. if thats what we were doing the school board wouldn't have said okay to this proposal. The was we saw it was that we did do the bake sales and gift raffles and they're just the typical school raffles. We thought that if we did something new we could reach a larger audience and in doing so bring more attention to the beauty of Maine & get the 200+ students to a music festival.


Raffle Supporter
I was unaware of posts actually threatening the kids. Troubling! Ironic too, isn't it: 'don't harm the bears or we'll beat up your kids.' I'd also bet that the most vocal of these jerks are not parents, faculty or school volunteers; the article doesn't define whether the loud mouth is a parent.

Hopefully the more attention brought by these morons the more tickets will be sold!


We applaud Rick Varney for all his efforts to make this a successful event for the students! Music and Hunting have been supporting each other for centuries! Thank you all that support sports and music in our schools! Oh Yes... Hunting, Shooting and Archery is a sport too!

I often wonder:
The Humane Society is for domestic animals, when is someone going to bring a lawsuit against the Humane Society for misuse of collected funds under the pretense it will be directed to helping "domestic" animal abuse. (Cats, Dogs, Ferrets, etc.) The Humane Society collects funds, and then they spend those funds in a huge way fighting us sportsman who legally harvest wildlife, purchase licenses and in fact protect "wild animals" for the future of all mankind. Can anyone explain why this practice is allowed?

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