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February 12, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Porta-Potty Tree Stands

From The Bayou Business Review:
Deer hunters looking for a cheap, weather-resistant stand might want to consider their local sanitation company.

Melinda Rodrigue, owner of McDonald Sanitation Services in Thibodaux [LA], has been selling stripped-down and sanitized portable toilets for this purpose for the last three years.

"It’s not real uncommon," she said. "They serve the purpose well."

Would you hunt out of one?


Blue Ox

Does it come with mossy oak T.P.?

John R

I'm feeling kind of flushed! ;-)

WA Mtnhunter

What next?

Brian T

Oh crap. Somebody slammed the door. So you have to be underneath this thing when you take it down? Not.


Those things smell so bad I don't even like to pee in them, so why on earth would I ever want to spend my opening day in one? I'll sit on a log, thank you very much, and if I have to go, that's why God created trees.


The question is not would I hunt in one! The question for me would be, HAVE YOU EVER KILLED A DEER OUT OF ONE? That answer, dear hearts and gentle souls is a resounding "YES"!!!
Weather tight, you can hunt in the rain and not get soaked.
Just remember one thing; "padding". Glue or screw carpet scraps to floor, along back of seat and on seat or use a cushion. Ya gotta be careful, one bump and you might spook the deer.
Once the reservoir has been removed and it's been power cleaned, there isn't any odor!!!



Oh yeah!

The one's that have the urinal in the corner? Dig a five gallon bucket sized hole under your "blind". Place "blind" over the hole. Attach a hose to the spout, run it into the hole through the floor. WAH-LAH!!!
You never have to leave the blind to pee! Rinse urinal with a little bleach from time to time and there is NO odor!
Yep, works like a champ!



sounds good. spray paint it camo and your good 2 go!


Ya might be a redneck if...

Nah just kidding, it beats the Depends any day I suppose. :-)

Weathertight, but loud!

Why would you hunt out of that thing when people spend so much money on scent killing products!Porta-poties are the worst smelling thing ever! If anyone ever gets anything out off it let me know

Trae B.

Well I have a cousin that shot a deer out of his bathroom window as he stood up from takin a dump.

Trae B.

And yes that is a perfect example of "You might be a rednect"


Dear no name

Go up six (6) blogs and read my entry. Yes, I've killed deer out of a converted porta-pottie! Three to be exact, one a fair buck! Then I lost the lease. Someone else had set it up, but it worked like a champ.
You could stand up and stretch and not bump you head.
About the only problem I had was being careful not to bump the fiberglass sides. I added some carpet scrapes and reduced the noise, but I still had to be careful!



I think I would rather turn a porta-pottie into an ice fishing hut. The only draw back is I don't know if I would eat a fish that came out of the same hole that people poop down. I'm surprised that nobody has called them "porta-johns" on this thread yet. I thought it was a regional thing calling these things porta potties.

Brucie Boy

A Port-o-let would make a great blind once it was properly "descented". Does anyone know how much one would cost and if used ones are readily availiable from the vendors?


Normally Brucie Boy, if you can find a dealer, they are available if they have been damaged or outdated or something along those lines.
My advice, be selective.



I am hunting out of one this year and I love it! It has been completely sanitized and repainted.

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