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February 11, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Manatee Snaggers Land Prison Time

This one comes from our Shooting Editor, Phil Bourjaily, who writes:

Can you believe these idiots? They posted videos of themselves on their MySpace pages trying to snag manatees.

Now, according to this CBS4 News article, Karl F. Kuhn, III, 19, and Charles V. Podesta, Jr., 20, both of Hollywood, Florida, are headed up the river. Kuhn got 15 days in a federal pen.  Both will serve a year of probation and 100 hours of community service. Podesta landed 30 days in prison, house arrest, and ironically, he must now post an apology on MySpace. (Be sure to check out the video at the link.)

So there are really two questions here: Are these the dumbest “anglers” on the planet? And does there punishment fit the crime?


Blue Ox

They only meant it as a joke?!
Glad they got prison time.
We'll see who's joking when one of them drops the soap!


These kids arent "anglers" they are morons. Some on should snag them!!


I hope the hell they are no longer Bass Pro Shop employees!!! If they condone this behavior i will no longer be a customer.

"Some on" should check their spelling before posting to ensure that they do not appear as the "morons" they rebuke.

Blue Ox

Purty gutsy comment comin' from youse who won't leave your name.

NH Philosopher

These are the people who leave the barn door open and then ask how the coyote's got the chicks.

I'm pleased they got busted and feel the penalty is a bit lite. More time served would best fit the bill.


Posted by, Gettin a little nit picky aint ya? Ya peckerhead get a life!!LMAO


Thanks for havin my back OX.

Matt Mallery

15 and 30 days for trying to harm an endangered species? Our wildlife protection laws have no teeth. The manatee is in a lot of trouble from all the developement in Florida, draining of the Everglades, and motorboat usuage there.

NH Philosopher


Amazing contradiction isn't it. A well served letter to Bass Pro re: these two employees seems very appropriate at this time.

They have just lost a customer.

I, for one, am not impressed at their handling of the situation. Both "employees" should have been terminated on the spot.

NH Philosopher

From Earlier Today: NH Philosopher

"Believe me, we were outraged also. We have received more awards than any
other retailer in America for our conservation efforts. Needless to say
we do not condone this sort of behavior. These gentlemen worked for us
but they in no way represented us. They are no longer with our company."

Larry Whiteley
Manager of Public Relations
[email protected]

-----Original Message-----
From: NH Philosopher
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2008 2:44 PM
To: Martin G. MacDonald; Larry L. Whiteley
Subject: Bass Pro Employee Manatee Fishing

Dear Sir,

As a long time customer and outdoorsman, I am writing to express my outrage
of the two Bass Pro employees caught and convicted of "manatee fishing" in Florida.

I, and the outdoor community as a whole, are astonished that these two individuals were employees of Bass Pro. Additionally, as you might already be acutely aware, this incident has negative implications for the company.
Both in brand integrity and in customer relationships.

By intentionally violating game and ES laws, these two Bass Pro employees, have caused irreparable harm to the reputation of our outdoor community
- of which we are working hard to preserve day in and day out. This incident provides the anti-hunting and fishing community with ammunition to push
their agenda forward and continue their negative campaigns; fueling the mis-perception that sportsmen disregard the lives of the animals we pursue.

As you know, the outdoor community is already facing issues such as urban
sprawl, reduced access to public land and diminishing seasons. This incident - surely will help the other side.

Links for your reference and consideration are below. The first is the
blog stream on Field and Stream magazine online re: the story. The second is the source file from CBS4.


Please advise as to how Bass Pro has handled this situation and what steps the company is taking to offset the negative implications this event has
had and will continue to have on our community.

Best Regards,

NH Philosopher

By the way - they have just won me back as a customer. With real time response and an honest straightforward reply - I will gladly continue shopping at Bass Pro Shops.

Larry is a scholar and a gentleman.

NH Philosopher


NH ,you are very eloquent in your speech and I must apologise for my ignorance of the English language. We definitely need your mastery of speech to plus our cause. I tend to just say whats on my mind and my spelling may not be the best but I hope yall get the jest of what I'm trying to say. I certainly hope I am not the stereotypical redneck that our antis want to attack. Not that I am against punchin somebody in the nose. LOL Any hoo thank you your eloquent points!


Again, Damn good job my friend!!!

NH Philosopher

Much obliged, my friend.

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