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February 28, 2008

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Discussion Topic: The Case of the Missing Venison

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
A deer processor in Butler County faces 28 violations of the state Game and Wildlife Code related to the alleged illegal taking of deer and the theft of legal game from private hunters and meat designated for the poor.

“This man stands accused of stealing from hard-working hunters - both their venison and their money - and sadly, people in need,” [Wildlife Conservation] Officer [Randy] Pilarcik said.

Mr. Kielty faces penalties of up to $22,700, and the possible loss of his hunting and trapping privileges for up to 65 years . . . .

I don’t want to suggest for a minute that most game processors are crooks. The vast majority I’ve dealt with have been great. But I’ll be honest: There’s been a time or two when my box of white packages seemed a little light, and I’ve wondered—right or wrong—what the butcher was having for dinner that night. You?



Best thing is a compromise. I cut the deer up myself, wrap and freeze the steaks, roasts and stew meat, then bring the rough stuff to a processing plant. That's what they make into sausage. I get pretty good sausage and if it wasn't my deer, no big deal.


I don't know Yoop!

I've stood at the door at my buddy's, family's plant and watched what some guys drug in the door! It would absolutely blow you away what some folks will do to a deer!
One guy brought in a so-so buck that had been shot several times in various places. The field dress job consisted of removing everything between the diaphram and the pelvis. This consisted of opening up the abdominal cavity and whacking away with a knife until nothing was left hanging out! They had sliced open the paunch, intestines, both large and small, bladder, rectum, kidneys and were whining because it stunk so bad! DUH!!!! And folks want to complain because venison tastes "gamey"!



Bubba, it all adds flavour doesnt it? Years ago I filled a doe tag walking back after a failed buck push. shot it running away with my trusty 300WM. the bullet passed thru end to end exiting just under the neck. insides total mush and no one wanted any part of what they assumed contaminated meat. was excellent. I usually fill cavity with snow asap if not skinning immediately or rinse skinned carcass when done with cold water.
I have met hunters with morning shot game in the truk box bloated and they are trying to fill another tag. yummy.




i kill it, i gut it, i cut it, i cook it. pure, plain, and simple. the only time my meat goes to a processor if for burger. even then, my shop adds the tallow and grinds it in front of me, while i wait, so i know i'm taking my meat home. the quality of antelope and venison we enjoy at our table is unsurpassed.

don m.

im with you Mot,I hunt it,kill,clean,cut,make my own berger,and eat it.
in fact, a package of backstrap would go down real good about now.



I suppose we all have our own little quirks!

To me, unless I accidentally puncture bladder, rectum, paunch or intestines, DO NOT wash my meat! Period! If it gets dirty on the outside, just trim off a layer of connective tissue, no meat lost!
Most are correct, the sooner you can get 'em gutted, skinned and refridgerated, the better it will taste.
ALSO, when I trim venison for steak, there will be NO silver tissue left, period! MEAT ONLY! Even if I have to lose a little meat, which I don't because my grinder does a dandy job of separating out all the connective tissues!
ALSO, NO DEER FAT!! Talk about nasty tasting!



Going to a good processor isn't all that bad-provided you trust them. I sure don't have the equipment to make smoked jalepeno/cheddar deer sausage-my favorite. I would prefer to do it myself but at this time it's not possible. Am I the only one that has to get my deer checked for CWD before the DNR will let me eat it?


At this point Wm, I don't. There is an elk herd nearby that supposedly carries the virus but the deer herd has not been affected!


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