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February 26, 2008

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Austrian Diver Dies In Shark Attack Off Florida

Diving near the Bahamas with Riviera-based Scuba Adventures, whose website advertises the “unique” opportunity to get “face to face” with sharks, vacationing Vienna lawyer Markus Groh, 49, was bitten by a shark and airlifted to a hospital where he died, according to this New York Times story.


Mc. Squizzy

Stupid! The divers look like more chum to the sharks when they are already on a feeding frenzy!

Blue Ox

Darwinism stikes again!


I'm sure the gentleman's family isn't laughing right now, but I swear!


Blue Ox

One less lawyer to worry about.


This is why shark fishing is a good thing...


You play in their house its bound to happen from time to time.May God bless his family.

Matt Mallery

Shark fishing is not such a good thing. Shark fisheries are becoming depleted at a rapid rate.

Chumming and then swimming is stupid. The diver got what he deserved.

Too many damn humans on this planet.This is part of the reason shark attacks are on the rise.

John R

Actually shark attacks like this are rare. The people that book these dive trips do so for the photographic opportunities presented. The chum is used to bring them in close. Most divers understand the risk involved with this type of dive trip. Although attacks are rare, a shark is a wild animal and should therefore be considered at theleast unpredictable. I read he was bitten in the leg. I speculate his femoral artery was severed. My condolences go out to his family.


Matt M.

You must subscribe to Mr. Gore's premise that we need to reduce the human population to get "earth in the balance".

No one said the guy was smart...

Matt Mallery


The global shark fishery is being reduced because humans are consuming too many sharks, and yet, shark attacks are on the rise because more people are spending time in the water because there aremore people. Yes, I believe 6 billion is too many. Nobody is saying we should kill people off,just don't have more than two kids.


Chumming is a stupid, reckless thing to do. Chumming blood trails are often miles long at sea. Just the other day I read about a diver in Australia who had nothing to do with shark fishing was killed because shark fishers chummed and brought every shark around within 100 miles to a feeding frenzy. If you're fishing in an area where people are chumming you can kiss a pleasant day at sea goodbye!

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