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January 25, 2008

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Your Chance to Ask Mitt Romney a Question

Associate Editor Brian McClintock got Mitt Romney's campaign on the phone the other day, and asked them if the former Governor would be interested in answering some questions about his positions on gun rights, habitat, public lands policy ... the issues that matter most to sportsmen.  We'll be writing up most of these questions ourselves, but we wanted send him some of yours as well. So if you've got a good one, post it as a comment here over the weekend. On Monday we'll pick our favorites and send them along.


Joe Anderson

Ask mr. romney if he in tends to renstate the 2nd amndment by wipeing all unconstitutional laws off the books nationaly by execitiveorder and push to amend the contitution to forbid any one official to do anthing against the 2nd amendment and be severly punished if they even try to


Any pres who supports an "assault rifle" or "black gun" ban is not who we want to be in office. That's only gonna make it easier for the next ban on hand guns and the next one on my "sniper rifle"...ooops hunting rifle. Next thing you know we'll be hunting with rocks like the cave men...oh wait, that will be banned too.

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