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January 25, 2008

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Your Chance to Ask Mitt Romney a Question

Associate Editor Brian McClintock got Mitt Romney's campaign on the phone the other day, and asked them if the former Governor would be interested in answering some questions about his positions on gun rights, habitat, public lands policy ... the issues that matter most to sportsmen.  We'll be writing up most of these questions ourselves, but we wanted send him some of yours as well. So if you've got a good one, post it as a comment here over the weekend. On Monday we'll pick our favorites and send them along.


Blue Ox

The 'liasion' for the other guy dodged the question, so I'll ask again: What are your thoughts on concealed carry and legalizing it in the few states left that won't allow the law-abiding people to protect themselves?

Blue Ox

Will you stand behind our 2A rights? Will you actually look at and honor the FACT that armed citizens means lower crime?

Mike Diehl

Governor Romney -

If you were the President of the United States, would you sign a bill that overturned the General Mining Act of 1872?

If you signed such a bill, as President, would you then issue executive orders to the Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service to substantially reduce or eliminate mineral exploration and extraction on public lands valued by hunters?


Have fun guys Im outta this one.

Sage Sam

Gov. Romney-
Currently the states of the intermountain west are undergoing an energy boom on a scale never before seen. Everyday more and more acres of critical wildlife habitat is being lost to oil and gas development with little to no thought to the future consequences?

If elected President would you agree to halt development in critical wildlife habitat and proposed wilderness areas in order to preserve opportunities for sportsmen?


Governor Romney-
In 2001, then Secretary of the Interior, Gail Norton and then Governor of Utah, Mike Levitt entered into an backroom agreement to eliminate interim wilderness protections on land managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

These lands provide critical wildife habitat and hunting opportunities for sportsman. As President would you vacate this agreement and allow BLM to manage for wilderness character and subsequently protect these lands from development?

Don Dubuc

Governor Romney:
A simple but crucial question: Will you publicly and for the record state that, if elected, you will veto any law that infringes in any manner with the Second Amendment right to own and bear firearms?

Connor Strader

Mr. Romney, why do you claim to support the Second Amendment, yet you signed the Assault Weapons Ban in your own home state?

And why did you become a "life member" of the NRA shortly before running for President?


Gov. Romney,
Do you support implementation of the Castle doctrine nationwide?

as moeggs

DO you think hunting is neccessary? How important is outdoor recreation to your family?


I really don't expect that Mr. Romney himself would possibly answer this question, but:

If elected as President of the United States, where do you stand on stabilizing the economy, cutting taxes and Second Amendment rights?


An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.


Last post BINGO!!!


Simply put Mitt Romney says he is all for the 2A yet everything he did as governor of one of the least 2A friendly states shows us you do not support our Right to Keep and Bear Arms. The streets of Boston, Worcester and other cities there are virtually uninhabitable at night due to violence because citizens are unable to defend themselves.
How can we be confident in anything you say?

don mitchell

mr. Romney,im from MICHIGAN,and i would like to know where you have been for the last 30 years.you and your buisnes are in Mass.yet you come back and want us to vote for you,why???

don mitchell

4th.post up, AMEN.



Like it or not, I think this is our guy. I think in a couple of weeks, this primary BS will be done and this guy will be on top in the GOP, and Billary will be the Democratic Candidate.

I'm thinking that 5 years from now, we'' be looking back at today, and refer to it as "The good old days".


I sure hope you are wrong. Romney needs a 'Rural Liaison' as much as that other guy does! His idea of roughing it is a 5 Million dollar mansion (air conditioned boat house even)on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire! He couldn't tell the difference between a BB gun and an Elephant rifle. Thinks a fly rod is for attracting pesky insects.
Hopefully either Huckabee or McCain will pull this one out in Florida and go into February 5th with momentum to carry.
Meanwhile did you see what Obama did to hilabitch in South Carolina!?


I've followed Romney for a number of years. He's a very good administrator. Did a bang up job on the Olympics. Did a soso job in MA. He's just not presidential. He'll say something boneheaded and probably never get elected. Then we're screwed. I'm more worried about Romney getting the nomination and blowing the election than anything else. I'm for McCain, but I don't think he's got enough support to get the nomination.

Ralph the Rifleman

If Mr. Romney believes in avid sportsman's rights, what type of laws will he support which will protect those rights?


are you phycic?

Dan Lynch

Mr.Romney; You stated on National T.V. ; that as president of this U.S.A.;you would sign an "Assault" weapons ban ;If congress passed it !They can pass any frivilous bill with a simple majority(51%).With a presidential veto ;they would need a two-thirds majority for an over-ride (this would be more difficult). I will "NOT" vote for you ;anymore than I would ride with Ted !


I still believe that the trump card in this election is the War on Terror. While we always seem to recover from recessions, if someone we love is killed, in something similar to 9/11, can we ever recover?


Gov. Romney

America just celebrated the 153rd birthday of John Moses Browning. In addition to being an early Mormon leaders, he is also widely regarded as one of the most important American's in history, ever the equal of Samuel Colt and the holder of the patent on most of our historic, treasured, used, and valued firearms.

Yet, these guns which he designed 100 years ago, the designs of which are still well used to this day (in fact, I've got my Colt 1911 on my hip as I write this) would be easily branded as an "assault weapon" if designed and marketed today. In fact, one, the pinnacle of his handgun design The Browning High Power, is actually banned in the state you govern, Massachusetts.

Gov. Romney, if elected, what efforts will you undertake to reverse the bigoted trends of states like Massachusetts to strip American's of their god given right to self defense and how would you ensure the spirit and designs of John Browning live on amongst the people of these United States?

Carl in Chicago

Dear Gov. Romney:

You support the prohibition of so-called Assault Weapons, which are semi-automatic “civilian” versions of military small arms.

The issue of the Second Amendment currently stands before the US Supreme Court. If the Court were to rule that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms, and also rules (as they did in Miller, 1939) that the criterion for protection is that arms have “some reasonable relationship to the preservation or efficiency of a well regulated militia”, it is clear that “assault weapons” would be among those firearms most clearly protected from prohibition.

How would you reconcile your support for an “assault weapons” ban with such a ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States?

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