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January 16, 2008

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Video: Rescuers Free Moose From Frozen Lake

From Idaho/Washington's KXLY.com:
For about two hours Monday morning off the north shore of Loon Lake you could only see [the] huge head and [antlers of a two-year-old moose that had fallen through the ice].

[Meanwhile, rescuers] tried everything from nudging him with a boat to chainsaws and even sledgehammers. . . . Finally with some coaxing the moose had had enough of Loon Lake and freed himself.

Be sure to check out the incredible video accompanying the story.


Blue Ox

Kudos for the recue effort, even if the moose did end up freeing himself.


I know I am talking this in a very literal sense, but did they really nudge him with chainsaws and sledgehammers? A better description of what they did with each tool might be a better way to write the story. Clearly saying cutting holes in the ice with the chainsaws and ... well dont know what you would do with the sledge hammers, I am sure something.


how bout breakin away ice with the sledge?

common sense

they tried that you idiot didnt you read the article??

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