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January 28, 2008

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Lab Chows Down $900 Super Bowl Tickets

Wrapping up today’s sports theme is very bad dog, Buddy.
From The Arizona Republic:
The mishap occurred Wednesday when Chris Gallagher requested that a courier leave the anticipated package under the doormat of his Avondale home.

The courier instead slipped the envelope under the front door.

Buddy accepted delivery.

He didn't sign, but he licked, mauled, chewed and swallowed portions of the coveted tickets.

Bad dog!


Blue Ox

Dumb dog.

Blue Ox

If you really wanted those tickets I suppose you could simply wait around Buddy's tail for an hour.


I hope it's worth $900 to watch a dog's butt.



Talk about an expensive Scooby-Snack!

Brucie Boy

Where are all the "labs are the world's best dog" people now?


If I were Buddy, I'd eat the tickets too! Poor dog has to sit around the house for two to three days while the "master" plays! Hope he buried what was left!


Walt Smith

Oh, you can afford superbowl tickets but not Pedegree huh, well we'll see about that!


More power to the pooch... I can't stand football.

don mitchell

looks like he will have to join the rest of us poor folkes in fron of the TV. go PATS.


ha ha


I'll be one of the "Labs are the best dogs in the world" people. I love 'em. But 1) it's not just labs that tend to eat everything they can find (though they might do it more than most); 2) it's not the dog's fault that the courier didn't follow directions. Still, $900 down the drain REALLY sucks.

Sexy Man

I agree tht its the couriers fault if i was this dogs owner i would have been on the phone the minute i walked in the door with the Courier Demanding not repaymnt but new set of tickets because if anyone follws Super bowl tickets thy would know at this moment 900 dollars isnt going to get you even one ticket anymore...Lets not blame the dog since the courier obviuosly wasnt competent enough to follow directions...

WA Mtnhunter

I bet my Labrador is smarter than his courier......

But he loves to chew stuff up. I question the pedigree of any Lab that doesn't!

And he'll bite your a$$ if you get near my truck.

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