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January 07, 2008

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Girl Lands 50-Pound Drum With Barbie Rod

In a hilarious 2005 review of kiddie rod-and-reel combos entitled “Fishing With Barbie,” Fishing Editor John Merwin concluded in part that “such short rods make hooksetting difficult, and their drags tend to be jerky, spelling trouble for small anglers trying to land larger fish.” Trouble indeed, but nothing Phoebe Swann couldn’t handle. The four-year-old Texan landed a 40-inch, 50-pound black drum on her very own Barbie Rod. Check out the story, photos, and video here.



My daughter has the very same rod and reel and I swear she catches more fish with that pole than I ever do with all my fancy rod/reel combos.

It's her lucky fishing pole and fishing with it has helped us make some great memories.



Dont have any girls around so we prefer Mickey mouse combos.

Blue Ox

Don't forget about Scooby Doo!


Ox Im particularly impressed with the rugrat combo.LOL

don mitchell

i would like to know who is using the kids rods n reels, the kids OR there pappy?



I would like to know how many would admit it!LOL

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