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January 02, 2008

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Dog Saves Children From Apparent Wolf Attack

From The Province:

[The] Rottweiler-cross . . . [bounded] down the hill toward the wolves, who were moving in toward the children.

"I looked back and saw my dog intercept the lead wolf -- there were two of them. . . . The first wolf hit [Shadow] in the side and grabbed his shoulder. He spun around and grabbed that wolf by the face," said [Kyle] Keays.

"I was thinking 'Good dog, you get steak dinners for the rest of the month if you make it through this.'"

Be sure to check out the whole, harrowing story.



Well the dog surely earned the steak dinners for a month. Hopefully he gets them. It sucks to see any animals in a bad way, but it seems these two wolves definitely needed to be put out of their misery - before they put someone else in their own.


Animal rights activists would have let the wolves eat the children, I'm sure.


yeah, and would have sued anybody that showed the wolf the business end of a your favorite shotgun or rifle.


Good ole socialist canada....shovel my arse. I would have drawn my pistol and put 'em down on the spot. Here in real America we still have the 2nd in full force.

GOOD Dawgy!! I think Shadow was lucky the wolves were in such bad shape, and to think they are trying to ban rotties in some communities.

Matt Mallery

Let's not forget that rottweilers attack children way more often that wolves. This story sound like crap. I bet the father just wanted an excuse to kill them or maybe misread their behavior.

Dave in IDAHO

Congratulations Matt Mallery! Out of all the blogs I have read - anywhere, you are my choice for the number one most moronic post! How utterly ridiculous.

John R

Let's not be too hard on ole Matt. He must have missed the part about the wolves appearing gaunt and the fact that one wolf partially consumed the body of the one that was put down. Maybe Matt was attacked by a Rottweiler at some point in his life. Factoid: Rottweilers are exposed to children much more percentage wise than wolves. Therefore it would be very difficult to attempt a statistical analysis of which species attacks children the most. Rottweilers have more opportunity to attack children than wolves plus it is my opinion that there are more Rottweilers in any one state than there are wolves in the entire U.S. I am not a particular fan of Rottweilers although the ones I have been exposed too were extremely friendly. Let's not turn this into a breed bashing as with the unfortunate Bull Terrier that had a bad encounter with a porcupine.
I agree with Tommy, Shadow deserves steak for a week.


Hans Kruuk
"Hunter and Hunted
Relationships between carnivores and humans" Cambridge University Press

pg. 69 "....in 2001, when a wolf carrying a radio-collar attacked a child in Alaska. Fortunately, there were no lethal consequences..."

Beginning on page 69, this and various other documented wolf attacks that occurred in Belarus.
Sobering and mind boggling!

Innocent wolves my left hind leg!


Ralph the Rifleman

Nature can be a cruel comedy, and we are part of it. Thank GOD the children were not hurt in this situation, and the wolves in question were killed;Wild animals should NEVER lose fear of man.If not fear us, they need to respect us as not being prey.
I bet this man keeps a firearm closer at hand from now on.


While I think the gentleman acted appropriately given the circumstances, I have to wonder why we as hunters are so paranoid.

I mean we live in an age when the primary cause of death for the vast majority of us is directly related to the overconsumption of fatty food. Yet, some of us act as if we are going to murdered, robbed, and eaten by wolves by noon tommorow. And to top it all off, society is going to collapse, and we are going to be thrown back into the Stone Age.

I guess it is a result of constant barrage of violence on the news, or maybe it is because life has gotten so easy that our mind's have to create some fear. Who knows? I just find it interesting.



This has nothing to do with fear of being eaten by wolves and everything to do with the fact that there are people out there trying to tell us that wolves are Disney-ish, "innocent victims" of a society run amok with blood thirsty "hunters" that want to "kill" everthing!
I agree with having wolves in our "woods", but I also understand that from time to time, man, the "apex predator" will kill one to stay alive, just as a wolf thinks nothing of killing "Bambi", just to stay alive!



Have you guys checked out the blogs that accompany the story? Apparently, there is a documented case in Saskatchewan about a college student, up there doing research, who was killed and eaten by wolves. They claim to have a medical examiner's report that shows the animals killed the student before eating or while eating. I guesss a pistol isn't too bad of an investment.

Matt Mallery

My whole point was this:

The wolf haters love these stories. "See, wolves are killers, they eat children, the enviros are fools, blah blah blah..."

But when someone mentions that maybe we should stop breeding a certain type of dog, this same crowd will say "what about freedom" or "blame the owner, not the breed". My point is fact. Children in North America are in far more danger from rottweilers than wolves, so the next time anyone wants to jump on the wolf hating bandwagon, jump on the breed hating bandwagon instead, as that makes more sense. And I'm not really advocating banning a breed, but rather pointing out that while these wolves were supposedly stalking these kids, probably a hundered kids in North America were being mangled by Canis Domesticas. And to add to what Gary correctly pointed out, the same parents that complain that "treehuggers" don't care about kids, will take their kids to MacDonalds several times a week and feed them garbage.

And the stereotypes run amok!!


Mark Mallery:
Chill! No one, if they think about the issue, wants wolves extinct. We just don't want them overrunnig the lanscape. No one wants dogs running around, not having been neuterred, or otherwise. Pets have to be controlled. No one, in their right mind, would eat everyday at McDonalds or any fast food. Yet, would you outlaw fast food?

Wolves are a part of the North American ecosystem and should be treated as such. Dogs are a part of the American lifestyle and contribute greatly to many hunting experiences. McDonalds fills a niche in the American economy. Everything in moderation! Control wolves where needed, control your pets and most of all control your diet!

Matt Mallery


I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm simply pointing out the fact that there is a contingent on our continent, and among F and S readers, that want everyone to believe that restoring the wolf will bring about the extinction of mankind. And I am simply pointing out that there are many aspects of everyday life that are far more dangerous.


Perhaps what all you have said is true on all counts.

But, I carry mace with me to ward off dogs @ all times and if I'm every approached by a wolf I can assure you it will be shot.

I don't trust wild animals or pit bulls. Period.



Jstreet quote:I don't trust wild animals or pit bulls. Period.

I should have written, I don't trust rots, pit bulls, or any large breed of dog or any wild animals. Period.

I never have and I never will.


I "kinda" agree with jstreet.
I'm not out to kill any and all large dogs or wolves that cross my path. I do intend to be armed so that if "threatened" by "any" large carnivore, I "will" have, if not the edge, at least the capability to fight back! That's why man is the "apex predator"! And hopefully, will continue to be the top of the food chain!



Large dogs? The worst I've been attacked and bitten was by a Toy Poodle!!!!!! Got me several times before I realized what he was doing. It was like trying to get rid of a running chain saw! Even the local veterinarian says small breeds are the worst about biting. Personally I have big dogs - Love 'em! All of mine will physically get between my kids and the fence when anyone/anything gets within view of the yard. And I wouldn't have it any other way.



As for the wolves, It's a shame that the circumstances were as they were so that they had to be destroyed. Personally I think they are a great animal, beautiful, graceful, savage, everything they should be. I would love to be able to watch them in the woods, watch them, but if they were a threat to either me or mine they would have to be put down on the spot. Funny thing about animals, you don't have to shoot them to make them afraid of people, just shoot at them a couple times and they usually get the message.


Brian T

Hey! This was Fort Nelson. Don't ever, ever forget that. That wolf pair might have been driven out of a much larger pack/split. Sometimes, even the opportunists can't make it. Good dog. Protect your own pack, doin' what comes naturally. May I stand at the front of the line to buy a steak for that dog?


My guess would be that the two wolves were not part of a larger pack and were ostracized from seperate packs because they were a threat to the alpha male. Male wolves have been known to bond to other outcasts to increase chances of survival through hunting together. These wolves are truly the scary wolves as they don't respect territorial boundaries and are hungry because they no longer have the whole pack to hunt with and increase their chances for survival. They usually are ostracized in the first place because they exhibit anti-social behavior towards the pack on top of trying to upset the social structure.


Midnight banjo quote:
Large dogs? The worst I've been attacked and bitten was by a Toy Poodle!!!!!! Got me several times before I realized what he was doing.

A toy poodle can't kill you.

I would imagine you would have known it had a large breed dog or a rot or pit bull had bitten down on you.

I have a firm rule with all dogs, but especially dogs that can kill me. If a dog approaches me and acts threatening in any manner, I will load load it's face with mace.


Ralph the Rifleman

I agree in large part with jstreet on this one.
Domestic animals(dogs in our conversation)if left to run wild will resort to pack hunting for survival.It's in their genetic make-up;They are linked to the wolf.
I am not saying you should be paranoid at every large dog you meet, but it is wise to be prepared for a bad encounter with one. I have pepper spray at the ready whether it be for an aggressive dog or twisted perp.
Personally, I would like to avoid the confrontation all together but when we are on the predator's ground rules all bets of survival are off!

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