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January 02, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Trophy Mounts In The Work Place

From the New York Daily News:
A top-ranking police official has been told he can no longer fill his office with a startling collection of animal trophies he bagged on big game hunts across the globe.

NYPD Transportation Chief Michael Scagnelli, an avid hunter in his off-hours, was told his taxidermy trophies - bison, birds, elk, deer - had to be taken down when he moved into a new office in Police Headquarters.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, who gave the order, also said Scagnelli would have to pay movers to cart the offending wildlife out of his 11th-floor offices, sources said.

Scagnelli is popular among the rank-and-file, but some of the Police Headquarters honchos aren't fans of his stuffed trophies.

"It's offensive," one source said. "This is city property and the guy is extolling killing.”

All I can say is that if The Bonnier Corporation asked this of its New York-based employees, the Field & Stream and Outdoor Life editors would loose a week of work packing up heads.

Check out the full article and tell us your reaction.



And so does this mean that NO ONE can hang up ANYTHING of a personal nature, since it might offend people?? Unbelievable!!


Although I don't know what his office looks like, it seems like he has an extensive collection in there!

While I believe that trophies fit in very well, in a lot of professional offices, it can probably be overdone. Also, this is a public domain. Maybe space is a consideration. I wonder if maybe a fish mount or deer head would have been allowed, but some part of the collection wasn't.

WA Mtnhunter

Not knowing how many mounts, etc. were in the office, one has to accept the terms and conditions of what your employer deems acceptable. If you work for the Feds, you better get used to the idea of PC and diversity without offending one little mouse in the building. Surely that fellow has been around long enough to figure that one out.

If you don't like the terms laid down by your employer, then go elsewhere. Last I checked it is still a free country in that regard.

WA Mtnhunter

Pardon my mistake in the previous comment. I thought it was the Feds, but New York City government is probably no different in the regards mentioned.


You know what the really sad thing is..........I bet in that office is somebody's kids crappy crayon artwork and that can stay.

I have a very nice Bou mounted in my Office, and all the ladies comment on my nice rack.


I guess diversity only applies when it fits their own needs.


We have a new Tommy.
Hello - I am a Tommy also.



I just hope the folks that were so worried about "extolling killing", weren't spitting luchtime's burger from their mouths as they spoke such hippocracy!


Now you know which Tommy I am!


I'm the Tommy that posted the diversity slam, but I'll morph in to TommyNash since we have multiples. However, I'll happily join my namesake on the PC garbage needing to go...I guess when they eat Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas prime rib...they think the meat magically appears with no harm to an animal...idiots

Tommy S.

Dang it!
Hypocracy. I keep spelling that wrong.

John R

I understand the fact that there may be rules or guidelines establishing what may be used as office decor and what may not. Although this incident smacks of PC run amok, rules are rules. NOW, if there were no general guidelines for his office in place when the animals were placed in the office, Chief Michael Scagnelli should not have to pay for their removal.
Maybe he should complain about the offensive "artwork" that is most likely hung on the walls in the other offices.

r napolitano

Typical anti hunter, anti firearm NYC liberal nonsense. They are afraid it might extoll killing. So does that apply to the exterminators in the city. Roaches and vermin are living but we dont offend people when we control them, or the pigeons or any other use of wildlife for human consumption or use. The forces of PC only extoll diversity when it suits them.


From something I read elsewhere in F&S. PC, politically correct is basically stating that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end!

PC my a--!



My dentist has all sorts of trophies in his office, including the traditional bow he took them all with


I'm with Bubba! Picking up a turd by the clean end! Too funny!

They would never allow heads on the walls here, but if it's "art", their definition of art, they are all for it! If pictures speak a thousand words, in essence a story, what would be wrong about a trophy mount? Would that not have a story too?



Hey Midnight

Been trying to catch you!

Do you know where Waurika WMA is?



I bet Scagnetti's wife is not going to be too happy when he brings home all his trophies and has to make room on the walls. I wonder if the reason they were in his office is because she wouldn't let him put them up in the home. I've fought that battle before and ended up finding the only domain in my home that is truly mine is the basement and the garage. Now I have a fully finished garage and basement that looks great with my racks. I may have to build another garage soon however!

Tommy S.

I got a nice brook trout on my wall at home that might just look perfect beside me here at work.
Anyone else feel like trying it?


Just to put a little perspective on some of the comments:
Comparing the display of trophy animal heads to people forgetting where meat comes from is a false and ridiculous argument. Butchers and farmers don't put up trophies of all the animals they killed on their walls. They kill animals for their and our sustenance as do many hunters. Trophy hunters, on the other hand, kill animals for bragging rights plain and simple. That's what trophies are for, by definition. They're a self-given award for killing an animal, not a memorial of killing an animal for food. Don't try to equate the two.
As for why it may be inappropriate to display an apparently large number of dead animal heads in a city office--consider that cops in New York already have an earned reputation for being trigger-happy. And the idea of cops being hunters and citizens being prey is an uncomfortable image for most people. Moan about liberal PC nonsense all you want, but in a violent city whose stability depends upon trust and understanding between those who enforce the rules and those who live by them, having animal heads on the walls of a top cop's office projects that image. Think about it--it straightforwardly says the cop likes killing. I know animals are different than humans, but just the same it comes off as bloodlust when taken in context of what this guy's job is.

Just my 2 cents (and change).


There ya go Tommy" A turd by the clean end" Soda all over the keyboard!!!LOL Great one Bubba. PC makes me sick!!

Tommy S.


I think you thought waaaaaaaay too much for that uuhhh analogy...I do not know if it even deserves that much credit. The idea that if a cop has a trophy on his wall, then it means he must enjoy killing and therefore should not be trusted is well - paranoid - nothing more.
I do agree that trophies are self given and should be tasteful, in numbers and placement, but come on dude.
If it were your office I don't think you would want anyone telling you how to decorate it.

I say go eat a twinkie...fat axx and go back to your office and get to work!!!!!LOL!!!!

Tommy S.

Sorry GREG,
I SHOULD HAVE PUT A DISCALIMER ON THAT ONE TO SAVE YOU ANOTHER SPITFUL OF COFFEE. I guess I will just have to buy you a few for your b-day or something.

It is one thing to be polite, but it is another to walk around on eggshells!
What happened to being original! What happened to comedy in this country? Jesus Christ we can't even tell a joke anymore without offending some a-hole with nothing better to do than get offended by someone's comments and freak out over it!

Why the hell can we have black biker week? But is we were to suggest white biker week, we would be racist!

I owned no slaves! I have no money from slave labor! I hate no one based on they're color or sex, but if I say the wrong thing....BINGO...RACIST...SEXIST.



Dude....you ever heard of joking around? Lighten up


Tommy N:
My response was in reaction to posts before, like r napolitano's, and not meant to be pissy. Just calling a spade a spade. I mean, I agree office regulations can rankle and no one likes to be told how to live, etc. I get that. But that isn't really what's happening here--it's a business office in a government building paid for by taxpayers in a large city, not a private office in a small business, or a clubhouse. So leave the deer heads at home. And the beer mugs, and titty pictures while you're at it.

Beyond that, Tommy S, please explain to me how someone who enjoys hunting doesn't enjoy killing? They aren't separable. And I'm not saying it's wrong to hunt at all-I'm fine with it. There's just no two ways about it. Unless of course you're killing them with laughter?


I think I fall into the "hunts but doesn't enjoy killing" ilk.
We discussed this on Dave Petzal's place a couple of months ago.
As far as the trophies, I still think he should be allowed to have something but maybe not the whole display. I can't see anything wrong with one deer head, maybe a nice trout or grouse. But a buffalo head might be excessive.

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