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January 02, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Trophy Mounts In The Work Place

From the New York Daily News:
A top-ranking police official has been told he can no longer fill his office with a startling collection of animal trophies he bagged on big game hunts across the globe.

NYPD Transportation Chief Michael Scagnelli, an avid hunter in his off-hours, was told his taxidermy trophies - bison, birds, elk, deer - had to be taken down when he moved into a new office in Police Headquarters.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, who gave the order, also said Scagnelli would have to pay movers to cart the offending wildlife out of his 11th-floor offices, sources said.

Scagnelli is popular among the rank-and-file, but some of the Police Headquarters honchos aren't fans of his stuffed trophies.

"It's offensive," one source said. "This is city property and the guy is extolling killing.”

All I can say is that if The Bonnier Corporation asked this of its New York-based employees, the Field & Stream and Outdoor Life editors would loose a week of work packing up heads.

Check out the full article and tell us your reaction.



Pictures, lots of pictures. If you can't have the heads, take pictures and put them in small photo albums!
Worked for a large city once. This sort of BS came about once in the form of sexual harassment!
Bob (not his real name) was married to a beautiful woman and they often took trips to Cancun and those other Mexican winter hot spots! On his desk, he had a picture of his wife, clad in a bikini. The picture was turned so it couldn't be seen except from behind his desk! His secretary filed sexual harassment charges, seems she was offended by her boss's wife! He had to remove his wife's picture or be terminated!
How's that for PC!



Like it or not, any government level work place is all about PC, when you take a job in that capacity you understand it. Lots of the same at most (if not all) major corporate employers.
What is a bit hard to comprehend is the changing of rules in midstream, but that is part of the package; especially when you get the intelligencia mixed with the liberal whiners! As Police Commissioner for NYC the guy makes enough to pay for the movers and probably a vacation or hunting lodge in which to hang his trophies! Scagnelli should however have photos of his trophies all over the office. maybe even one of those third-rate artist portraits of him standing victorious over a dead elk like Petzal was kvetching about on the Gun Nut blog recently!


Ok so Scagnelli isn't the commish himself, he is still a high ranking PD official with big bucks salary.
Commish is Raymond Kelly, apologist for the liberal swine and ironically a Gulliani appointee! Hmmmm

Tommy S.


I am sorry for you if you cannot separate the two. There is nothing wrong with the regret of a life you take to sustain yourself. I would call it respect.

Tommy S.

If you never allow yourself to think about what that deer, or whatever, would have done later that day if he had lived...if you never think; maybe I should have let that young buck walk, even if you think someone else might get him before next year...if you never think it stinks that thing had to die, because it tastes sooo good!
Well, I would say you never thought alot about what you were doing - hunting that is.


Some folks would likewise argue that wearing a mink or other fur coat or even a pair of exotic leather boots to work is showing off trophies and endorsing killing and exploitation.

Would a fiberglass reproduction of a caught and released trout need to go as well? What about a photo of him dragging a deer in via hook and rod? (Even if he did release it.)

The acceptance of death as a part of nature and intrical to the food chain is entirely different than blood lust! Trophies are a personal as pictures and other memorabilia.

A cop that can say I hunt and I understand that when I shoot something is going to die and I know this and act responsibly is the kind I want responding to calls.

your freind afield


The NYPD pschologial writen exam used to have a question on it. Would you go hunting lions in africa? If you said yes they gave you hell during the oral test. NYPD is anti hunter. They want to violated our right to bear arms.

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