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January 16, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Romney Wins; Huckabee Gets Ray Scott's Nod

Pulling off a must-have victory last night in Michigan's Republican primary, Mitt Romney appears to be back as a serious contender in the GOP presidential race. But meanwhile, in news more directly related to hunting and fishing, Mike Huckabee, who finished a distant third in last night's contest, has received the backing of the Bass Boss himself, Ray Scott, founder of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (BASS) and the Whitetail Institute of North America.

From the PRNewswire:

"I am really pumped about Huckabee's candidacy," says Scott. "I've never been a one-issue voter and I won't start now, but it's sure exciting to have an authentic angler and hunter as a candidate. I was thrilled to fid out he's been a life member of BASS since 1996. Even more important, I'm inspired by his message of hope and prosperity and strength. Like a friend of mine said, he's the 'real deal' and I think more and more people are seeing that.

"I look forward to doing my part to see to it that Mike Huckabee becomes the next President of the United States."

Will Scott's endorsement affect your vote?



I like Mike. Its along time till Nov. though.


After Feb 5th the picture becomes much clearer on both sides of the fence.



I voted for John McCain yesterday in the primary. Romney did a good job, though, with his ads. I question whether anyone can actually revive the auto industry, and also if that revival would really mean that much in Michigan.
Frankly, if its Huckabee next Nov., I'll vote for him also.


I pulled the lever for Mike in our primary. Well at least romney didn't win here! I would vote for him again today. Not because of what Ray Scott said but because Mike Huckabee has character and leadership ability and positive vision. I don't agree with him on all points but that is pretty normal, I am pro-choice before birth (pro-life after) and tend to believe that those illegals who can prove a certain amount of time here should be given legal status.
Probably going to get severely flamed for my beliefs but so be it!


Hey this is America! I don't agree with just about everything you put here, but that sure doesn't mean you can't say it. Hell, I might even be wrong! I guess I like McCain because I think terror is my big issue. I like Romney because I think he's strong on economics. Huckabee though, I think is the most pro-life and pro 2A. Any of the three will get my vote next fall.


No one should have to apologize for their faith. But politicians who wear their religion on their sleeves--like Huckabee--scare the hell out of me. Dogma is dangerous--as much so in our own leaders as in our enemies.
Religion is all well and good in private life, but politically, and especially geopolitically, it's a nightmare.


How does Mike H. wear it on his sleeve. Seems to me he doesnt dodge questions about his religion like Romney. If thats wearing it on your sleeve then bully for Mike!


Well Huckabee just this week recommended rewriting the Constitution to "make it closer to God's standards."

In fact, he seemed to suggest that his opponents are all weak because they are not willing to rewrite the Constitution.


Huckabe iniciated the religeon discussion attacking romney, Romney had to wear it on his sleeve to defend himself from huckabee. I think huckabee and mcain are too liberal. Fred thompson doesn't have a big enough following so i'm voting romney


It's still a long time until November. I like Mike, but I really feel that the front runner will end up being McCain. I kinda think that McCain has more over all than the rest.



I like McCains stance on terrorism. He also has a pretty kick ass attitude against it. As much as I am a Huckabee homer, my biggest concern is does he have what it takes to be POTUS? Maybe VP would fit him better. I like Thompson but to little to late I think? I dont know its confusing to me because there is no clear front runner.

Blue Ox

I still have no clue as to who I'm gonna vote for. I like Huck's idea of ditching the federal income tax and shutting down the IRS, but congress would never let him do it. ('cause then they might have to work for a living.) I also think the constitution should be left alone.


The only way a POTUS can harm the Constitution is by appointing judges that don't follow it. I might be wrong on this but I think an amendment requires both houses of congress to pass, and I think its a two thirds majority. Then, I believe three quarters of the state houses have to ratify the amendment. Anyway, that's the way I remember it from when the ERA amendment failed. Been outa school too long.

WA Mtnhunter

I'll vote for whoever is running against Billary or Osama and I'm not real fired up about another President from Arkansas from either party!


I feel your pain WAM. Mike and Bill could not be more different. Mike is everything Bill isnt. i.e. faithful, truthful(as far as I can tell)and basically a righteous man. I think B. Clinton should be tried for treason!! By the way I live in AR.


What I fear most out of the up coming Presidential elections, is the chance we face as Americans for HRC or Obama to become president! Actually, as bad as I hate to admit it, if the Democrats win the White House, I hope it's Obama rather that HRC! I'm sorry guys, I haven't had a female scare me this bad since Miss Rodeo Texas kissed me on the cheek many moons ago! (Really thought I was a goner!)


Blue Ox

And they grow 'em big in Texas, Bubba. I'd be scared, too.

Mike Diehl

I can't stand Huckabee.He is the one GOP candidate that would guarentee my vote for *any* opposition candidate. Give me McCain any day.


I just read something in the WP about some guy running around with pamphlets describing McCain's record as a POW. I don't know if I'm madder at the guy that wrote that BS, or anyone from MSM that publicized it. While I'm softly in the McCain camp, meeting the fellow that wrote that pamphlet would probably cause me to commit my first felony. It would probably result in a life sentence.

don mitchell

McCain is the only one that can beet H.R.C. IN NOVEMBER. as for Mitt R. he made a lot of wind here in Michigan this week about how he was going to get our jobs back and fix our econimy,id like to know where he has been. for the last 30 years.my wife lost her job today,it went south of the boarder.


I was 13 years old Blue Ox, I thought I knew what "life" was all about, but I had never been "kissed" by something (I thought!) that gorgeous! AND SHE WEREN'T MY MOMMA!!!!!!
Holy, moly! I had things happening to me that had NEVER happened before! Still don't remember her name, but I'll always remember that kiss!



Sorry to burst the bubble guys but the Michigan primary doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things. Most presidential candidates skipped campaigning or caring about the primary in Michigan because Michigan chose to bump up it's primary well past the agreed upon date. Pres. hopefulls weren't able because of this to do any serious campaigning or visits so this primary doesn't show an accurate picture of who is really in the lead.


I meant before instead of past the agreed upon date.


Sorry for the misfortune Don. I dont really dont think any pres. candidate can help the job situation much. As a business owner would you build your googlbinder here for 50.00 or Mex for 5.00? tough question that I cant answer. I believe most politicians will piss down your back and tell you its raining!!! Hey Bubba great story!! I think I wet myself during my first real kiss!!LOL

John R

I like all three. The only negative I have against McCain is that he has a spotty record when it comes to votes on gun control issues. He is however a Sen. from Arizona which I'm told has pretty liberal gun laws. Romney has the unfortunate baggage of the Massachusetts Governorship. Not much pro gun stuff comes from Mass. I don't know much about Huckabee except for what I've read and prior to the primaries had never heard of him.

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