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January 15, 2008

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Discussion Topic: On Crossbows For Seniors

We've been down the road of legalizing crossbows for disabled deer hunters, but what about for able-bodied folks aged 65 or older who no longer have the oomph to draw a standard bow? Should they get the green light? South Dakota House Bill 1116 says, yes-- for antlerless deer, at least. The proposed legislation would amend a current law allowing the use of crossbows for disabled hunters by adding the following language:

A person who is aged sixty-five or older and holds a resident or nonresident big game license that is valid for taking antlerless deer may use a crossbow or other legal bow equipped with a draw-lock device to take antlerless deer.

What do you think?



While this will get many people all fired up, I think anyone who wishes to use a crossbow should be able to.

Three of four times a year, this argument gets started on these blogs.

The recurve/longbow guys said compounds were gonna be the ruination of bow hunting. Didn't happen.

Now the compound guys are saying that crossbows will be the ruination of bowhunting. Won't happen.

It's the next step. Love it or hate it. Crossbows are making inroads in many states (Ohio for one) that will allow them to be used during the regular archery season.

Oh, and before it starts, the old, it doesn't take skill to shoot a crossbow, crossbows are too easy to shoot, anyone can shoot a crossbow, were the same arguments used by the stick bow guys vs the compound guys years ago.

How about some new points if you disagree.

Let the fun begin!



This should absolutely be passed. We need all the able bodied and non able bodied hunters we can get. If this will keep hunters in the field that otherwise would not hunt all the better!

John R

Good comment Greg! A word on history; crossbows are primitive weapons and were extant well before gunpowder weapons.
I don't understand the politics of the crossbow. In my state one has to have a pistol purchase permit to buy one soooo...if one doesn't qualify to own a pistol, one cannot own a crossbow. I suppose the prohibition/restriction is due to all the drive-by crossbow shooting.

Brucie Boy

Jim is right on. Everyone should be able to use a crossbow if they so chose. My home state of Ohio allows their unrestricted use during the archery season and there has been absolutely no ill effects on the deer population or on other hunters. Although I support their use by the elderly and/or disabled I do get a little tired of the crossbow being promoted as an archery hunting tool that exists just for use by these folks. What about those of us who just love crossbows? They are awesome weapons and really cool to hunt with. Besides, if you can use an inline modern muzzleloader during muzzleloader season why not a crossbow during archery season? What's the big deal?

Mc. Squizzy

Long live the crossbows! Any one should be able to use them. They are just another bow!

P.S. why won't anyone reply to my comments? Is it my name?

mike oxlong

the killing of deer is just plain wrong. if you want to kill them you shoul go out with a knife and a stick.


Who the hell are you mike oxlong? I dont think you belong here friend. Go back to your PETA vegan blog!

mike oxlong

now thats not a very nice thing to there gregory


Obviously, Mike Oxlong either doesn't drive, or pay for auto insurance. Maybe he thinks its fun to watch deer starve.


While I agree with GREG above, that we do need all the hunters we can get, I am not sure we should be changing regulations to accomodate like this. Next we'll have to pay to cut, grade and pave woods roads for easier access; at our expense no doubt.
I am ok with making crossbows legal for all hunters. The hunter still has to get within bow range and place the projectile properly and that is the crux of hunting.

Sexy Man

I love Crossbow's i do own one although I'm not allowed to hunt with it i just love shooting it for people who have never used one go out to your local bow and gun shop and try one i guarentee you will fall in love...


With the ATV's we have today, I don't think it would be too hard to get those hunters in the woods. Elevated blind is another matter. Probably need a ground structure. What kind of range do you get with a crossbow?


Hey Yooper, Im not an expert by any means but I dont think crossbows have any more range than a compound.


Yo oxlong do you eat burgers?

Blue Ox

If it walks, crawls, swims or flies, it's fair game in my book.
And using a crossbow would be just another way to get those yummy critters onto my plate. They just taste so damn good!


Blue Ox, That wasnt directed at you buddy you are one of us. It was to mike oxlong. Scroll up a little and you will see him. He is on the wrong blog. He is some anti gun anti hunter goofball. I wish he would go away.

Tommy S.

"the killing of deer is just plain wrong. if you want to kill them you shoul go out with a knife and a stick."

We got another bright one GREG.
Killing a deer is wrong, inless with a knife?
Sounds pretty barbaric to me.
I'm sure the guy would eat the venison after he bludgeoned the thing with a knife.

What a dope.

Good question though GREG - I love pointing out to most hunter/haters that they should S.T.F.Up until the burger has digested in their fat axx stomachs!


Tommy if it was feasible I wouldnt eat store bought meat. Wel except maybe a two inch NY strip those are hard to beat. A good thick elk steak med. rare might beat it out! Damn Im gettin hungry now.LOL


I dont even know why that dude wants to blog with us? Other than to try to stir up some sh#$?

WA Mtnhunter


I think you hit the nail on the head.

BTW, the elk stew and noodles my wife cooked last night sure was tasty. I'm heating the leftovers for lunch! Let the other dude eat his broccoli and brussel sprouts.

Tommy S.


I agree - I eat as little store bought as possible.

Save some split chicken breasts and an occassional boston butt.
I know I know - chicken is the worst, but I ain't killin a chicken every time I want some. Got some venison brat thawin' as we speak!

That "dude", you speak of is a a a a a ohh here I go - a moron!

Blue Ox

I will not rest untill GREG messes the keyboard again.

Tommy S.

Hey Blue - did you read what GREG posted on the whitail365blog?

He finally got me to mess my keyboard.


I can die a happy man now. My life is complete!!LMAO

Blue Ox

I wish I coulda seen that!

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