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January 28, 2008

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Discussion Topic: What Would You Do With $8 Million?

We’re guessing you’d do roughly the same as pro golfer Boo Weekley, who was recently asked what is most important to him.

From the San Diego Union-Tribune:
World rankings? No. Majors . . . ? No. Ryder Cup? No.

“If I play, I play,” he said. “Just let me get my five, six years in and let me get out . . . . If I can get $8 million . . ., I'm out of here.”

Then what, he was asked.

“Go hunt and fish and spend some time with my little boy . . .,” Weekley said.

Hunting, fishing, outdoor sports, those are by far the leading hobbies, or off-the-course lifestyles, listed by the 166 pros in the PGA Tour's 2008 Official Guide, . . . [including] Tiger Woods, Davis Love III, Jose Maria Olazabal . . . David Duval . . . Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson and Greg Norman.

Check out the full article and tell us your reaction.


Matt Mallery

I'd hunt Alaska and Africa every year, and buy a gun a month.


Yeah, YJ,
it's so dry down here, I found catfish in the creek yesterday six months old that hadn't learned to swim yet!!!
As I sit and write this, I can hear tap-tap-tapping starting on the windows. Don't know how much we'll get, (obviously!) but it IS RAINING! (SHHHH!, Don't scare it off!)
There are few things that aren't tolerated in the "Rural" South.
Some are:
1. Bad coffee!
2. Bad or no gravy!
3. Canned biscuits! (or biskits, depending on yore skool!)
4. Foul language around the ladies!

My daughter worked with a Canadian a few years back. They were out in West Texas. The Canadian's biggest question is, "Why do they put 'gravy' on everything?" (Chicken fried steak is a Texas cafe staple!) YJ, that would be "Chuck Wagon Steak" to you!
If you have a butt load of kids, gravy stretches a thin meat budget. Good gravy is, food wise, HEAVY and sticks to your ribs. In making gravy, you deglace the skillet, making the skillet easier to clean!
feral pigs are just wild game. Wild game has two, MAJOR, requisites:
1. Proper care!
2. Proper cooking!
Properly tended, feral hogs, regardless of size are edible. The smaller ones are just easier to deal with and cook up a little better!
I'll butterfly the loin, the rest goes on the GRILL! Feral pork literally sucks up smoke like there's no tomorrow! Can hardly wait!!!



Man, I can't believe no one put either of these:

I would either pay Hillary Clinton to leave politics forever, and take his wife Bill with him.

Or..I would try to buy all Dave Petzal's guns.


Hey Tommy, I'm sure you could get all of Dave Petzal's guns. I just hope you're left handed.
As far as paying the Clintons, you need a bit more. That probably represents less than one years income for the both of them.

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