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January 28, 2008

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Discussion Topic: What Would You Do With $8 Million?

We’re guessing you’d do roughly the same as pro golfer Boo Weekley, who was recently asked what is most important to him.

From the San Diego Union-Tribune:
World rankings? No. Majors . . . ? No. Ryder Cup? No.

“If I play, I play,” he said. “Just let me get my five, six years in and let me get out . . . . If I can get $8 million . . ., I'm out of here.”

Then what, he was asked.

“Go hunt and fish and spend some time with my little boy . . .,” Weekley said.

Hunting, fishing, outdoor sports, those are by far the leading hobbies, or off-the-course lifestyles, listed by the 166 pros in the PGA Tour's 2008 Official Guide, . . . [including] Tiger Woods, Davis Love III, Jose Maria Olazabal . . . David Duval . . . Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson and Greg Norman.

Check out the full article and tell us your reaction.



God Bless him if he can...

Blue Ox

Ok, with getting 8 mil, you gotta figure uncle sam is gonna snake at least 3.5 mil for taxes.(greedy bastard) So you're down to 4.5 mil. Personally, what I would do is throw that 4 mil into an offshore bank account and live off the interest. Say the interest rate is like 6%. Well, 6 percent of 4 million is 240,000 a year to live off of. And because its in an offshore account, I'm fairly certain the IRS has no juristiction there and therefore cannot take your money and give it to some crackwhore whose only function is to self-replicate. With the remaining 500 grand, I would build a little cabin way back in the mountains somewhere, (where nobody can bother me) and live out the rest of my days in peace and solitude.
Thems my 2 cents.


Without sounding too much like a liberal, I'd like to use a part of it to do some good. Also, municipal bonds are pretty safe, tax free and help the local governments. Boy, a trip to Alaska would be in there somewhere!


I would do whatever I want. That's the beauty of wealth.



When ucnlce sam gets done with me 10% to charity. Invest, live off interest and pretty much tell the world to kiss my ASS! Oh, hunt and fish all over the world while they are kissin my ass!!LMAO


Hey GERG!!

First thing I'd do is go buy a big chunk of land and post it so I could steal more of Mike Diehl's deer!!!


Walt Smith

Ha Ha! thats funny Bubba, better yet find out where his property is (the one he wants to buy) then buy all the property around it and post it!!

Walt Smith

Then pay about 35 of your buddies to hunt your land and whine about being able to hunt public deer on his land.

Mike Diehl

Ha ha. Most funny. I suppose I had that coming though. ;)

Trae B.

the first thing id do with 8 mil is buy a yacht and put it in the pond behind my house.But if I did that their would only be about two feet of water going around the boat.But I would probably give alot of the money to my parents to pay them back for having to put up with my ass for so many years.


Mike Diehl

Maybe that was a bit of a cheap shot.
Try this on for size.

A deer's "home territory", in theory, is about a square mile. You stated that my planting alfalfa would draw deer from surrounding areas. I control eighty acres. By planting alfalfa, with no help from the state but out of my own pocket, I added a food source, improved some habitat and provided a little bit of cover. Don't think that the landowners around me didn't see an improvement in the local deer population. Here's the odd part. Nobody around me deer hunts. I'm about a mile, mile and a half from a WMA. Whatever deer I can draw from a WMA is probably very small. They have to cross massive green grain fields to get to my little dab of alfalfa. I get more to my corn feeder that even think about the alfalfa.
For that matter, I didn't even take a deer from my land this year, you see, I hunt a lease also.


Poor Golfer

This is something really awesome ... I like that ... Its really cool to read on !

Mike Diehl

Bubba, I concede the point. You can take yer teeth out of my ankle now! ;)

Pardon my ignorance, but what's a WMA?


What I would do with 8 mil?

You mean after I hired the midgets?

Blue Ox

oompa loompa do-bi-dee-doo....


Mike , Wildlife management area.


Trae in my own greed I forgot about my parents . they would be taken care of first. Boy you impress me. guys this kid is 16 and is exactly the kind of kid we need in our sport!



A WMA is a "Wildlife Management Area".

It's somewhere in the neighborhood of 5/6 thousand acres that allows archery only!



Bubba & Greg
I see WMA's on L.P. maps. We don't have them up here, at least haven't been on any. They must be a real zoo on opening day! Everyone up here pretty much hunts state forest, national forest and corp. timberland. That probably describes 70 per cent of our wild land. Its funny but some of its real good, some stinks. But If you see a massive buck, most likely hewas taken in an area where you would've passed. You would've scouted, decided there wasn't enough deer sign, and moved on.


Actually, I wouldn't trade the money I spent raising my "Fearsome Foursome" for anything!
Its hard to grasp at sixteen but you get so much enjoyment out of watching kids grow and develop into adults.
Rather than my kids support me, I would rather help them with their kids; especially with their time. Maybe spend more time with those grandkids, hunting, fishing, berry picking, whatever.


Hey Yooper, I think what your are talkin about is pretty much the same beast. One I hunted one you did have to check in and out. Lot of paper mill land around here too.

John R

I'd change my telephone numbers! ;-)

P R I V A T E P L A N T A T I O N!


I'm in that float plane with Yooper! Alaska here I come! Probably take most of my shots with cameras though!
WMA - Weapons of Mass Anihilation, hidden somewhere in Syria! LOL
Seriously, up here WMAs are Wildlife Management Areas -- publicly owned tracts where us po' folk can hunt and fish.
If I had 8 million dollars 10% off the top to worthy charities (Shriners Hospitals, American Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, March of Dimes and the local volunteer fire departments around my area), past that help my kids a bit, nice house with built in shooting range.

Mike Diehl

I'd buy a hunk of land in some nice hunting area, and collect Mannlichers.

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