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January 18, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Are Big-Game Hunters For Giuliani?

They are according to this article, entitled (categorically) “Big Game Hunters For Giuliani,” from the Washington Post:
Rudy Giuliani's last stop Tuesday night in Florida [was] at one of the strangest political venues you'll ever see on the campaign trail . . . "Thistle Dew Lodge."

The mayor . . . had spoken beneath the protruding head of a titanic 14-point elk. His audience comprised some 130 members of the Safari Club International, North Florida Chapter.

Big game hunters.

"But I also enjoy duck hunting," stipulated Tyrie Boyer, 83, a former judge. "I've taken everything from an elephant to a squirrel." He said he liked Giuliani's position on guns, small government and taxes, and "just about became convinced tonight."

Most of you are big-game hunters, of course. So I thought you might like to weigh in here. Check out the full article and give us your thoughts.



I couldn't help but notice that you wouldn't (couldn't) respond to any of the above rebuttals. The silence is deafening!
Fact is, if Democrats have any intelligenge, its all ivory tower, academic and holier than thou. Nothing practical.
Conservative people, while not more intelligent than liberals, tend to use that intelligence to improve the lot of both themselves, and others.
Cases in point; GWB's ranch home in Texas is a model of energy efficiency. From what I've read, the home has been insulated to reflect the season plus has many energy efficient features. Bush Sr. recently installed a windmill at his home in Maine to produce energy. Al Gore's home apparently uses as much energy (natural gas and electric) in one month as the average home uses in a year! The Kennedy's fought a wind energy program in their area and won. Please enlighten me as to how that type of outlook is intelligent?
SilverArrow, Bubba, Greg & Blue Ox. I'm very happy right now because I don't think we have a bad candidate on our side. While I question, whether or not, Barack Hussein Obama, actually turned his back during the Pledge of Allegience, he certainly has done nothing to inspire patriotism in anyone. The only attribute John Edwards has is that he makes BHO and HRC look much better. HRC wants to be POTUS primarily to wield power. She's probably the most dangerous candidate of all. I wouldn't rule out WWIII if she were POTUS.
Sorry to rant and rave. Its still -10 here, I'm done shovelling and Brett Favre will not appear on my TV for at least 6 hours!


Hey Bubba,

Who you votin for?


Rudy instituted the law suits against the gun companies as Mayor of New York. Enough said.

McCain, as are all woh have fought for our freedom, is a true hero. The more a hear from him and learn about him- the more I'm covinced he's the man for the job. He's earned my vote


You ain't gonna pin Bubba down yet! Too smart to pick a horse that might not be for sale.

John R

YooperJack well said!
I've been sayin' that for years about the Democrats around here! Most of them vote Democrat and talk the modern Democrat talk, but when you get to know them, they are nothing but NIMBY minded closet Republicans. No offense to the Republican Party intended. Those I just referred to are Democrats because they think it makes them appear smarter, and act like Republicans when it suits their interests. They are wishy-washy and have no firm convictions of their own. I consider myself an old time southern Democrat (to use an antiquated term) which you probably know is pretty conservative. Most of the older Democrats here have been voting Republican because they can no longer identify with the liberal progressive lean of the new Democratic Party. You said it well, "ivory tower, academic, and holier than thou". I would also add elitist to the definition.
I remain a Democrat because I am better able to reason with my peers (OK not really my peers) during discussions concerning gun control, immigration, and all the other pet ideologies of the new Democratic Party.


Well, YJ, you're a pretty smart feller! At this point in time, my vote goes in the GOP square, the proverbial, "straight ticket"!They have a tendency to add a bunch of stuff at the state level on our ballots that can't be voted on Rep/Dem, you have to sort through that part! Knowing that this year, I intend to try and do some reading so I will be a bit more enlightened! I'm a simple man! I like one X voting!! LOL!!!
GREG, at 7am, it was clear, 10-15 knot breeze out of the southeast and 17 F. It's about 49 F now with about as nasty a SE wind as I've felt in a while gusting at 20-30 knots. My little wood heater is sitting on it's pad just a throbbin' through a load of green mesquite! It's about 85 F in the living room and the central heat hasn't been on since 6am!!! I love it!!!

P.S. - shotgunlou - come November, my vote will likely be in the same place unless something awfully strange happens!!! What is that they say? Never say, "Never"!!!


John R.
I couldn't think of the word "elitist" for anything this A.M. I think it might be brainnumb. Its a disease I invented myself, having spent much time outside the last two days. We haven't been above zero for a couple of days.
I think the term "Conservative Democrat" describes a lot of America today. I consider myself an independent. I used to say conservative, but apparently, no conservatives are voting for McCain, so I can't be that anymore.
You know how to make a grown man cry!


Sorry there YJ, didn't mean to step on your feelers!



Hey Bubba and ALL,

Thats probably a good bet. I just finished reading everything I could find about Mccain on Wiki and some other sites. I'm a native Arizonan so I already know his history well. Its great to hear you guys giving him support. If you get a chance check out his book "Faith of Our Fathers". Great book!


Oh, YJ!

That's a scientific term and it refers to "dain bramage" or in some areas of the Greater Southwest, "drain bamage"!



Actually Bubba, you wouldn't believe what these temps do to snakes. Its a fair trade. Besides, you know exactly what I'll be doing tonite. I've already got the Green and Gold on! Pretty much doesn't matter what the temp is in here. As long as the power doesn't go out!
P.S. Go Brett!


Well YJ,

Hope your "Green/Gold" ends up going all the way.
Dallas, as usual, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory with NY last week so I'm not all that interested in the doin's!
I enjoy watching "my" team, (Dallas) but I swear sometimes the local Jr. High team could walk all over 'em! They had completed a 10-3 or 11-2 season and had beat NY "TWICE" during the regular season. Comes to the real n**-cutting, they can't find their fannies with both hands tied behind 'em! Oh, well!



Isn't weird? Your QB is from Milwaukee, WI, mine is from Kiln, MS.
Actually, I don't know what I'll do when Brett Favre retires. I've really enjoyed watching him. Anyone else will be a letdown. Anyway, I'm looking at things to do on Sunday afternoon (more hunting?). I think pro football will be entirely pay per view in a couple of years.

I'm sick to death of F+S getting into politics. If I see one more stupid blog about presidential candidates I'm going to cancel my subscription. I swear F+S has gone through the whole hunting season talking politics and not had a single good article on big game hunting. What gives? If I wanted to read about politics this is the last place I would go. QUIT IT!


Hey No-Name!
When it's huntin' season, we talk about huntin'. When it's electin' season, we talk about electin'! Just because they put a name on the thread don't mean you gotta stay on subject! This place is kinda like sittin' in a "coffee shop" with a bunch of old geezers sittin' around the table. Everyone of 'em does the same thing; differently. AND, will argue about it for hours. It doesn't make any difference, as long as the end result is a nice shootin' rifle, a stand in the proper place, a well placed shot from an adequate caliber, and a deer processed to make it edible, cooked the way "you" like it!
Shaddup or join in! It's up to you 'cause it's "electin'" season!!!



Great metaphorical punch in the nose Bubba!!LOL


Happy Robert E. Lee day to everyone!


You tryin' to be PC there GERG!?


Tommy S.

McCain will get the republican nomination, because the rest of the guys are flip-flopping idiots with no real experience in foreign affairs. We are at war - it counts.

Hillary will get the dem nom., but in the end America ain't ready for a woman in the office, especially in a time of war.

It will look like she will win right up to the end, and then the masses will freak about - see above.

Its like a damn tv show. Easy to predict.

I wish F&S would do a thread about good public/free spots state to state, to hunt them dang feral hogs.

Something practical - please.
We don't need to argue about whether or not hogs are feral or wild, we need easy access to kill them, also, no one should pay to do so; landowners hate them.


Nice thoughts Tommy S. Can you cook "wild pork" just like regular pork? I know Bubba said something earlier about no bacon on them.

Also, for those of you who still have primary elections in the future, PLEASE VOTE 2A!! Its easy to be swayed by "feelgood fixes", but the facts speak for themselves. We have one SCOTUS Judge in his eighties who really wants to step down but wants a liberal judge to replace him. We also have a treaty looming out there that any Democrat, but no Republican, would sign. This will have major 2A implications.

Tommy S.

Come to think of it - not that I would ask for it; but landowners should pay hunters to come alleviate the problem.

Hogs that is.

Tommy S.


The meat is supposedly exquisite. Many times, when I have spoken to those that have had wild turkey and wild hog/feral whatever; they say the wild turkey or hog is much better tasting than domestic swine or bird. And alot better for you for sure - lacking antibiotics for freakish/profitable growth. There is also always something to say about eating meat from animals that live free and browse on natural substances.
It is also nice to know exactly how your table-fare was procured, skinned, quartered, aged and packaged. And to know exactly where it was killed/harvested is also comforting.

I would much rather eat a hog or turkey that lived free, and browsed on open land; rather than being penned up and fattened up on who knows what - scraps from their same species from what I hear - especially with cows.

And we wonder where cancer comes from, or why America has the highest cancer rates.

Preservatives, house-hold cleaners, high current power lines, cell phones and a host of other triggers that flip the genetic markers.

Grow organic. Eat clean fresh meat that you procure. Stay away from high current power lines, all the cleaning agents under your sink; don't smoke and get off the damn cell phone.

No president will tell you that.
It would be bad business.

Tommy S.

You guys know the FDA states that all buthchers must grind pork and beef in seperate grinders, or totally break down and clean between grinding. Pork has some nasty critters - thats why you don't eat it red. But folks eat alot of beef red don't they? So if you grind up beef for somke medium burgers in a grinder that just grinded raw pork?????
Guess what? Trichinosis anyone?
One month of puking and major gastro-intestinal issues.

Do you trust that guy to switch grinders or totally break them down for cleaning every time?
Some grocery stores where I live only have one grinder. The butchers are human.
Imagine you come in wanting some fresh ground beef right after a guy came in wanting fresh ground pork. The butcher has one grinder and he is supposed to clock out in ten minutes.

I'll get my own meat thank you very much.

Just this weekend - venison chili, (during the games - sorry Yoop), venison breakfast sausage, and a backstrap for tonight after work.

I know exactly when my grinder gets cleaned - after every use.
6 times this year.

John R

If you want to killa feral hog for the table try to stay at 100 pounds or less. The big ones are gamy and tough. There is a group of local fishermen who hunt together and are known for their toughness and gruffness. They told a local game warden that they shot a "big'un" and were going to have a pig pickin. They got their "big'un" and cooked it and afterward told the GW that they couldn't get drunk enough to eat it. I have cooked and eaten hams from small ones approx 80 pounds and they were delicious; truly the other white meat.

Blue Ox

Green Bay got owned!!
I was hoping it would be the other way around, ('cause I hate Eli Manning's guts) but I had to rib ya just a little 'cause I'm a Bears fan. LOL!

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