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January 18, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Are Big-Game Hunters For Giuliani?

They are according to this article, entitled (categorically) “Big Game Hunters For Giuliani,” from the Washington Post:
Rudy Giuliani's last stop Tuesday night in Florida [was] at one of the strangest political venues you'll ever see on the campaign trail . . . "Thistle Dew Lodge."

The mayor . . . had spoken beneath the protruding head of a titanic 14-point elk. His audience comprised some 130 members of the Safari Club International, North Florida Chapter.

Big game hunters.

"But I also enjoy duck hunting," stipulated Tyrie Boyer, 83, a former judge. "I've taken everything from an elephant to a squirrel." He said he liked Giuliani's position on guns, small government and taxes, and "just about became convinced tonight."

Most of you are big-game hunters, of course. So I thought you might like to weigh in here. Check out the full article and give us your thoughts.



Funny how politicians are for everything that we stand for, before an election. I was for Rudy before he made that Dumb-Ass move at the NRA. Now I'm for McCain.
Rudy did say, however, that he would appoint the same type of judges as GWB did. That makes me feel a little better. Its probably the most important thing a POTUS can do.


Im getting so confused I can barely tell my ass from my elbow???!!!

WA Mtnhunter

That might put you up for candidate status! lol


Aint that the truth!


nowadays it is the truth

Matt Mallery

Rudy is pro illegal alien and anti gun, so he does not have my support.


Any one of the Republicans have better gun right perspectives than the Dems. I'm an independent voter; but tend to vote conservative.

I want my 2nd Amendment left intact.
I don't want Sarah and Michelle to have the right to be married.
I want the USA to wipe all the terrorists.

WA Mtnhunter

You mean it's not "Adam and Steve" instead of Adam and Eve?


Matt Mallery
He might be pro-illegal and anti-gun, but he's also a strict constuctionist. He will only appoint judges who believe that the constitution means what it says. That protects 2A. As far as ilegals go, I don't think anyone in the GOP will allow them easy access. That would be suicide for the GOP, one vote at a time.

Walt Smith

I don't like Rudy, He's just Hillary in a dress. I like the guy who spent 5 or 6 years in the Hanoi Hilton because he was defending our freedom. He faced death every single day. How's that for pressure? Then when he finally was free and could have done anything he wanted to, what did he do? He chose to try to make things better for us by serving his country again. Who do I think will be at the tip of the spear for US no matter what and won't let our country down? Yippie Kia A , Mr. John Mcain. I think the man has given more for this country than anyone in the race. Certianly more than a Govenor's son and a President's wife, a politian's aide, or a rich Govenor, or a Big City Mayor with special intrest money in his back pocket. I think he deserves a shot at the presidency, I feel he is a NATIONAL HERO. More so than JFK ever was.


Walt Smith
I voted for Sen. McCain in Michigan. I feel the same as you do. However, I don't think any comparison to JFK is fair. He also was a hero.
I remember the Kennedy election pretty well. Its interesting that, in spite of some negligence on someone's part (on the crew), everyone who was anywhere near JFK, worked very hard for his campaign. He did save most of his crew.


I don't believe that any of the current crop of Republican candidates--other than Ron Paul--is going to take a strong stand on immigration.

Romney worked on Wall Street, and although he talks a big talk, he will bow down the moment the corporations say they need cheap labor.

McCain knows that the only way the GOP can compete in the southwest in the future is by not taking an overly aggressive stand on immigration.

Who knows what Guliani thinks.

Huckabee is to busy trying to figure out how to rewrite the constitution to make our republic into a theocracy.

Huckabee scares me beyond all belief. I didn't vote for GWB, but I always defended him when my friends said that he would destroy the republic. I do not know whether or not Huckabee is serious, or just pandering to the base, but he represents exactly what Jefferson and others wanred about--the collusion of church and state.


Giuliani is worthless. He won't protect gun rights as president because if he was inclined too he would have done it as Mayor. He is almost as bad as Romney when it comes to switching stances depending on what audience they are talking to.

Huckabee is a punk too. Does anyone belive he would leave America more free than he left it?

McCain is the best choice I think, but I don't think he will get a good shot because of the way the RWCC have bashed him continually during the last 8 years,


Gary and Jason, Im must respectfully disagree with your opinions on Mike Huckabee. the only time he speaks of religion is when the scumbag media brings it up. And bully for him he doesnt avoid the questions. That takes some moxie when the rest of the candidates avoid religion like its the plague. What you see is what you get with him. This does not mean he is getting my vote but I do think he is by far the most honest of the REPs. And we all know honesty and politics do not go together at all. As a matter of fact I believe that most of the candidate from both sides are probably criminals. Just havent been caught. Example if one of us lied like Bill C. we would be rotting in a federal pen.

Walt Smith

Jason; The reason the RWCC has bashing him for eight years is because they know that if he gets into office he won't be a good ole boy and supply the corn for their pork belly lifestyles. McCain is a politian who doesn't always agree with his parties beliefs, which I think is a good thing. I think he scares the Heck out of most traditional politians because they know they won't be getting their way. It'll be his way or the highway which is what a president should be in the first place.

don mitchell

brovo guys,most of you make a lot of good points ,but this household has 2 votes for John McCain..as for the rich guys and there fancy hunt club,sucks big time.


You guys are all making some good points. Rudy is as camelion-like as romney. Him at the NRA convention was a joke, he proved that by taking the phone call on the podium. If he is that P-whipped then we know what we are in for if he walks up Pennsylvania avenue a year from now!
Huckabee won my support when he whipped out his CCW Permit on national TV! That took 'cajones' folks, and Mike has them! The issues with the economy are also huge and I believe Leadership is the key here and I am confident that Huckabee will be the right leader; I would also have confidence in McCain as a leader so I think we are ok if he gets in too.


This thread proves that Republicans do in fact have lower IQ's.


I also will be supporting Huckabee in the upcomming Presidental Election.


Nice shot there Mikey. Splain your comment further if you please. Thank you.


I'm not sure GREG but I think it's all the moronic squabbling and infighting. If you could find, and I'm sure there's one out there, a blog "spot" where they were discussing Democratic candidates, you would probably find that they have already "selected" HRC or Obama, mentally, as their "chosen" one! They (the Democrats) "know" that either HRC or Obama will lead the ticket, it's just who'll be prez and who'll be veep!
Meanwhile, back at the "ranch", the Republicans have about 4 or 5 nominees, all basically good people, in a feeding frenzy over the top spot. The GOP is historically a party of strong willed, mostly business people, that are known for making decisions on "their own", AND, sticking by their guns! (pun intended!) Ergo: a mega-split decision because one wants McCain, one Huckabee, one Thompson, one Romney and I keep hearing Ron Paul! If the entire party would select ONE/TWO candidates, and stand behind them, like the Democratic party has done, we would all have alot less to worry about come Nov!


Blue Ox

We would have a lot less to worry about PERIOD.


Ox and Bubba this question is more or less directed at yall but any one feel free to comment. How on gods green earth could any one vote for a man tha turned his back on the American flag during the pledge like Osama, oops Obama?Bubba how cold is it in OK this morning? Ox I aint even goin to ask you cause I know where you are and cold is a relative term!LOL


Oh and the thought of HRC and or OB in any high political office scares the absolute crap out of my very AMERICAN bones!!!


What is good about the Republican Party is that there really are choices. Many of us here have vehemently defended ours while lambasting the others. I am not sure that there really is a choice on the Democratic side, no matter which one actually runs in November we will have the same string pullers as when Slick Willy was in the White House.
NOT to say that the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave doesn't behold to the right-wing puppet masters, rather that the candidates in the Republican field now are (in my opinion anyway) not as tied to the strings.
As for questioning the IQ of people regardless of political persuasion, Mike, you are on crack!

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