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January 17, 2008

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Discussion Topic: American Cities Vs. Gun Rights

As the Supreme Court plans to hear arguments on the constitutionality of Washington. D.C.'s handgun ban in March, a number of U.S. cities are already pleading their case.

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
[Eleven] U.S. cities are warning the Supreme Court that gun-control laws around the nation would be jeopardized if the justices decide to eliminate the local District of Columbia ban on handguns.

In a legal brief filed with the high court, the cities . . . argue that they suffer "disproportionately" from firearm violence and should be able to enact reasonable restrictions on the weapons.

"American cities need flexibility to respond to the serious threat of gun violence facing their communities," [they] argue. The 11 cities that signed the brief were: Baltimore; Cleveland; Los Angeles; Milwaukee; New York; Oakland, Calif.; Philadelphia; Sacramento, Calif.; San Francisco; Seattle; and Trenton, N.J.

Your reaction?



Its crap that in the state of MI (and a few other states) you must first take a class (to the tune of $200 or more...talk about an elitist system), then Apply for......then pay for your GOD GIVEN RIGHT to keep and bear arms.

Pay, pay, pay, in an economy where $200 is the difference between freezing or starving. But hell, i guess if you want to protect your family and person, who needs heat during Jan. in MI, or who needs to eat!?!?

Tommy S.

Yo Mike,

How about how you get taxed nearly 1/4 of your check before you get it!
Then, lets say you buy a car.
First you pay tax on the sale, then you pay a property tax on the freaking thing every year!

How many times can you be taxed on something????? Apparently as many as the Fed wants.

I bought my first boat last year, and I cannot believe I actually have to pay property tax on the FREAKING TRAILER! $22 TO OWN A BOAT TRAILER FOR A 16' JON BOAT!
A trailer, that sits on my property, that I also pay property tax on!

Whatever it takes to keep the lower and middle classes working until they die; or until they have no patience, care or wits to do anything about it before they die.

Tommy S.

I know - I know. Write or go see your congressman.

I will, as soon as I get off work, feed and walk the dogs, help the kid with the homework, cook dinner, talk to the wife - so she won't leave me feeling unwanted, pay some bills, so I can call the congressman to complain about not being born rich, check the voicemail, clean the dishes, did I say walk the dogs yet?
Yes, I did.
Then after all that, which takes roughly from 7:30am to 8:30pm, I will call congress, or research who to vote for next so I can complain to them when they get elected and do nothing about dixk.

Good God the insanity!
Then, somewhere in that madness I will remember I only live once, and try to do something I enjoy for about ten minutes before bedtime.
I will call my congressman tomorrow.


Tommy, LMAO...or i will go insane.

Way off topic, but try this one.

28' travel trailer that I BOUGHT, parked in MY YARD that i pay mortage AND taxes on. City tells me i have to pay $50 a day EVERY day BECAUSE i crossed 50' of MY grass to park on the concrete slab.

This after paying to register it AND paying "personal property" tax.

I think my "elected representatives" just shred my mailings when they see my name at this point. I've killed a forest with old school mailings and have calouses on my fingers from E-mails.

Tommy S.

Sometimes I think the only reason the majority of us live; is to pay to live.
We need more time to enjoy what little we do have, instead of being double and triple taxed on our few assets.



Down with taxes!
Vote Republican!!


The Mayors are just pandering to their constituents, saying what they want to hear without any real analysis. The 11 cities involved have the largest murder rates, which will go even higher if they get their way with gun bans. Wahsington D.C. and New York City are proof of the above opinion. With out an effective campaign against gang related crime, gun bans in cities only disarms the law abiding citizens and makes them more vulnerable to violence from gang members.

Joe Anderson

Here we go again all 2nd amendment groups along with our president should have wiped all uncontitutional laws off the books and made an amendment to the constitution to end any citie township county etc from ever doing so in the future if tryed willsuffer severe punishment or howabout the death setence

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