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January 25, 2008

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Breaking News: Feds Green Light Shooting of Western Wolves

From the Los Angeles Times:
State game agencies and private citizens would be allowed to kill federally protected gray wolves that threatened dogs or seriously decreased deer, elk or moose populations in parts of the northern Rocky Mountains, under a federal rule announced Thursday.

The regulation comes a month ahead of the expected federal decision to take the gray wolf off the endangered species list, which would allow wolves to be hunted. That decision is likely to face protracted litigation.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services officials said Thursday that the revised provision would allow for states to deal with areas where wolf activity is affecting wildlife populations while delisting is tied up in court.
Several groups, including the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Sierra Club, and the Center for Biological Diversity are fighting the decision.

From the Helena Independent Record:
“The Bush administration is giving a blank check to the states to slaughter wolves for doing what they need to do to make a living — which is eating deer and elk,” said Louisa Wilcox with the Natural Resources Defense Council. “The government spent millions of dollars to reintroduce wolves to the wild in the Northern Rockies, and now it wants to spend millions more to kill them. That’s crazy.”

But Ed Bangs, wolf recovery coordinator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, said that’s not the case.

“Everybody’s crying wolf,” he said on Thursday. “We expect the number killed will be less than we currently kill now for livestock depredations. . . .”

Several news articles reporting this announcement hint at hunting opportunities, but do not confirm or describe them explicitly. So I called Ed Bangs this morning to clarify whether this rule allows the states to set open seasons. “No,” he said. “This absolutely does not open the door to a public hunt.” However, he confirms that states can conduct cull hunts and may enlist some private citizens to participate.

Your reaction?



So now I have a handle Mr Liberal. It's against the constitution for the government to seize persaonl property without due conmpensation and it better be for the betterment of the people - you know, the folks who give the authority to the govt and not vice versa. If the govt creates a situtation where they list an animal as endangered and the land use is affected they must then compensate the owner. Check out what the libs are trying to do with the polar bear today in the Wall Street Journal! I remember we had a revolution for a hell of a lot less - and that was for taxation without representation since you libs like to change history around to suit your needs. Sounds a heeck of a lot like what is going on now.


If I've said this once, I've said it a thousand times, active predation enhances deer, elk and moose hunting. If the predator population increases, we need a season on those also.
This polar bear thing is a bunch of crap based on the certainty of global warming. I'm writing this now because I'm taking a warm up from shoveling. The actual termperature is -6F. Wind chill is app. -35F. For some reason, I can't warm up to Algore. Pun intended!

Jim D

Hey there nameless or ameless or what ever you go by. You think it is funy that we save our money all year sometimes for a few years to go out and hunt wolves,elk,deer or whatever we deside to hunt and we do hunt, and you can not stop us from doing that ;-). Let me tell ya we kill what we hunt too. And then we eat it. Some of us dont like going and buying meat from a store that is pumped full of chimicles and crap. And you like it that the wolves are doing this to our hunting because you cant do it your self. You probibly think wolves ar dogs they are not. But anyways you have nothing better to do because you are Impecunious - : having very little or no money usually habitually : penniless
Thanks for that worde Dave P.;-) Jim D


Yooper Jack, I have not problem with legal fur trade. More power to you if you're willing to go through a smelly and messy process to make a good looking pelt. I do have a problem with black market trade around the world like Rhino tusks, gorilla hands etc. I'm afraid that could easily happen again if we don't regulate wolf hunting properly. For the most part I don't think we have alot of black market animal byproduct trading in the U.S. but I could be naive.


Dave in Idaho- we're thankfully free to feel however you want on any issue in the U.S. I understand your point and agree. It's ironic that people not behaving rationally make me behave irrationally with strong feelings too.


Believe it or not, we had a problem a few years back with pancreases from bears. Apparently, You could sell them in China. I believe this was before viagra. I frankly could see no difference in selling that than I could with me selling my deer hide ($3-$5 to seller), after killing and processing all of the venison.

I have a huge problem with animals killed solely for their ivory or any other portion. I don't think that problem could develop with wolves. I think you would have a difficult time making ends meet if you had to rely on good quality wolf pelts for your wages, IMHO.

Jim D

The coyote is plenty hard enuff to keep in check without adding wolves. And yes i have seen coyotes kill a full grown mature mule deer buck. It was sad i could hear that deer makeing the most god awful scream like sound and i came up over the ridge about 150 200 yards down i watched through the binoculers as two coyotes was eating the back end out of that deer still on its feet screaming. Made me sick, i am now an avid coyote hunter i shoot them when i see them. I did not have a gun with me i was scouting for elk. if i had i would have tryed to kill both of them. That buck was too far gone but i still would have busted both of them. If i could have that is. And like i sed earlyer on hear the wolves have not bean in the jilla very long and it has allredy hurt our elk and deer hunting. why they would bring them back when they wear killed out for what was probibly that very reason in years past? Who knows they like dogs? thought they might be cute? OOPs! What a cluster.

fearful letch

C Derr

In the late 60's, 70's and 80's, elk hunting was great in the clearwater, St. Joe and the selway in Idaho. Bring in the wolf in the 90's and all of a sudden instead of seeing elk you are just taking a walk in the park. Those elk didn't disappear on their own. They wer5e killed by wolves. Get rid of all wolves.

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