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January 23, 2008

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Ask the Edwards Campaign A Question

Of all the presidential candidates, none seems more eager to talk to outdoorsmen than Senator John Edwards. The Democrat from North Carolina, who has a mediocre reputation on gun control and is perpetually in third place among Democratic primary voters, has talked to Field & Stream about his Hunting and Fishing Bill of Rights and is the only candidate with a "rural liaison," David “Mudcat” Saunders.

Saunders has been appointed by the Edwards campaign to talk about where Edwards stands on habitat (“John believes that wild and game animals belong to everyone, not just the people who can afford to fence in their land,”), gun ownership (“John's been around long enough to know that if someone comes into the house, you’re better off with a shotgun than a machine gun anyway,”), and promoting hunting and fishing (“When hunters die off now, all the kids go off to the city to live, where they don’t have the opportunities to hunt and fish”).

Field & Stream has been contacting other presidential candidates in order to ask them questions about hunting and fishing, but the Edwards campaign has been the most responsive. If you have a question for Saunders, post it below and he will respond this week.--Brian McClintock


Mudcat wrote "The simple truth is John is not going to be taking away guns which are used for those purposes."
The crux of the 2A has NOTHING to do with 'those purposes' and everything to do with allowing the citizen to be prepared to take offensive action when called for! Like it or not.
Edwards at least has the decency to outline his views here. I will still not vote for him (for multiple reasons).


Tommy S:

While I do not know how it is any of your busines, I am a registered independent. In the past I have voted for members of both major parties and one local third party. Personally, I refuse to discount someone's ideas or opinions simply because they choose to belong to one party or another.

I can only speak to the interview that I mentioned in which Mr. Saunders referred to himself as a member of the "Bubba" culture. He then went on to say he was not ashamed to be considered such, as there was very little he could do about what someone else chose to think of him and his heritage.


"Mr. Edwards on gun control"

Why ask? He's on record. He believes that health care and a university education are rights, and owning guns are a privilege. I'm sure you can find the clip on youtube; it was all over the gun blogs when it happened.



You stated the following:

"The question on assault weapons is where John draws the line. He told me simply, "I don't like machine guns." He believes them to be offensive weapons meant to kill people in an offensive fashion, not defensive weapons for use in a defensive fashion for the protection of you or your family. By the way, there is not a state in the union where you can legally hunt with a fully automatic weapon. Like he said, he doesn't like "machine guns". That's where he draws the line. But don't let anybody confuse you. He doesn't consider a semi-automatic shotgun or hunting rifle a machine gun."

I have two questions:

First, I'm wondering if this means that Mr. Edwards OPPOSES the (so called) assault weapons ban since it has nothing to do with machine guns and everything to do with banning the semi auto hunting rifles (and per the Admission of the Violence Policy Center and the Brady Bunch, which was formerly known as Handgun Control, Inc. was purposefully designed to confuse an uneducated public about the difference between machine guns and semi automatics) Mr. Edwards claims to support.

Second, since Mr. Edwards draws the line at machine guns, does he also oppose shoelaces, since the ATF has declared them to be the equivalent of a machine gun?

See: http://tinyurl.com/2p4x2z


Funny thing; Mike Huckabee doesn't need a 'liaison' to the outdoors! Mike Huckabee IS and outdoorsman! Something a bit wrong about having to have a liaison to the outdoors; not necessarily wrong with Mr. Edwards, just generally wrong. Seems to me that being outdoors has a humbling, grounding, affect; someone who doesn't get outdoors might be neither humble nor grounded.


I noticed that Mr. Saunders never returned in the time frame he promised. (...I appreciate your questions and input, hold tight, and I'll answer all of them over the next two days. Posted by: Mudcat | January 24, 2008 at 12:50 AM )

I am curious if the Field & Stream bloggers have heard anything from him about his presumed disappearance despite his promised return to answer more questions. I would have expected him to be busy through the South Carolina run, but now that we're two days out and the campaign isn't working in Florida - the site of the next primary - I wonder if he's planning to return.

No doubt many of the readers are from Super Tuesday states or states that vote shortly after the big day. Even beyond wondering about my own questions, I do think there are several other good questions from voters.

Brucie Boy

There is no "Mudcat", at least not as described by the Edwards campaign apparatus. He (or possibly she) is some high octane PR flack whose assignment is convince outdoorspeople that John Edwards presents no threat to their firearms freedoms. This is, of course, a lie. What it really is is pandering, plain and simple. Remember, it was Edwards who said that if Kerry was elected Christopher Reeves would walk again. Of all the people striving to gain their party's nomination, Edwards is surpassedd only by Team Clinton in the area of disingenuousness and pander. In my opinion of course.


It is sad that Edwards (or any other candidate -- Romney and Rudy could each use one I think, not to mention hilabitch and Obama) needs a 'Rural Liaison' in the first place; shows how out of touch he is with us!

'Mudcat' is probably stuck in the wore-out couch watching Dukes of Hazard re-runs again! That or had a bit too much PBR.

Mike Diehl

I don't think it's sad that a person would need a rural lieason. Most people don't live in a rural area. They live in burbs or suburbs. If a candidate hailed from Cacajo Maine, I figure he'd probably need a "city lieason" and who could fault him for that. Nothing wrong about seeking guidance from an informed source.


Good point! Though 'Mudcat' is not sounding like a particularly 'informed' source.

Mike Diehl

Hard to know. He didn't stay around for much. But since most of the so-called "questions" posed to Edwards varied from openly insulting to vaguely insinuating, I can't blame him. Probably you'd get better luck getting info out of one of Edwards' website blogs.

Pinhead's question was classic: "How could you have been so stupid as &c." A few posts like that & I would conclude that the local bloggers were hopelessly partisan & narrow minded or just insane, & write the whole place off.


I think this is all moot! HRC has received the Janet Reno endorsement. As such we "gotta" vote for Hillary, or Billary.


Janet Reno's 'endorsement' should be written on prison stationary! Of course she should only be able to endorse hilabitch for Cellblock President anyway.


I was hoping the guy would come back. Mike Diehl asked a pretty good question about diverting food resources towards energy. I really would like to know if opening national forests to accomplish this would also be considered. We had a forestry meeting on that topic ast May, and it looks like some aspects of biofuels are promising.

Mike Diehl

Looks like it's a moot point.


Good bye! Shananana say hey Good-bye!


Most, if not all of the questions asked of Mr. Saunders were quite lucid. The fact that he never answered them speaks volumes about his candidate's views on firearms.

Mike Diehl

Most of the questions asked the candidate weren't questions at all, and of the ones that were, most had nothing to do with hunting. Saunders' unwillingness to answer sneers poorly disguised as "questions" demonstrates that he has more common sense than the people asking those questions.

Perhaps we can ask Obama these questions. Especially if he recruits ole Mudcat as his new rural liaison,

ye an evernboby knos mike D is so fsmart he thinks you should let everbody shoot yer animals an trrspass on yer land all dangd day i think that is the dumest crap i ever heard the guy should shut up and get lost in woods out back i tell you wat

he quit answering questions then he quit the race loser

guess that measn he has more common sens than the whole country
friggin dumbocrap loser

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