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January 23, 2008

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Ask the Edwards Campaign A Question

Of all the presidential candidates, none seems more eager to talk to outdoorsmen than Senator John Edwards. The Democrat from North Carolina, who has a mediocre reputation on gun control and is perpetually in third place among Democratic primary voters, has talked to Field & Stream about his Hunting and Fishing Bill of Rights and is the only candidate with a "rural liaison," David “Mudcat” Saunders.

Saunders has been appointed by the Edwards campaign to talk about where Edwards stands on habitat (“John believes that wild and game animals belong to everyone, not just the people who can afford to fence in their land,”), gun ownership (“John's been around long enough to know that if someone comes into the house, you’re better off with a shotgun than a machine gun anyway,”), and promoting hunting and fishing (“When hunters die off now, all the kids go off to the city to live, where they don’t have the opportunities to hunt and fish”).

Field & Stream has been contacting other presidential candidates in order to ask them questions about hunting and fishing, but the Edwards campaign has been the most responsive. If you have a question for Saunders, post it below and he will respond this week.--Brian McClintock



What are your thoughts on the delisting of wolves in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem.

Blue Ox

What are your thoughts on concealed carry?


How far is Mr. Edwards willing to go to protect our 2A rights?


What will Sen. Edwards do about using National Forests to produce energy? This would include oil and gas drilling, and harvesting trees to produce gasohol, diesel fuel and electricity.


What is a rural liaison and why does Senator Edwards need one to talk to hunters and fishermen?

Hillbilly Heidi

Why don't Democrats talk more about hunting and fishing issues?

John Griebel

How does he get his hair like that? Does it get messed up when he shoots?

"You’re better off with a shotgun than a machine gun anyway"

Why is the government deciding that for me? Can't I choose for myself; or am I too dumb of a redneck to know what's good for me?

Tommy S.

If you were a personal injury attorney, and bilked people out of their money for fraudulent claims, which you all do, how can we trust you as a president.

How can you tout that you are the "grown-up" democratic candidate, and that you are proud to have never accepted soft money on the campaign trail, when you bilked millions as a personal injury attorney?

Tommy S.

How can you say that you are the "grown-up" candidate at all, to elevate yourself above hitlery and Obama's squabbling, when those are your words I saw you speak yesterday.
There is a word for such double-standards....

Tommy S.

How could you have been so stupid as to take part in the bit about how you would run against John McCain before he has even won the primary, which he will, but the air-time you three fools gave him was your undoing.
Why do that?

Tommy S.

What will you do about illegals taking our jobs?
What will you do about big business taking jobs overseas to escape US standards for wages and working conditions?

Tommy S.

What of the middle east?
What of our dependence on foreign oil?
What will you do when smallpox is unleashed upon the US?

Drop bombs on your own people? Do you have the stones?
Will you quarantine a major US city?

Tommy S.

How will the US quarantine a major US city when the majority of our forces, even the national guard, as far as un-classified information goes, are in the middle-east chasing a former ally in Afganistan?

Seems you may need a well regulated and well-armed militia after all, unless, of course a world-wide epidemic will be good for business in some away?
Think shotguns will suffice?

Tommy S.

Just for the record - I do not, nor will I ever, own a "machine gun". But to tell us we cannot is wrong.

Mike Diehl

I'd ask Edwards if he can find a way to make prescription drugs cheap enough for Tommy S. to stay current on his psychoactive meds.

Mike Diehl

On a more pressing note:

I'd like to ask Edwards if he thinks diverting food production into ethanol production will have a net effect of providing equal or greater amounts of energy with less pollution and habitat degradation than puruing some other alternative-energy strategy. Why not go with something else, like thermal solar?


Take it easy Tommy. It aint all that bad. Whats got you so riled up my friend?

Tommy S.


How about disputing something instead of an insult?

Blue Ox

Damn, Tommy you're really out there today. Can't agree more though.

David Boones

How will John Edwards save our hunting land from oil exploration, privatization, and other threats?


I would ask Mr. Edwards the following:

1. What is your position on the 2nd amendment and would you vote to reinstate the assault weapons ban?

2. Would you allow drilling for oil in areas that now are off limits?

3. Would you try to make it illegal for illegal aliens to be able to secure drivers licenses.

4. Would you push for more immigration responsiblities @ the local law enforcement level? I feel if an illegal is arrested for any reason, they should be immediately deported.

5. How would you deal with the trade deficit?


Tommy S.

Fed up Greg,

Beautiful America has been sold and I am tired of it. Paying illegals to take work from you and I, only to send the money back home, and out of our economy has got to go. False pretenses to go to war has to go. Shipping jobs overseas has to go. Sending the poor to fight rich men's wars has got to go.
Or if these things are not happening, whih I invite Mike Diehl to dispute without insults, I suppose I just need my meds.

Tommy S.

Thanks Blue, I am glad you agree with the obvious.
Maybe we both need prescription meds as Mike would say.

Brucie Boy

Does his statement about wildlife belonging to everyone and not just those who can afford to fence in their land bother any of you property owners? Has anyone in recent memory disputed this?

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