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January 31, 2008

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A Record Week: Huge Striper, Largemouth, and Catfish

From The Roanoke Times:
Barnes, a 63-year-old Chesapeake, Va., telephone contractor, apparently shattered the state striper record with a 73-pound giant caught near the 4A Buoy off Cape Henry.

Barnes must yet apply for the record, and that application must be approved by the state record fish committee.

Clay Armstrong currently holds the record for a 68 pound, 1 ounce fish caught off False Cape in early 2006.

From The Washington Times:
On Saturday . . . Woodbine, Md., resident Justin Riley, [competing] in an Anglers Choice winter bass tournament on the tidal Potomac River with his father, Ed, . . . latch[ed] on to an 11-pound, 2.88-ounce largemouth.

By Monday, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Fisheries dispatched biologists to the store to verify the weight of the bass and officially list it as a state record.

And from The Chattanoogan:
A TWRA Fisheries Biologist recently distributed this e-mail to his counterparts across the state.
"Attached are a couple of photos of a monster blue catfish caught near Greenville, Mississippi by an elderly man who let the fish go after his wife took the pictures. . . . [S]ome catfish anglers guessed it to be at least 150 pounds. It looks like 200 pounds to me. For sure it would have been a new world record."

Anyone know more about this catch?




I was with an old timer running remote controlled boats below truman dam in mo in the mid 1990's who caught a 98 pounder. this old timer was not so conservation minded that fish was dinner. i took a picture of it with my hand on it's head just like that photo. in comparison that fish definately could go 200! congrats to the man

Ray Hanning

The one thing I find unreal about this picture is the man standing on one side of the boat and holding the fish up and the boat not turning over!!!

Get a grip

Just because YOU could not toss it back it automatically makes it a fake, grow up..... Geeeesh, if you knew the man that caught it you might understand the story and why it was let go.....

jody emery

This cat was caught by a Botherhood of catfishermen brother. I seen this in his post, and I'm sure glad that it was him that caught it, I don't think I could of released it! There is another picture and one of the man that caught it. He didn't get a proper weighing because his scales only went to 100 lbs and didn't want to transport it in fear for the catfish's survival! http://www.catfish1.com/forums/showthread.php?t=65256&highlight=Radish


Radish is my hero! He is an honest man, and that fish is real. He is an ultimate sportsman! Doubters, eat your heart out. No doubt the largest blue cat caught, photographed, and released in my lifetime. He didn't land it because he couldn't without risking death to the fish. To him, that is what was important. Kudos to radish!

kat in the hat

floyd scott

That fish is real fellas .
I have caught 70 pound flats and seen bigger blues . Who ever took the picture is in a boat on land or a dock for sure . That grizzly jon boat is huge those boats are made big .

John Summers (Radish)

I am the man that caught that fish.I just happen to see this site. The boat is pulled up on a sand bar when the pic was made. I had to put the motor down on the bottom to keep the boat from turning over. The fish is real no tricks, Ps that is a diet coke can not a beer in the pic.


I have a FE2111 sb monitor that is very high quality and I looked at this pict and there seems to be no tricks used. The shadow of the fish looks correct and I could see no changes in the pics at 300,350 & 400X no lines or other distortations visable.

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