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December 12, 2007

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Why Labs Rule, Reason #6,457

From California’s KESQ.com News Services:

A fire captain credited a Labrador retriever with saving its master's life by jumping on him when the Idyllwild cabin they were in caught fire.

"He owes him dog biscuits and doggy treats for the rest of his life," said Capt. Alan Lott of the Idyllwild Fire Protection District.


WA Mtnhunter


As if we needed more reasons to own a Black Lab! Who else will sit with you all day in a wet, cold duck blind and gladly get in icy water to get a duck? (aside from Chessies ans a few others).

Man's true best friend.


Being the owner of a 7 y/o champion yella lab there is NOTHING going to suprise me when it comes to labs.

Mine continues to amaze me to this day. If only he had thumbs, he would rule the world


beagles rule!!!

Brucie Boy

That Lab just wanted something new and different to chew on.

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