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December 10, 2007

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Video: The Worst Marksman On The Planet?

Let me start with an apology: I saw this video back in October, meant to post it then, but somehow spaced on it. So it’s a bit dated. But it’s too priceless not to post at all. Check it out and tell us what you think: Is this hunter the worst shot on the planet or did he just bump his scope on the way to the tower stand?



I think the deer did this on a bet w/ his friends - "you won't stand stock-still in front of that guy for 3 shots"


I wonder if there was some foul language and a busted up rifle involved?


As much as I hate to admit this, I emptied two clips at the first deer I ever took. However, I have witnesses that can verify that the misses were do to an equipment malfunction.

I was hunting with a much used Remington 742 that my dad had owned since he was ten years old. Apparently on the first shot, the barrel partially seperated from the receiver. The guys at our camp were amazed that the thing didn't fly apart and severally injure me.

Eventually my uncle--who I was hunting with--handed me his rifle and I dropped the deer with one shot.

austin howard

my god I can shoot better than that with out my glasses go to http://t-o-s-c.weebly.com for hunting,and fishing

Evan V

Thats a bit older than october.

I could make that shot without a scope, and I've never fired a rifle in my life.

zak smith

that's kinda depressing.


Ok, by the sound of the action, was it a lever gun or a bolt action that he was shooting? The first one sounded like a lever action to me the second reload sounded more like a bolt. Any opinions?


Looks like mainly a scope problem. From the kicked-up dust it seems the shooting might have actually been fairly consistent.

John R

I think he was leading it too much!


Had to be scope problems. Shot placement was too consistent. Inexperience meant the shooter didn't see where the bullet hit and was not able to compensate.
What I would like to know is, what kind of i-dot would sit down range of a shooter like that with no more than a vid-cam?! Was the cam operator wearing full body armor and head gear?
By the way, Nice Buck!!!!


Yep, saw this over a year ago...I have to go with scope issues. At least he took his time between shots. Sounds like a bolt to me. I have hunted public land and swore i was in a hot military zone.


Bubba......i dont think anyone was down range with a camera...I attempt to roll film on all my shots...seems like the camera was on a tripod beside him.


I hate it when that happens.


My blessed, all knowing, forever forgiving computer offer no sound track!
I have enough trouble concentrating on making a clean kill to have time to mess with a camera too!


WA Mtnhunter

Amen, Bubba

Too much camera = too little concentration.

Wonder if there was another imbecile in the other stand?

Must have been one of those Wally World bore sighted package guns.

I saw that one last year and just laughed and laughed.



LMAO...I know all about "just making the shot".......as i said i "ATTEMPT". It usually turns out that i either shoot with the camera or i shoot with the gun/bow.

In my world the "ultimate trophy" is getting that "tirdy point buck" on film as I touch off the 06 (or arrow) and drop that brute.

This of course would be in a perfect world...but then again i have yet to see a deer stand around for 3 rounds out of the 06.(havent needed that many....yet)

Blue Ox

If that guy was shootin' for shit, he wouldn't even get a whiff.
Your shirttail, hand it over. NOW!


Finally got my sound to work!
Definitly lever gun!
Don't believe "Gosh!" would have been the words coming out of my mouth at that point in time!
I have seen deer stand around after a shot, but not for long. I believe that they, for whatever reason, are unable to determine the location of the shot, so rather than move, try to locate the shot! Twice in my 57 years I've been able to collect a two buck limit in just seconds!
Humting with some younger guys once during the bonus antlerless season. Saw one shoot 7 rounds out of a 7mm Rem Mag at the same two does and never cut a hair! The two deer never "ran", just kinda jumped and jinked around.


John R

My previous comment about leading the deer was an attempt at humor. I have never had a deer stand around after a shot, but I have buddies to whom this situation occurred. I did however have a buck run at my first shot (a miss) and stop at the edge of the woods and look back. I didn't miss that time.


"No animals were harmed in production of this video"


Bubba, can I ask you one question? What's humting?(LOL)

Alec Vander Giessen

I think his scope is messed. By the way, this video is very outdated, i saw this video probaly a year and a half ago.

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