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December 14, 2007

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This Week’s Reason to Buy Another Gun: Brits to Ban Samurai Swords

Just in case you’re not already thankful you don’t live across the pond, here’s the latest, from Yahoo! News:

LONDON (Reuters) - The government said Wednesday it would ban the sale of samurai swords because the weapons had been used in a number of serious, high-profile attacks.

The Home Office said the swords would be added to the Offensive Weapons Order from April next year, meaning they could not be imported, sold or [rented].



Better ban them, I hear so many stories of sword murders in England.

How about banning rotten teeth, alcoholics and governmental ignorance?

And maybe retire the Queen and her inbred family.


Perhaps a ban on British cooking as well? (101 ways to boil meat - ugh)

But - I digress. As to the topic at hand, rest assured, some lefist somewhere in this country is thinking about banning swords and long kives. And among their arguments will be for us to look to how "enlightened" Europe is, and that we should follow their example.

Hogwash. I'm with Hurteau - buy another gun.

Mike Diehl

Next on the beeb, a debate --

Cricket Bats: sporting equipment or offensive weapons?

John R

I'm sure it hurts less to be killed by a genuine collector grade Samurai sword than by a cheaper replica. I would also suppose that having one's head removed by a martial arts expert or a crook with both using a Samurai sword, yields the same end result. Sheesh what a bunch of nitwits (which by the way is the new favorite word or term in GB).


They had better ban pitch forks too. I would hate for anyone to get forked to death!


On second thought, maybe getting forked to death would be the way to go. I guess it depends on who is doing the forking.


Who needs a reason to buy another gun???


It is just amazing how stupid and ignorant this world has become. I'm STILL wondering why they haven't banned cars, trucks and motorcycles-Haven't they all caused death and injury all over the world?! We should also ban walking!! Seriously, if it is illegal to walk, then we would have alot of law-biding citizens NOT WALKING to their deer stands or to the blind or even through the woods.All hunters and fishermen and hikers would have to stay home on weekends and maybe watch football, BUT- they will ban football next because it is a violent sport that on occasion, have left players hurt or maimed. So now all that is left is for us to sit down as a family and eat dinner together(this isn't a bad idea-but wait...)After little Jimmy cuts himself with his plastic knife, then we will have to ban ALL dinnerware because now it is a violent and deadly act to eat dinner! So now all we are permitted to do is just sit in a circle in our livingrooms and talk, until someone says the wrong thing(and they will!) and the father goes berserk and kills his family... then it will be illegal to just sit with your own family... Soon it will be illegal to just exist. Now, as stupid as this scenario is, Where does it all end!! Yes, I'm pissed at all this [email protected]#&* It's time to ban "banning"!! Just my thoughts


what's next the ginsu knives i have in the kitchen? God knows someone could break into my home and slice and dice me { very thinnly I might add} using my cutlery

Ed J


What do you call someone who mixes cemment with a pitchfork?

Ansr; A mortar forker.

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