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December 28, 2007

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Texas Tops In Hunting and Fishing; Where Does Your State Rank?

From a National Shooting Sports Foundation press release:

A ranking of states in categories including total number of hunters and anglers, spending by sportsmen, jobs supported, taxes generated, number of days spent hunting and fishing and the most traveled to states by hunters and anglers has been released for the first time.

Nationally, Texas is at the top of the pack. It is No. 1 in total hunters and anglers (2.6 million), money spent ($6.6 billion), jobs supported (106,000) and tax revenue generated ($1.3 billion). Florida lands the trophy for the No. 2 spot. . . .

What states have the most hunters and anglers? Texas is No. 1 (2.6 million), Florida No. 2 (two million), California No. 3 (1.7 million), Ohio No. 4 (1.48 million) and Pennsylvania No. 5 (1.41 million).

What states are the big spenders? Texas is No. 1 ($6.6 billion), Florida No.2 ($4.8 billion), California No. 3 ($3.6 billion), Pennsylvania No. 4 ($3.5 billion) and Minnesota No. 5 ($3.4 billion).
Click here for complete state-by-state rankings.


Evan V

I'm suprised to see colorado down far in the rankings. Youd think with all the fly fishermen, it would get more total spending.

Mc. Squizzy

The top three are big states though. They support more people. I would think Alaska would be up there, but I guess that Alaska isn't too populated. The bigger states, the more sportsmen!

Matt M.

Texas also has the least public land. The reason so much money is generated from hunting in Texas is because most people pay out the rear to have a place to hunt. Also, Texas has the most artifical hunting in the USA. Many exotic species behing big game fences, timed feeders, etc.


I am truly not surprised. I was raised in Texas and lived most of my life there. Hunting is revered as a pastime and a big tradition that is passed down through generations.
The state where I reside now is in the middle ten. Most of the local populace consider hunting a waste of time. Few parents take the time to teach their children any outdoor skills other than farming.



Hey Bubba, semms maybe my emaails aint gettin through? Let me know.


AR ranked 12 in hunters. If it werent for duck hunting here many small towns wouldnt exist. Stuttgart, AR would definitely die. Im sure many of yall get Mack's Prairie wings catalog. The store is in Stuttgart. I am not allowed to go there alone. It is unbelievable. Everything duck and goose you could imagine and more!!

Will Garbina

I do believe that Nebraska should be number 1 because Nebraska dominates all of the other states combined and Nebraskans would win in a fight.


Wow, I am somewhat chagrinned to see how low New Hampshire is in the rankings. At least as shocking was where Maine falls. '
People, C'mon up and join us for a fishing trip or hunt!

Blue Ox

With the crappy season the chigago bears had, it's little wonder that so many would rather be outdoors doing something worthwhile than sitting in front of the tube watching those bums implode. Oh well, at least we beat green bay! Ha ha!!

Blue Ox

Twice!! Ha ha!!


Scoreboard Texas!!!


Why surprised about New Hampshire? It's a little state with a relatively low population. It's numbers simply can't compete when they are counting straight heads and dollars.

This would be a more interesting survey (in my opinion) if it were based on per capita data. In other words, if the numbers provided were divided by the state's population. Although it wouldn't be entirely accurate due to out-of-state visitors, it would give us an inkling of how these activities rate in relation to the total state's population.

Then you might see New Hampshire rise in the polls a bit.

TN was about where I guessed it would be.

David E

Zach read my mind. Per capita statistics would make a lot more sense in a side-by-side comparison.

Anyone want to crunch the numbers for the rest of us?

Mike Diehl

Texas is tops in big spenders but not in hunting or fishing. I can find better fishing in almost any place in Maine. Better hunting in Maine or Arizona.


Hey Mikey D.
Haven't heard from you in a while, been busy?

What is "better hunting"?
Bigger deer?
More deer?
Easier kill?
Access to hunting land?

I hunted Texas many, many years. I have hunted places that had absolutely awesome bucks. (Ford Ranch, Brady, Texas)
I have hunted places that seeing deer in numbers was common place. (Leon County, Texas in it's hey day)
I have hunted the Neches River bottom where thousands of acres of "paper mill" land was open to the public. Most of it near pristine.
Where I hunt now, the deer population is large, there are some very impressive bucks running around and access to hunting areas is not that hard to acquire.
I ain't being testy, just curious as to what you consider "better" and why!


Mike Diehl

Been away. Several weeks in the outdoors (not hunting though) at 6500 feet in snowstorms doing fieldwork. Then a nice vacay.

For me, "best" in fishing means fast action, multiple kinds of fish, and sometimes pretty darn big ones. It also means "reasonably inexpensive."

For my money, Grand Lake and Big Lake in Maine are sweeeeeeet.

For hunting it's a little more subtle. I've never lived in one of those states that is so overrun with deer that you just park your stand near a field, take a couple does, and then show their heads to Game n Fish so that you can get your antlered deer permit. So I look for a combination of cheap, not crowded, nice views, and deer of some kind (although where I live, you can only shoot the antlered ones, so I see lots more deer than I shoot). But quail, rabbit, & dove action make AZ pretty nice, while Maine has decent pheasant, partridge (well, it's really Ruffed Grouse) and snowshoe hare, and of course waterfowl (which I've never done).

There are some nice parts of Tx. I probably can't afford to hunt in those parts though.


You might be surprised! For archers, there are areas in my portion of the Great Southwest that are rift with deer, with does and bucks both being legal game! We had pheasant, but the local two legged varmints soon saw to that! We have dove and quail a-plenty! People here don't hunt rabbit, (tularemia phobia) but an expanding coyote population has the rabbits on a down turn, but squirrels are plentiful! Only live two miles from a public lake that has crappie, hybrid stripers and catfish galore!



ya wat op huntars


hunting rocks my socks

I'm in school right now

See north dakota at 43? That's misleading. That's one-fifth of our entire population!!! Can Texas say that???


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