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December 12, 2007

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Teenager Runs Down Fish And Wildlife Deer Decoy

I remember doing some stupid things when I sixteen. (Heck, I remember doing some stupid things yesterday.) But never anything as dumb as this, from the Northwestern Florida Daily News:

A Bay County teenager was cited for trying to kill a deer by illegal methods after he tried to run down a deer decoy with his truck . . . .

[Florida Fish and Wildlife] officers had just placed a new deer decoy off a roadway in a wildlife management area. As they watched, the 16-year-old driver initially slowed and “then accelerated through a ditch and up a hill” to run it over.


Blue Ox

Jeez, what a noob.

WA Mtnhunter

Did he get arrested , or simply just given his "sign".. You know, the one that says "I'm Stupid"


You all know your brains arent in your head when you are a teenager!

Matt Mallery

This kid sounds like a punk. I guess the amount of suffering a real deer might have experienced after being run over didn't matter to him.


How'd you like to get the phone call this kid's parents got that day?

16 year old teenage boys aren't known for being the sharpest tool in the shed, that's for sure.



There is absolutely no explainable reason why I even survived my teenage years, hope this scared the crap outta the kid so he will straighten up. Probably a good kid just had a brain fart!


I pulled some pretty good one's when I was growing up too!
Warden in my home town used a 35 gal metal drum and an old deer hide as a deke, that is 'til some guy shot it, grabbed it and loaded it up. Warden yelling, "That's my decoy!" Shooter yelled, "It's mine, I shot it!" He never found vehicle or decoy!

P.S. There's just no excusing some folks!


WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!! I blame the school system.

nobody important

what a dumbass i think it is because parents get arrested for wooping kids these days

John R

I can just imagine the kid's conversation at school the next day.
Kid: I got a deer decoy yesterday!
His Buddy: Really, what did you get it with?
Kid: A 440 magnum!


Kids raising themselves and parents giving them more stuff than time.

It's really pretty simple.

don mitchell

hay bubba,how many points did that 35 gal. drum have ?

come on guys,what do you expect from 16 year old with NO upbringing from his (father)?



I can't believe a sane human would want to intentionally inflict damage to his truck by running something down. But then again, many 16 year old boys are neither sane nor humane.


why blame this on school why not enough responsible hunters willing to teach a kid the right way?

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