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December 28, 2007

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Remington Buys Marlin Firearms

From FoxBusiness.com:

Tommy Millner[,] Remington's CEO, said, "I am pleased to announce that Marlin's well known brands [including Harrington and Richardson, New England Firearms, and LC Smith] with a long heritage of providing quality rifles and shotguns to hunters and shooters around the world will join the Remington family. The opportunity to combine two historic U.S. based companies with such storied and proud histories, is both challenging and exhilarating.”



ALL guns should be outlawed and that would take care of the problem!


Note that a capital management company acquired Remington last year. They could easily sell Rem and Marlin to foreign owners, for the very same economic reasons many posters are citing here. It's all about profit.



That might solve one of your so-called problems, but would create far more problems than you could handle. And by the way, thanks for re-writing the Constitution and taking away my rights. Which one of your rights under the first ten ammendments can I take away from you?? How 'bout your freedom of speech? How 'bout your protection against unlawful search and seizure? Keep giving them away and you'll be left with none.



I could go on and on about Big Wally, but it wouldn't do any good! Make no mistake, I admire Sam Walton for what he was able to accomplish! It is the epitomy of the "American success story!"!

I only shop Big Wally for two reasons:
1. In life-or-death situations! 2. No "BY GAWD!" choice!

I'll stop before I get all wound up again and put blisters on my typing fingers!

My hopes are that Rem keeps Marlin and H&R American.



Let's face it guys, the US gov't is the one responsible for the decline in our economy and the middle class. It's all tied to the Gov'ts insatialble appetite for money. The US Gov't has long been an addict of uncontrolled spending, Foreign Aid, Savings and Loan bailouts, you name it. Elected officials collecting retirements that could support a small city. When free enterprise first started, everyone made a little profit. As time went on the Gov't wanted more and more and more of our profits to squander in EARMARKS, PORK BARREL, FRAUDULENT GOV'T CONTRACTS WITH CONTRACTORS, Foreign Aid, Conflicts overseas, ETC, ETC,. It all starts at the top. They have driven profit minded businesses out of the country. Soooo, when the Gov't starts living within it's means, the people will also. To try and put the blame on the little guy who is just trying to survive is fruitless. Put the blame where it belongs. CONGRESS!!!!!!!!!!!


I think the answer to a lot of our problems is term limit in all goverment held offices starting at the local level on up then you wouldn't have large pensions.

Black Rifle Addict

You should move to a country that already suppresses your freedoms and the right to own guns.
How does China sound?


First of all anyone who responds to Robert ought to know better. He is an ignoramous and he ought to be ignored.

Second. Walmart was a great company that was as American as apple pie at one point. There system for inventory control revolutionized the retail indusrtry and even know retialers try to be like them. There was at some point where they turned from great american copmpany and became the Evil Empire. They way that they dropped wages and benifites for the average worker and aggresiivly attacked all their competitors forced their competitors into also dropping there wages and benifites. Taking countless money out of the hands of people who really need it. If their actions just affected them i might not be so upset, but it destroyed essentially the whole industry. They are such a large company with so much sway over the entire market they ought to be broken up into 3 or 4 smaller companies.

Dr. Ralph

I used to have a Marlin .44 Mag lever action and actually liked it better than my Winchester 94, and not because of the scope issue. Neither had optics, the Marlin just shot more accurately and had a smoother action... plus I never really got used to the fact that you had to squeeze the lever against the stock to make the 94 shoot.
United we stand, divided we fall has been in our consciousness since the Revolutionary War. Unfortunately gun companies are in a war themselves as more restrictive and ever changing rules and regulations infringe upon their freedoms. This Bushmaster/Remington/Marlin conglomeration is a good thing for us all. Rejoice and help them out by buying every single weapon you can afford from our brothers in arms. Made proudly in the U.S.A.


Even if you are willing to pay higher prices, your neighbors might not. First, there is plenty of competition for Wallyworld. That is the only impetus that Uncle Sam uses to breakup large corporations (Anti-trust). Second, that company has made their name, at least in my part of the country, with lower prices.
Wallyworld is a great place to buy a lot of items. Its not a great place to buy guns unless you're a good judge of workmanship. One way or another, its an American institution. If you don't like it, start a company to put them out of business.


You make some good points there. The problem with Walmart is two fold; their purchasing policies and their labor policies. In purchasing they ruthlessly force not only low prices but supply exclusivity meaning they demand such high volume that the vendor is unable to supply other merchants hence creating 'captive' suppliers who are now unable to compete for additional merchant exposure. As to labor Walmart actively resists any attempt by employees to unionize even to the extent of firing employees who mention unionizing. With those two factors working Walmart can undercut everyone else on prices (they also do offer 'loss leaders' by selling some products or services so low that they lose money on them to put blitz-like pressure on area competitors).
There is a point where legitimate competitive practices give way to unfair and perhaps illegal actions, I believe that Walmart has crossed that line.


Its probably really stupid for me to write anything RE retailling. I haven't done it since high school, and that was a gas station.
However, I note that they carry a full line of products for Sportspeople. I note that they are open 24/7. I also note that,when they open a store, they hire in the hundreds and get applicants in the thousands.
Granted, it would not be my first choice for a job. I believe that they sing a song, praising the company, to start their shift. I've also heard that "Loss Leaders" are a common practice among chain discount stores.
As far as shopping there, I would probably never buy a gun there, but if I needed ammo, and its Sunday, I would probably stop in. If I needed tools, I'd go somewhere else. If I need oil for the car, I think theirs is the same, and would buy it. As far as clothing, I would probably buy hunting and fishing attire at a better shop, but hell, for everyday stuff, nothing is going to make me look good anyway, so I'll shop price.
I think the days where a union can come into a retailer and actually do any good are long gone. Wages and benefits come from gross profits and I think those margins are so small now that retailling will be low end for a long time.
We are truly in a brave new world.

WA Mtnhunter

Remington, who also owns Bushmaster, is owned by an investor group Cerebrus (sp?), a big multi-national banking and investment company. So, one can never be too sure who even owns Big Green. All my firearms, with exception of a couple of WW II vintage collectibles, have MADE IN USA on them. Just my choice.


Wow, this is a bit ironic. I have been on vacation, and whilst I was away I had my first firearm malfunction.

And you guessed it - a Marlin.
A 10 year old semi-auto LR .22.
The bolt pops open when the tube is empty, (14+1), and it will not shut now!

I removed the trigger guard, the barrel from the stock, cleaned, oiled, inspected and re-assembled.
No luck! It will not close. The springs and everything inside the trigger and bolt assemblies looked ok. I guess it is time to go to the gunsmith.


I know this is kinda off the beaten path, but this occured at a local "Big Wally" near where I live.

The local news media reported that several young men entered a "Big Wally" to purchase ammo. (caliber not stated) The clerk at the counter refused to sell them "any" ammo.
Why? Because they were wearing "gang" colors!
Is this not a bit trite!? Do they have the right to tell me that I can't buy a specific item because of my appearance!?



Tommy, I had a similar problem on a Marlin rifle. I found out that the problem was because the Marlin gunlock that I put on it that came with the rifle didn't fit the rifle correctly so it pushed into the action and jammed up everything halfway open. A gunsmith eventually fixed the problem for me and now the action is smoother than ever. A even bigger plus side is the protective plate that covers the feed is now more broken in and loading is quicker and easier.


I received a Marlin 444 for Christmas. Absolutely what I wanted. I noticed the foregrip was not "balanced",, as one side is thinner than the other. Anyway, I take it to the range, first factory round, you guessed, the case won't eject. I look and it appears the barrell is not machined deep enough for the extractor to grab the case rim and pull it out of the chamber.
I call Marlin on 12/27. Still waiting for the shipping label.
BTW, I own seven Marlins.
What do I do know, send it in?, wait for Remington? Go figure.


The problem with all the American Companies is the CEOS, Board, Big Execcutives just want more and more. I hate to compare this to the NFL football and the New Englang Patriots but I will. Want to win and be the best. Then the players need to take less money so it can be applied where it needs to go.
I own a pair of Marlins.
A 30-30 and a 45-70. Love them and they shoot great.


Try pulling strait out on the charging handle and moving it slightlt forward (wiggle it)then wiggle it inwards. That should fix the problem. My Dad told me if I could fix his w/ the same problem, I could have it. That weapon at that age, 10 yrs old was made so that if you wanted an open bolt for inspection, you had to pull it out and wiggle it back to keep it open for cleaning purpases. I'll beyt that is what it is. Let me know

Mock 1

hunt nut

i always wanted a marlin, and a remington.


American manufacturers caving in to international monetary policy? who would have thought. Try buying a Colt 1911 over the counter today and see how far you get.

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