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December 17, 2007

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President Pardons Former Moonshiner, Gun Dealer

“Praise the Lord!” rejoiced 69-year-old Georgian Daniel Freeman when he learned last Wednesday that President Bush had pardoned him. The former pawn- and gun-shop owner had run a little moonshine ages ago. He served his time and moved on. But when a 2004 background check turned up the 41-year-old conviction, the Feds shut him down. Freeman told The New York Times he was seeking the pardon because he wanted to go out with a clean slate. Now he has it.


Mc. Squizzy

What's up with the gun shope owner? Do they expect people to think his worse just cause he owns a gun shop? And why would they lock him up when he had served his sentance already? Please answer These questions even though my name is a tad but whacky.


Not whacky at all! Problem is that the gentleman had done his time but there were other consequences to the crime, to whit it is generally illegal for convicted felons to own guns (unless they have gone through a process of regaining their right to do so) let alone sell them as a federally licensed gun dealer. Depending on whether the pardon was unconditional the gentleman should now be able to resume ownership of his business and make his honest living. Would have liked to sample a jug of his hooch though! Alas!


I can't imagine what was on Dubya's mind when he pardoned this vile creature!?
How about; compassion.
How about; reality.
How about; "Enough is enough!"
How about; ........
If this is the worst Dubya can be charged with......!

P.S. What does this say about the BATF? How long had he held an FFL? They didn't discover the conviction until he tried "renewing" his expired FFL!?

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