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December 18, 2007

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One Ohio Hunter Saves Another From Bleeding To Death

Michael Kane was straddling the doe he’d just killed, leaning into his knife to open the chest cavity, when the blade slipped and slashed the femoral artery of his left leg. Hunting nearby, Ryan Price heard his screams, found Kane, tied a tourniquet, and stayed with him until help arrived. “The surgeon said without the tourniquet, in five minutes my kid would have been dead,” Michael Kane Sr. told the Toledo Blade. “[Ryan Price] was God-sent. In my eyes, he’s nothing but a hero.”



God bless him. But, did he put on rubber gloves first? LOL

Mike Diehl

Opening the chest cavity with a knife is like scooping coffee with a fork. Glad someone was able to run to the fellow's assistance. Next time, carry a small folding saw.


Always good to read a happy ending. I am often (perhaps too often) alone in the wild.


Even more evidence for the lopping shear/gutting cradle method.



I've always said for years that if you get a hunting license you should also get First Aid certified. When things like this happen it might just give you enough know-how to save a life.

Brucie Boy

Or be a Boy Scout. That way you know first aid and safe knife handling.

Stephen G. Bennett Sr.

Thank God it came out all right. Mistake made, lesson learned.

Robbie Price

I am very proud of my son Ryan there is actually more to this story. Ryan won this right to hunt in a lottery that I entered him in. He was somehow drawn to put his deer stand in this very unlikely place which was right next to the parking lot. He said he kept thinking how dumb of a place it was for a stand but kept it there anyway. It was all meant to be.

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