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December 11, 2007

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Ohio Duck Hunters Bag 7-Foot Python

That is, they put it in a bag after nearly stepping on the snake while retrieving a downed duck.

From the Toledo Blade:

“The action was slow. . . . But I shot a duck and was going to get the boat when I walked up through the weeds and nearly stepped on a coiled snake - a BIG snake!

“I thought to myself, that is the biggest fox snake I've ever seen. Then it hit me. That isn't a fox snake.”


Matt Mallery

This problem is going to get worse. the exotic pet trade needs to be done away with. It is wrecking havoc to ecosystems worldwide.


You know Matt you are talking about doing away with people's jobs when you post that. My part-time profession as well, as I breed, very responsibly, albino ball pythons.

There are negatives to many professions and hobbies. To put a blanket statement on one - I thought you were above.

WA Mtnhunter


I completely agree with you on this one. Leave those critters where they came from.

Close the zoo's, too. It is a shame to cage up animals except to save a species in dire straits. Let the little city dwellers watch National Geographic and Animal planet or get out in the field and enjoy. I believe that zoo's have out lived their purpose.


Those are extremly ignorant comments.

WA Mtnhunter

Do you think they are more so than your first post, Tommy?

Just wondering.....


Wah mtn idiot,

My first post pointed out that if you totally outlaw something, you take people's jobs - fool.

There are many more deaths by hunting accident than by any exotic pets in this country. By you two morons logic, we should outlaw hunting and anything that creates more headaches or deaths than the exotic pet trade.

And you think all the zoos should be closed. You are a total moron and should beg for forgiveness from whomever you come in contact with for the rest of your life.

I know your game.


Come on guy lets not have a pissin contest. just agree to dis agree POLITELY. I keep snakes myself but I think there should be very stiff penalties for releasing any exotic into the wild. Look at whats going on in the everglades with the burmese pythons. They are baitin you Tommy and you know it.

WA Mtnhunter

Tommy, or whoever you are. We seem to have gotten a different personality this time around haven't we? I hope you are having a better day than your post exhibits.

Please go see Dr. Ralph soon. Your panties are beginning to show. Are you just trying to stir up some emotional cyber fight? If so, find someone else to take your stink bait.


Your right Greg. I won't feed it anymore - sorry.

Well, after this.

I will however go out and buy the biggest burmese python I can find and invite wah mtn hunter over for dinner. Burmese are very aggressive; unlike most other boids.

What kind of snakes do you keep Greg?


And I agree Greg - There should be stiff penalties for releasing any exotics, along with those lazy pieces of garbage that won't fix their dogs, then let them run around creating more dogs to euthanize. I would punish them much more severly.

It just burns me up when some of these guys throw these blanket comments around without thinking at all.

After all. Humans, whether you believe we originated from God, or evolved "naturally" on this planet, are a "natural" occurence. By that, whatever we do is "natural". We may try to correct some things we have done; such as eradicating some animal species, but that is just as "natural" as said eradication in the first place.


Why is that every issue that is raised on this site make some of you guys resort to acting as if you are eight years old.

I don't think anyone was talking about the fact that these exotic animals could possibly be dangerous; rather, I think most people were referring to the ecological consequences of non-native species.

This problem not only applies to exotic animals, but it also applies to exotic plants. The Floria Everglades are the verge of an ecological disaster because non-native plants and animals are killing out the native species.

Better education is the answer. People need to be told that they cannot simply turn theses exotic animals loose when they become too much for them to handle.


Tommy, Ive had pythons in the past one very large reticulated python, Hell I was feedin it pigs. Had to give it to a zoo. To dangerous at 14 feet and I think about 100lbs. Expensive to feed too. Now I mostly dabble in native snakes. Im real fond of king snakes and copperheads. I know most of ya think Im nuts but I really know what Im doing and how to handle them.

Matt Mallery

I must have stepped into another universe. I have Tommy calling me ignorant and WA Mtnhunter agreeing with me. I wish all Field and Stream readers would make more of an effort to disagree with civility and facts rather than name calling. And I admit I am guilty of the latter myself, I will try to do better.

Their may be plenty of responsible breeders, but the import and export of exotic animals is having negative consequences worldwide. Maybe it would indeed be extreme to ban exotic pets. But something has to be done to limit who has access to these animals. We have gators here in Arizona popping up every know and then. Do they scare me? No. I grew up in gator country in East Texas. But they are not a part of the Sonoran desert ecosystem and we don't want them established here. We already have bullfrogs wrecking havoc on native species, we don't need anything else.


Incredible. Some of you actually seem surprised that Tommy lost his cool. Must be you don't follow this blog much. Here's how it works: Tommy acts all convivial and levelheaded--even pretends to be the cool-headed moderator of us all, as someone mentioned recently in another threat. Then someone presses one of his countless, super-sensitive buttoms--no, in fact they don't have to touch it; they just breath hard on it--and Tommy comes out firing insults and resorting to name-calling.
Suddenly, he is the authority of every subject and everyone else is an idiot.
Got it? Okay. So don't be surpised next time.


Sorry. Here it is again, without the typos:

Incredible. Some of you actually seem surprised that Tommy lost his cool. Must be you don't follow this blog much. Here's how it works: Tommy acts all convivial and levelheaded--even pretends to be the even-handed moderator of us all, as someone mentioned recently in another thread. Then someone presses one of his countless, super-sensitive buttons--no, in fact they don't have to touch it; they just breath hard on it--and Tommy comes out firing insults and resorting to name-calling.
Suddenly, he is the authority of every subject and everyone else is an idiot.
That's the routine. Got it? Okay. Don't be surpised next time.


So little Tommy owns a pet snake he found in his mom's backyard, which he would have us believe is an "albino ball python"...oooooh special. Why am I not surprised. Tommy, you are the typical loser that lives to annoy everyone else for the sake of getting some attention. I wonder who slapped you around yesterday? Crawl back under your wet rock with your silly little snake.

The exotic pet/plant trade needs to be closely regulated, with the owners of exotics having to account for their "pets" from purchase to death and face steep, crippling consequenses for violations. Exotic snakes (pythons) are ruining the Everglades and the plants are a major issue in Arizona. The release of exotic fish from the far east, combined with illegally released balast water from ocean going cargo ships are ruining the fishing in the Great Lakes. The Potomac is threatened by snakeheads (a non-indigenous fish)

WA Mtnhunter

So, are you going to stir fry the python or deep fry it. I bet it tastes just like chicken! You were talking about dinner weren't you?

So why do we have to go to South America and pillage the streams of tropical fish to put in an aquarium, for example? Because we can?

We have enough trouble with deleterious species already.

Most people I have known that keep snakes are about a bubble off plumb anyway. And if that shoe fits, wear it!


Ya got me WAMthunter, one thing Ive never been accused of is being plumb. Well maybe plumb crazy!

michael crandall

The exotic plant and animal trade needs to be gotten rid of. Here in Florida, non-native everythings are pushing out the native species and are messing up the ecosystem.Brazilian pepper plants are choking the glades, muscovy ducks are butting out the natural wood ducks, and fire ants are everwhere.

Matt Mallery

Did you know that in Australia, there are more rabbits than people and that all of the rabbits are descended from 24 original rabbits from England? That is a lot of breeding. they try and shoot teh snot out of them, but it just doesn't work.

In the northern part of the country, cane toads from Asia were introduced to control some form of bug. They, of course, took over and had devestating impacts on native wildlife, as they are poisonious to consume. Some bar there gives you a free beer for every one you bring in.

Matt Mallery

In the Virgin Islands, the Danes brought over cute little mongoose from Africa to protect the sugar cane plantations from rats. The mongoose did that and wiped out a lot of native wildlife as well. They are still there.

John R

Just saw a special on the Snakehead fish and all of the problems it is causing native fish populations. IMHO the problem is not exotic pets but the irresponsible people who release them into the wild.
I've had a few snakes myself, but no exotics (all native species).
The python can be a nasty brute and those duck hunters may have been very fortunate that the weather was so cold. I certainly wouldn't want to surprise a large hungry python in warm weather.


Wow. Panties? Wah, you certainly are getting familiar and comfortable with Dr. Ralph's ideas. Uhh-moderator-uhhh convivial?
Comical perhaps.
Tastes like chicken - wtf?
Close the zoos!
Kill the wolves!
Poach them if you have too!
Ban the exotic pet trade! We need 1,000's more unemployed!

That's the druel that some of you have actually advocated for the past two days.
I repeat. Wow.
A pet snake in my mom's back yard. Ahha the mom thing - bravo child - your comment would be wasted if I hadn't fed two heterozygous for albinism ball pythons last night. The female only eats live mice, the male big live rats. I was once a permitted wildlife rehabilitator in NC though, and I only accepted reptiles. I never kept native species as pets, that not only is illegal, it is a risk to get salmonella with any egg-laying reptile. Some are actually live-bearing, but you knew that, I am sure.

So let's sum up my agressor's positions for the last two days.

Ban the exotic pet trade - whilst you continually let your un-fixed canines and cats run amongst the land; perpetuating more euthanasia and killing native wildlife along the way.

But ban the exotic pet trade for sure! Like really dude! TOTALLY!

The zoos too? WTF? peta who?

And poach the wolves. I am proud to say I am nothing like some of the hunters that keep our heritage endangered.

I repeat. Morons.


Let's see how many "new" names with the same argument, pop up this time.


Oh boy here we go. What price range are the albino pythons? Had a ball once that was mean as hell. Only one, ball python, I ever saw that would bite.

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