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December 18, 2007

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Grandma Got Run Over By Two Whitetail Deer

Reindeer are apparently not the only members of the Cervidae family that run over elderly women around the holidays. From the Toronto Sun:

The parking lot of a small rural church sounds like a safe place to be.

A 77-year-old Simcoe woman learned otherwise last Sunday in the parking lot of Mt. Zion United Church in Renton, Ont. . . . when two deer came out of nowhere and ran over the unsuspecting woman...

"All I saw was a rear end, a white flash and the feet of deer going by," she said.



huh? this is the most random thing i have ever seem on this website but funny


That was great! Didn't read the article, hope she's ok


Glad she is ok. Please tell me there is a drunk son and truck involved.


What are the odds of that?


Apparently, this was a "Random, driven by!"


the deer

i was in the ditch eating some grass and she almost hit so i gave her a little shove

central Illinois

i Was drunk the day my mom got out of church and i went to pick her up in the rain and before i got to the church in my pick up truck she got ran over by a damn ol whitetail deer

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