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December 14, 2007

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Discussion Topic Update: On Smokeless Powder and Electronic Ignition

Early this week, we asked if in-lines should be legal muzzleloaders (see here). So let’s take it a step further. From the Detroit Free Press:

The other day a hunter was waxing lyrical about his new muzzleloading rifle, explaining how it didn't use black powder . . . but the same smokeless powder that propels bullets from modern centerfire rifles.

I don't think I'll ever forget the look of disbelief and shock that came over his face when I pointed out [that] it's not legal to use smokeless powder during the muzzleloader season in Michigan.

Another hunter called me a month ago and wanted to know what I thought of the new CVA muzzleloader that . . . has an electronic ignition system. . . . It [too is] not legal in this state . . . during the muzzleloader season.

Check out the full article and tell us what you think.



It's amazing how the firearms and bow regs can be so confusing in each state.

In Indiana, I'll read the regs every year and still be confused about what's legal.

muzzeloading rifles, uzzleloading pistols, centerfire pistols, centerfire rifles (in some straight wall pistol cartridges), .410, 20,16,12 gauge slug guns (saboted or full bore).

longbows, recurves, compounds, crossbows.

All of the above bows and firearms are legal to use in Indiana @ sometime in the deer season.

Is it any wonder people are confused?


And before someone else says it.

What's an "uzzleloading pistol"?

It's a type, I mean "muzzleloading pistol".


And before someone else says it.

What's an "uzzleloading pistol"?

It's a typo, I meant "muzzleloading pistol".


Just goes back to "What is a primitive weapon?"

Wm Shakespeare

Much ado about nothing, says me.


In the state of MI you darn near need a law degree to make or tales of the fishing regs (trout especially) the hunting book isnt much better....IN isnt too bad......but they are working on making it impossible to understand.

I agree to "much ado about nothing" Its about ETHICAL taking of game...PERIOD


This argument has become so trite it has become even more mundane than, just mundane!
Why don't we just argue the ballistics of the .30-30 Winchester as the round exits the muzzle of the Model 94 Winchester, Model 336 Marlin, and the NEF Handi-Rifle? It would have to be much more interesting!


John R

I stand behind my comments on the previous article regarding in-lines. If a state doesn't want to be too particular, then call it muzzleloading ans allow anything that loads from the muzzle. If a particular state wants traditional period type weapons for a special deer season then call it primitive weapons and please, write the regulations so even Forest Gump will understand them.
I don't know why the dude in the article was so dismayed. I assume he had a Savage 10ML-II which will also shoot black powder and Black powder substitutes.

SD Bob

I've read Eric for years before moving to SD. If he were just another blogger like me I'd chalk it up to another man's oppinion but since he's a paid journalist with the power of persuasion I take his oppinion differently. When that state first approved a muzzleloader season the herd was significantly smaller. With the population growth the state needs to allow a better choice to help keep the population in check and he knows that. Half the thoughts in my head that I'm not typing are stats I've learned from reading his works!


To be honest...this debate...puts me in the mood to take my .50 cal muzzle loader (a CVA "traditional" side-lock type)...to the rifle range, just for fun.

Is that wrong? :-)

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