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December 12, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Should In-Lines Be Legal Muzzleloaders?

After requiring that guns have a pivoting hammer for use during the 2007 muzzleloader-only seasons, effectively banning in-line models, Idaho is now revisiting the question and stirring up a old debate. Let’s chime in.

From a state Fish and Game press release:

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game wants to know what muzzleloader hunters think about a proposed change in the rules that would allow the use of in-line weapons during muzzleloader-only seasons.

For most readers, your state has already settled this question. But suppose it were suddenly up in air. What would you advocate, in-lines or no?


Richard Baldwin

the inlines should ONLY be allowed
during regular rifle season . They are most like a standard rifle , just because you dump powder down the bore doesn't put them in the same class as primitive firearms .
If you are so poor a shooter with a primative weapon , then being turned loose with a more lethel weapon only endangers others you hunt with or around . Please make yourself proficient with whatever type of weapon you use for the sake of hunting and everyones safety

Mike Diehl

The answer is clearly "yes." Idaho should definitely change its laws to accommodate the use of in-lines during the muzzleloading season.

In-lines are as much a "muzzleloader" as any other muzzleloading rifle. They load the same way and have basically the same refire rate.

If states will not allow the use of muzzle-loading in-lines during the same muzzleloading season as sidelocks, then muzzle-loading seasons should be completely eliminated.

Mike Diehl

The only "primitive firearms" are ignited by matches. If someone's using a side-lock cap n ball or flintlock, they're not hunting with a primitive firearm.

The anti-in-line crowd are just selfish boobs who stole a chunk of the centerfire season years back, and they are now sniveling because they're seeing more people in the woods. It is not about "tradition" for the anti's --it's just about limiting access.

scott kalseth

if we band inline muzzleloaders then why not band compound bows, just because you can improve technology doesnt mean that we should band it. afterall muzzleloading first started with a matchlight then we imporved it to the flintlock then percussion cap then inline.



There's nothing primitive about an inline, especially one with a scope. Might as well allow single shot 30-06's.


If the state wants to make a longer season fine. Just let them use rifles. Inlines aren't much different than single shot rifles. The original purpose of primative seasons was to be able to have alot more sportsman spend alot more time in the field to have a good time with a smaller kill. Certain death when the trigger is poled takes away from that.

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