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December 11, 2007

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Discussion Topic Update: Montana Targets 130 Wolves for 2008 Hunt

Late last month, when I asked if you were ready to hunt western wolves in Idaho you responded with more than a 100 comments (see here). So how about Montana? Here’s the latest from the Helena Independent Record:

Up to 130 wolves in Montana could be shot next year as part of a first-time wolf-hunting season proposal put forth by Montana’s Wolf Management Advisory Council Monday.

The 10-person group of ranchers, hunters, scientists and others didn’t tie its recommendation to that number as a quota. But 130 wolves could be killed in Montana — half of which probably would be shot for preying on livestock — without reducing the overall number of wolves in the state. That’s the amount of anticipated population increase next year due to births and immigration, according to Carolyn Sime, wolf coordinator for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.


Matt Mallery

Here we go again.

WA Mtnhunter

Sack 'em up. They'll look great mounted in the Come On Inn.


My opinion is if they shoot a few wolves they will see people as danger and leave the livestock alone more. Then again i know almost nothing about this subject.

divide and conquer - get it?

Dave in IDAHO

Yah, here we go.

If montana has just more than 300 wolves, and Idaho has more than 700 wolves - and Montana is obviously concerned about the population, then Idaho should be at least twice as concerned. I support the Montana hunt as I support the Idaho hunt. Let's get started hunting wolves. Let's not forget this recommendation was created with scientific participation...

"The 10-person group of ranchers, hunters, scientists and others..."




Different strokes for different folks.

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