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December 28, 2007

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Discussion Topic: On Anti-Hunting Girlfriends

So guys, you got any advice for this poor fella:

From the syndicated advice column “Ask Amy,” as seen in the Chicago Tribune:

Dear Amy: My girlfriend and I have been together for two years. This month she gave me an ultimatum: I give up hunting, or she leaves.

Every year, my best friend and I spend the opening weekend of deer season in a cabin we built on his family's land. It is the only weekend I hunt, and I look forward to it every year. . . .

My girlfriend told me this year that she doesn't want to be with someone who could kill a deer. I tried to explain that hunting helps control deer population[s] . . . [and] is a better way of acquiring meat than buying beef slaughtered in an industrial farm and shipped across the country.

I went hunting this year against her wishes and killed a buck. She wouldn't talk to me for three days. Now she says if I don't promise to give up the sport, she will leave me. . . .

What should I do?

-- Befuddled in Binghamton

Check out the full story and tell us what you think.


outdoor girl

Apparently you didn't notice if she even had a pair of hiking boots in her closet. That would of been the first indication that she probably has never even stepped outside to enjoy the calm quiet sounds,the thrill of the chase or the tall tales told by the campfire. Take it from a girl who loves to hunt and fish.....find a new girl!


Just like grde above, I've know one or two fella's that were awfully good hunters, but hunting was foremost on their lists. Even family came second and work somewhere else even further down.
If this guy only hunts 3 days a year, how much can you drop on a three day hunt? Unless he's going to one of those high fence places and spending a bundle, let him hunt 3 days a year. I spend three collective days a year thinking about deer season! Probably more!


Joe C.

Dave.. why are you reading Dear Amy?


Lifes short ... hunt hard


This is an issue of control, and she is a control freak. If that's what you want, then stay with her. If you want a partner in life, leave her.

Brian T

Move on, ASAP. My girlfriend _wanted_ to hunt. Yes, they do exist. Do you want a commander or do you want a partner?

Walt Smith

I'd take her out to my deer stand, grudge f her then dump her.


Tell the tree-hugging girl that doesn't want you to deer hunt to come to Michigan for an evening, and drive around for a few hours. It's only a matter of time before she will hit one.

My wife gives me an ultimatum on a regular basis, either take the kids and head out to the woods, or she is gonna bring out the honey-do list and find something alot less fun for me to do.
I read the first three lines out loud at the start of the page, and she looked at me and waved her hand, saying "bye-bye girlie!!!!!", and I just started hunting a few years ago. She understands how much I enjoy the passion, and supports me all the way.

mountainman tom

you'll be eating tofu and hugging pine trees if you stay with her


Buy her a "Bambi" DVD and a cat, take her to the airport, give her a one-way ticket to San Francisco, and wave BYE BYE.

kat, the girl who fishes

For all you guys out there who think being environmentally aware means you can't like hunting or that eating tofu means you don't like meat; ya'll are just being narrow minded. And you don't just walk out of a two year relationship, which I'm sure is why this poor guy is looking for advice.
That said, "befuddled in binghamton", I really think your girl is being narrowminded and you not hunting is more important to her than her relationship, she probably is not the right woman for you. Good luck finding a girl who supports your interests, or convincing this one that what you do is necessary since people have destroyed deer's natural predators.


There's a difference between being a strong man who won't be controlled and being a total a*hole. Obviously this guy isn't as amped about hunting as most of you guys are. He simply has to weigh the rest of his relationship with this one issue. This probably isn't the only issue, and he should probably just say, Sorry, I'm going to hunt if I want to, but if this is the only rift, and he loves her, he could make the sacrifice. It's not like he's a big hunter anyway.

For the record, I love the outdoors and sports and my parents, my wife's family, nor have I ever owned a gun or been hunting. Hunting does NOT make the man.

Joe Andrejco

wow women today dont get it if I had a daughter Id rather have her go with an outdoorsman than find some low-life wife beater who sells crack and cheats on her (wow that was deep)

Joe Andrejco

dude deer season comes but once a year and shes a control freak that needs to go hug a tree (I got a pine in my yard that needs some lovin)

Don B.

This story reminds me of the fishing song and the key line is,"I'm going to miss her."


this girl seems to be of the lapdog type, controlling and liberal, i feel sorry you ever met her

Alec Vander Giessen

Dude, thats harsh. Personally, if my girl friend was against hunting, she wouldnt be right for me. But thats ur decission.


Tell her your going to miss her...and like the other guy said.."Go hunting for another girl..one who isn't so controling/demanding. That's not fair!!! Tell her she has to give up shopping or your going to leave her...then see what she says!!! Life is too short to tolerate that for one second longer!!! If she wants to have something to control...tell her to buy a DOG!!! You can to better my friend.
Advice from someone who's been there..."Nothing gets you over the last one..like next one"!!!

WA Mtnhunter

Get some stones!

Dump that broad! No matter how good she looks now, there was some other guy tired of her crap before you came along.


First - I didn't post that crap about doing the girl's friends. I hope that was another Tommy and not someone trying to make it look like me.
Next - I agree with the lot of you. Dump her now! But stay away from her friends - they are likely the same as her.


You're too defensive! Whats wrong with dumping her for a friend that's more in tune to you? Course, I might be ranting like a fool. Anti-hunting women are somewhat rare up here and I've been with my wife for 35 years so I might be totally out of the loop.


You could give her a dose of her own medicince and make her give up one thing she really loves. Or you could tell her that this part of what makes you you and that she has to deal with it or, you can live without her. Your relasionship is a 50/50 thing.

Dude, hunting is more than population contol and meat, like you said once a year you look forward for this. She can't let you do your thing for one week a year? Run, don't look back it's not worth it. Are you going to spend the rest of your life with ultimatiums? Trust me this won't be the last. Break it too her this way. Honey next year I'm going for two to three weeks, until I get something to hang on the wall!



Forgive me. I have been gone for two weeks and saw the post and hoped it wasn't someone trying to put words in my mouth.

I just would never condone or suggest doing something like, "doing her friends", because that not only would do you no good, it would make victims of her friends.




I'm gonna try to explain. Bear with me.
I think you get maybe one chance at true love. Because of that, I wouldn't rule out dating someone because they were friends of someone else. If I dated a girl, and she opposed my hunting, I would drop her like used toilet paper. If she insisted I move to a city, she'd be toast. In short, if my only problem with her is her friend and my ex, I would handle it.

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