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December 28, 2007

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Discussion Topic: On Anti-Hunting Girlfriends

So guys, you got any advice for this poor fella:

From the syndicated advice column “Ask Amy,” as seen in the Chicago Tribune:

Dear Amy: My girlfriend and I have been together for two years. This month she gave me an ultimatum: I give up hunting, or she leaves.

Every year, my best friend and I spend the opening weekend of deer season in a cabin we built on his family's land. It is the only weekend I hunt, and I look forward to it every year. . . .

My girlfriend told me this year that she doesn't want to be with someone who could kill a deer. I tried to explain that hunting helps control deer population[s] . . . [and] is a better way of acquiring meat than buying beef slaughtered in an industrial farm and shipped across the country.

I went hunting this year against her wishes and killed a buck. She wouldn't talk to me for three days. Now she says if I don't promise to give up the sport, she will leave me. . . .

What should I do?

-- Befuddled in Binghamton

Check out the full story and tell us what you think.



Even my daughter says: "Dump the beotch!" Any woman who loves you will accept your passion for hunting just as you should accept her passion for shoe-shopping. Grow some cajones dude!


Why would he want one of her friends?? Probably get the same crap from the git go! Probably her friends prodding her to make him give up hunting anyway!

I say go down to the local Rod & Gun Club and get to know people there. You find a gal shooting there you know you are not only keeping your guns you're likely to add to the collection (unless you screw up and divorce her -- then she is keeping them all!). If hunting is that important to the guy he should find someone he can share it with otherwise the only pumps he'll be looking at are from Armani and 9West (shoes).


ditch the b*tch and go hunting.


You're scarin me...you're thinking like a chick. Who said anything about a relationship?? A couple meaningful one night stands with a few of her closest friends will help her understand why dude took KM's advice. Time for some cold beer


Yep....shes gotta GO...wait... I'm already runnin...FAST.

How could you even think of continueing a relationship with this shrew....should children come of it...how could one EVER raise a lad or lass without hunting and fishing!?!? boggles the mind really.

My lady is no hunter, but she has come to LOVE venison. She not only supports my hunting, fishing and camping...she DEMANDS i go.

I spect i'll keep this'un around a bit longer. ;^)


I said "ditch the b*tch and go hunting", but luckily my gf has about 300 acres of land Im welcome to hunt.


my wife has blesed my hunting for 44 years now but she dose not hunt,my advice,give er the boot and go hunting and enjoy the outdoors.

ps, have a nice new year every one.


leave her do your favorite thing and also you might be able to hunt a liitle bit more

misumall redneck

Sorry man but you got to drop her on the spot. Like we say its not a passion, its an obsession. Once you start hunting your addicted and nothing can get in the way of that. Thats why you date different women before commiting. Best case scenario, go to a deer and turkey expo and pick you up a fine blonde up there. They wont mind you hunting,

misumall redneck

Sorry man but you got to drop her on the spot. Like we say its not a passion, its an obsession. Once you start hunting your addicted and nothing can get in the way of that. Thats why you date different women before commiting. Best case scenario, go to a deer and turkey expo and pick you up a fine blonde up there. They wont mind you hunting,


Sinply if she was going to leave she would have. I don't think she is going anywhere. In fact I think she is clearly marriage minded and trying to change the "problems" before she tricks you into popping the question. Stick to your guns you will be fine. She will learn to accept it. The first 50 years is all about the fighting for control anyways.


I am not a hunter, but I do own a gun. I do not down any hunter's. My fiance's whole family hunts I knew this from the get go. But I know; not all girls are that understanding,as to know what your boy/girl friend likes. There should be a common ground area just for the different things that your boy/girl friends like. Trust me if it were'nt for him I probally wouldn't have the respect for hunter's that I have today. As well as fishing and camping or shooting guns. I never done anything like this before we got together. I love to do ALL 3 things. And as for that guy, he needs to get her out of the picture, how boring she seems to be. And to my fiance thank you for all you have showed/helped me through.


I've told every girl that I've ever gotten "involved" with: "In the summer I fish, and in the winter I hunt. I ALWAYS have and I ALWAYS will!" By telling your lady this at the start of things, hopefully it won't come back to bite you in the a$$ later! Never let anyone or anything change you... Good Luck!

Brian M

My wife issued an ultimatum the other day..."If you don't go to the gun club right now you have to help me clean the house!" I don't yell PULL anymore. I yell "Thanks Honey"!

Aaron Pape

don't let some hussy order you around. if she loved you, she would be glad that you go hunting and have a good time. you need to find yourself another girl


i would take her hunting with me and shove her off a ravine byby mouth

Too many does in the woods

Farmer Ed

If she loved you, then she wouldn't issue an ultimatum. Women can be possessive. Sounds to me like this one is. You do what you have to do because once you marry you make a commitment and that means loving the one who also does things you don't like to do. I say move on. It may hurt at first but you'll get over it.


It's a good thing you found out she was this controlling before you ended up marrying her. Many good comments above. Find a woman who shares your interests or at leasts supports them.

Trae B.

okay mr ol' no-name three post above me.I hope to god that your talking about deer and not women.because the last thing you want to do is piss off a bunch of women who know how to shoot.

suburban bushwacker

1. Ask her if she really want the cute little deer to be eaten alive by their natural predators? because that and starvation are the alternative to death by hunter.
2. offer her an ultimatum of your own:
respect the unequivocal right of other people to hold views and practice traditions she may not agree with, or be out of the house by the time you return from the hunt. We only deserve as much freedom as we gladly give others.
Happy new year.

Greg Green

I agree. Tell her it is time you found a real woman.

Blue Ox

A good friend of mine is having the same sort of issue. After he stepped into a steaming pile of matrimony, the Warden (as she is known) has been trying anything and everything to emasculate the poor guy. Now this bubblehead knows what kind of animal she brought home, and it's like she's trying to turn a wolf into a poodle. It doesn't work that way... unless you're willing to get neutered. Then I fear there is little hope for ya.


The wife used to say she didn't care if I went, then once I was back, I'd get treated like I did something wrong and she would start to lay out the guilt. Took me a while to catch on to what she was doing, as it turns out the problem wasn't with me going it was with me not asking her to go also. She didn't want to go, but she wanted to be considered. Now, I always ask if she wants to go, and she has always says no, and there's no grief when I get home just a big warm welcome! Turns out that she has decided to go with me next year. Guess I won that part of her over

RJ Arena

My wife does not want to go hunting, but she has given me rifle for Christmas one year and a shotgun for my birthday another. My point is that she loves me and respects my hobbies. She would never give me an ultimatum, but in a way this "girlfriend" of yours is doing you a huge favor, you have a chance to move on. Some of the best hunters I know are women, what a great way to start a relationship.

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