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December 27, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Would You Vote For Huckabee?

The latest polls have presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee atop the list of contending Republicans in Iowa. On the day after Christmas, a time when he says he would normally be hunting ducks in Arkansas, he opted for Hawkeye-State pheasants instead:

From an Associated Press story on Forbes.com:

Of four birds flushed by the party, three were felled. Huckabee claimed the third with his .12-gauge [sic] shotgun. He proudly displayed the birds and said jokingly, "See that's what happens if you get in my way."

He also jested about Vice President Dick Cheney's hunting accident in which a fellow hunter was shot. Asked why Cheney hadn't been invited, Huckabee chuckled, "Because I want to survive all the way through this."

Check out the full article and tell us what you think of Mike Huckabee. Would you vote for him?



I'm not a fan of any politician. Whoever has the best chance of beating the socialists/sandanistas will get my vote. At least Huckabee has hunted for years and has an appreciation for the sport and those who participate. Romney joined the NRA in 2006 just so he could say he was a member while campaigning....too fake. He probably couldn't tell a pheasant from a green head. Huckabee has some strong qualities and I could see myself voting for him if that's what it takes to fend off the leftist idiots.


Joking about a serious hunting accident in this manner reveals something about a candidate's character that I find bothersome.

Being an avid outdoorsman and hunter is not a prerequisite to me for the White House. I want a conservative - period. If he hunts and fishes, that's a bonus.


In direct answer to the question....YEP!

Cheney shooting a hunting partner IS a joke...just more political pandering (gone terribly wrong) is what that "hunt" was about....to me it shows Huckabees humaness and appreciation of humor for a situation.

Qualities not seen in other candidates...now THAT makes one think "hmmmm?!?!"


Huckabee has a lot of shortcomings but against any of the Dems, he looks pretty good. I still like McCain. He is the closest candidate to honest, IMHO. Huckabee is very likeable, though, and the last thing I worry about with him are 2A issues.


I am an Arkansasan and I like Huckabee. He seems to be as trurhful as any polotician Ive known. I havent seen him dodge any direct questions. He hasnt attacked any of the other candidates, that I am aware of. He is my front runner so far.


Tommy, have ya thought about makin your own recurve?


Greg, I hadn't thought about it until you mentioned it. According to the founding fathers (the dudes who actually wrote the Constitution) we're long overdue for a revolution.....the skill to make my own recurve might come in handy when I use up all my ammo. Thanks for the idea!



Whur ya ben!?

Are you just a Huckabee fan 'cause he from Arkansas er whut?

At this point, Huckabee seems to be the front runner, and as best I can tell, the best of the lot!

GERG, you an Hucky-baby related? LOL!!!



He seemed really dorky


I probably am a bit of a homer. I aint a native Arkansasan less Huck snuck o'er to Caintuck dont think were kin!LOL


If it were Huck against the leftist hoard... then, yes, I'd vote for him but I'd really like to see Ol' Freddy Thompson in the final runoff... now there's my kind of folk... speaks his mind and isn't even trying to keep his mug in front of every TV camera on the planet. I think the media is actually trying to ignore him to expose him to the least amount of publicity possible since they know he would whip any of the left wingers.


I would really like to see F. Thompson run myself, but if he doesn't make the cut, maybe Huckabee will.


I enjoy Huckabee's joking on serious matters, it doesn't bother me. It shows me he doesn't care what other people think about him. I think he is honest, true, and will do what he believes is best for our county, not what will get him reelected. He seems just nieve enough to get things done! I have planned on voting for him or Hunter since I began looking into candidates!

John R

I like him, and Fred Thompson too. I really respect John McCain because he paid his dues as a POW but he is too moderate on 2A issues. Romney and Guilianni, flip flop, flip flop.
Just my 2 cents.


F&S-Can we get back to hunting and fishing and not politics? I like to keep my time in the outdoors hunting as a time where politics and "the real world" don't apply. In the end, no politician is going to do much for us anyway- as usual.


If Huckabee looks the best when my turn comes around, yes I would vote for him. I will pick the best conservative when the tme comes. Several things come into play. #1 Immigration, #2 Second amendment, #3 Military experience, etc.

Let's go back to hunting.


No he seems pretty smug now that he hit the top tier contender. I don't likr that. I think that if he wins he won't have the skilld to negotiate with the congress and senate to pass favorable laws. He will be a my way or the highway kind of guy and look where that has gotten us so far.

McCain is the only republican I like right now. But I don't think he got a shot because the right wing has pounded the crap out of him since 2000.


Hucks's a fine candidate, but right now I'm gonna vote for Obama. The last Republican that was good on the environment was Nixon, and that was a long time ago!

I'm not worried about "them" taking away my guns -- I'm worried "they" will put up strip malls on the farms. That's the single biggest threat to hunting in this area and every other one East of the Mississippi.

Protect the land, and I suspect most of us can protect the rest. That's why God have us ammunition.

Vote for the land, and the rest will be fine. Voting for the land is the way God would vote.



Huckabee seems alright. It is good that he hunts and understands us, but the only candidate who won't budge on the 2nd ammendment and who really values the people's rights is Ron Paul. If Ron Paul doesn't make it through the primaries, I might vote for the Huckster.


Like so many others, I am betwixt Huckabee and McCain, I liked Ron Paul but his comment that Lincoln should have bought the slaves free really bothered me.
As for the waffling boys Rudy and Mitt, I think I would vote for Obama before either of them!


As for Huckabee's comment regarding Dick Cheney I have no problem with it, shows a sense of humor, I'll bet Cheney laughed too!


Never ceases to amaze. the media can take a sense of humor and turn it into something else altogether?

Sherrill Philip Neese

If he were the nominee for the GOP, yes. During the primaries...? No way!! He's a liberal in a conservative's clothing. Crime, illegal immigration, foreign policy, etc., is more in line with the Democrats than with the Republicans. As a whole, he is more conservative than liberal, but there are much better candidates out there.

As for Ron Paul, his foreign policy is more in line with the Democrats. He is an isolationist and definitely a cut and run kind of guy when it comes to the war on terror. Even Liberman is more conservative than him.


Less than two weeks to the NH Primary. McCain is here today, Huckabee will be here some too. Give us a chance to decide.
None of the candidtates completely stands for the same gamut I believe in. Ron Paul comes closest both socially and economically but I fear his foreign policy would be inept, I agree that we can not 'cut and run' from the middle-east and we can not be isolationists again; we do have to protect American jobs better but that starts at home.
Thompson hasn't raised enough money to keep his mug on the tube otherwise we would see him a lot more.
I was disappointed to see Tancredo endorse Romney (wonder what the impetus for that was?)!


..I think Tom might be applying for VP. Whoever gets it will not satisfy everyone. There's just too much ground to cover. Maybe Romney wouldn't be too bad with Tancredo helping him on Foreign Policy, Immigration, and firmness on the 2nd amendment.

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