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December 21, 2007

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Discussion Topic: What Do You Want For Christmas?

If your significant other is like me (scary thought, huh?), then he or she hasn’t done any Christmas shopping yet. Which means there’s still time for you to steer that person in the right direction. So, before I sign off for the holiday, let me help you out with that. Just post what you want for Christmas, pull up your comment, increase the font size, and leave the computer on. If you have a laptop, put it in a conspicuous spot, like the kitchen table or the top shelf of the refrigerator.

Here are some ideas from the Belleville News-Democrat. According to this southern Illinois paper, the top-selling gifts for area hunters this year include:

--Camouflaged Crocs
--Wool socks
--Benelli Super Black Eagles (tough call between this and socks, huh?)
--H&R Sluggers
--Remington and Mossberg youth guns
--Winchester SuperX3s
--DU Sweatshirts
--Under Armor clothing
--Superfire Flashlights
--G. Loomis fishing rods
--ABU Garcia and Shimano fishing reels
--And binoculars, scopes, and pocket knives

There, that should get you started. I’ll be posting headlines again next Wednesday. Until then, here’s wishing all of you—and all of yours—a very happy holiday.



Is anybody out there who can shoot a compound wishing for a crossbow? Anybody at all? My list resembles that one down to the "Abu Garcia" part. Then I ad "Abu Garcia Cardinal spinning reel, Abu Garcia naitcaster, Abu Garcia, Abu Garcia, Abu Garcia"
They make good reels at good prices!


I am actually thinking of switching from my compound to a recurve. I just don't if the slower arrow will be a good idea.
I am getting tired of hearing of guys peep sights popping, or limbs breaking, or other malfunctions in compounds that seriously injure the shooter.

Anybody got any suggestions? Any one out there that shoots a recurve?


I want a book - perhaps a disjointed collection of offensive, yet mildly amusing tales about half-witted outdoorsmanship and seemingly heroic feats (but really a notch near foolish courage or courageous foolishness) . It should be compact, contain a sprinkling of words with 4 syllables, and be filled with angst as well as an ecstacy that borders on an unidentifiable mania.

Oh, would that one could find such a thing.

Brian T

Game cookbooks that go a bit above Nuge's "kill It and Grill It," 3 or 4 flats of 20ga and a good night's sleep! All our best for the Holidays. Brian, Helena & the dogs.

Brian M

100 acres abutting a national forest!


My Christmas List would include:

250lbs of #9 Magnum Lead Shot
a dozen or so duck decoys
a blind in the Chesapeake for a month
a week of paid vacation
another year hunting with my Uncle
and Grandfather
one more year with my old Lab

Hey, you can wish can't you.??

Walt Smith

My wish is for Winchester to bring back the discontinued 180 grain Black Talon/Fail Safe ammo in 30-06.Pleeeaaase!!!! Just because it goes straight through kevlar vests is no reason to stop making it for us sportsmen C'mon!



I'd love to have a bit of land myself. 100 acres of mixed hardwoods, fields and crop land to creat my own bit of deer nirvana.

I've been good this year Santa!



Kids with off buttons! Have 3 boys 3,9,12! Maybe a Benelli Nova.love dem pump guns.


Oh yeah peace on earth. He said dripping with sarcasm.


I've always wanted camo neoprene waders, but I think a one day timber hunt would be awesome.


I've always wanted camo neoprene waders, but I think a one day timber hunt would be awesome.


Tommy(not to advertise another organization, but...) log onto Gutpilestyle.com and ask that question on the bowhunting forum.


I have been a recurve shooter all along. stopped bowhunting a while back because I could not find enough time to stay in practice. That time is gettng available again so I went shopping looking at compounds, I am sticking to my old recurve. Yes arrow speed is somewhat better with a compound but the dang things look like Rube Goldberg himself designed them! A decent 45lb or better recurve with top notch broadheads is just as effective on deer at bow ranges!

As for what SilverArrow wants for the holidays; 5 extra days vacation to hunt with from my company would be great! A Ruger Gold Label in 16 gauge, an S&W .460, or a pre '64 M70 in .30-06 would all be greatfully accepted, Santa got your ears on??


I am seriously considering getting a crossbow. Shoulders can't hack the 50-60 lb draw necessary to pull a compound. Recurve; totally out of the question. Even when I get my compound drawn, I'm shaking like a dog passing peach seeds!
Just too old and still love hunting too much.



Seriously, I know some of us had good years and some had not so good years. Hope the next year brings you all you want and more. I have been blessed to talk with people like Bubba,Dr. Ralph, Silverarrow,jstreet,Yooperjack, Dave in st.pete,Clay Cooper WAMthunter,Tommy,Scrap500,even Banjo bill, and all the others I forgot to mention I wish you all Merry Christmas. May the Lord Bless us all in the coming year. Thanks guys!




Tommy, you seem to be a pretty recourceful guy. Why dont you build your own recurve? A fella I know does and they are works of art.


I missed the whole hunting season this year because of knee surgery but next year I really want the best gps. Any advice on a great gps? Happy Holidays.


Hey Greg,

Great sentiment and thanks! Merry Xmas to all the people who post here on a regular basis.

Some of the comments made me laugh, some made me roll my eyes but most all of them made me think.

Hope 2008 is great for all of you!



I'd would also like to take a moment and thank the men and women of the armed forces.

Without you folks, none of this would be possible. Thank you.



Absolutely Jim! Inever served but have always supported our troops. If it werent for them we could not do what we do on these blogs. I make it a point every time I see a seviceman to think him or her for protecting my family with thier lives. Along with a hand shake or pat on the back.


I would also like a life time supply of Mr. Daniels product!! Probably put them out of buisness!!LOL

Ralph the Riflleman

I want 50 acres-bordering National forest-with close access to a small lake in Michigan's upper peninsula with a 2 bedroom log cabin on it.
I think that's reasonable Santa!


In truth I've no need for a single additional 'thing' materially. Sure, sure there are a few things I would like to have but want and need are not the same.
Rather I would dearly love to see my son and his comrades come back from the sandy Hell called Iraq safe and sound! For now I can only send him and them prayers, and cookies! I ask all who blog here to do likewise!
Thank you

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